Paulo DYBALA incredible assist, HIGUAIN two goals for Juventus


Paulo DYBALA had a fantastic assist for Juventus while Gonzalo HIGUAIN scored twice.

Paulo DYBALA came on against Torino and made his first Serie A appearance since getting injured back in October. And he didn’t disappoint as he put in a great assist for the third goal. HIGUAIN scored twice for the reigning Serie A champions as they came back from being 1-0 down to win 3-1 against Torino. Here were the goals and DYBALA’s assist:

Gonzalo HIGUAIN’s first goal:

Gonzalo HIGUAIN’s second goal:

Paulo DYBALA’s assist:

Paulo DYBALA’s assist from another angle:


  1. Marc, Vimaldas, Istiaqe, Guled: I’ve almost watch every ManUtd game this season with Rojo. His speed, pressings, smooth takles is just looking like increasing day by day. Fans were singing his name vs Tottenham and he pocketed HarryKane completely. I wonder why players like Rojo and Di Maria looked like 110% under the special onle but average in NT or other managers like van gaal?

    • They lack brains and dicipline tactically.. DiMaria shows it by being overly ambitious in his dribbling and not tracking back.. Rojo in his red cards waiting to happen. Its ego shit..

      What they both have is an excess of natural ability physically and in DiMarias case skills gallore, Rojo aint bad either as a defender.

      Mourinho instills fear on players that dont do their job. He expects 100% and will not kiss ass.. so they rise to hisbexpectations. In the NT they are treated as stars, so they get sloppy. Its 100% coaching.

    • There is also the fact that both Di Maria and Rojo are being played out of their natural position for the national team. Di Maria is a left-sided central midfielder (LCM), that’s where he excelled under Mourinho in Real Madrid, and Rojo, as it has been observed, is at his best when played as a left-side centre-back (LCB). Di Maria is not a left forward and Rojo is not a left-back, as simple as that.

  2. Rojo is exactly the type of player who will play above his capabilities under Mourinho. Not tactically, but more from a personality perspective. Rojo is good in the air but he is reckless. He should have gotten a read the other day.

  3. ROJO’s exclusion was his lack of playing time with his club w/c is not any more the case for now. Plus if Mori n Demi are zere why not him? whom unlike them could also be used for flanks and center back as well.

    • With all due respect, if our idea of a left-back (even in support role) is either Rojo or Funes Mori we are in big trouble, IMO.

      Look at Spain’s options for left-back: Jordi Alba, Monreal, Azpilicueta or Brazil: Felipe Luis, Marcelo, Alex Sandro, all of whom are natural, dynamic, width providing fullbacks. Why can’t we be more like that?

      • The team lacks class in flank since Zanetti n Sorin retired. It is really hard to find natural flanks for the team save the local league candidates; Soto,peruzzi,Tagliafico and Gomez. I personally w’d prefer to try one or two from the above and keep Rojo and Mercado as a back ups for the Centre and flank backs. But z draught in talent is very aparent than ever in that position triggering some to suggest three back lines with Mercado Ota Maschie even Rojo options at the coache’s disposal.

        • I’m not against 3 at the back in principle, in fact I like the idea BUT it’s not easy to implement on a national team level when the coach spends a lot less time with the team. 3 at the back can work wonders if done well or be a complete disaster. Bauza is not the kind of coach that seems capable of pulling that off to be honest. I’d rather give Peruzzzi, Buffarini, Gomez, Tagliafico and Soto a chance in a more conventional back 4 system.

  4. Yes, Rojo has been playing well…as a centre-back! There is no guarantee he is going to excel as a fullback at all. If you wanna make an argument that he is better than Garay, Otamendi, Musacchio, Funes Mori then be my guest but the search for a left-back continues as far as I’m concerned 🙂

    • I agree with you, Rojo has been really good he is one of the best player of the team. I think that he should be back in NT, Mas was really bad in the last two meetings. I dont know why the coach does not try a defense with three: Rojo, Mascherano and Otamendi.
      Tell me what you think guys!!!

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