Silvio ROMERO scores twice for Club America in Club World Cup


There are a total of five Argentine representatives in this year’s Club World Cup tournament and one of them has already scored twice.

Silvio ROMERO of Club America (managed by 1978 World Cup winner Ricardo LAVOLPE) scored twice for his club in their come from behind 2-1 win against South Korea’s Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors. Club America will play Real Madrid on the 15th of December in the semi-finals while Atletico Nacional play Kashima Antlers on the 14th of December.

Here are the Argentine’s in the tournament:

Club America (Mexico):

Atletico Nacional (Colombia):

Silvio ROMERO’s goals:


  1. Am I really frustrated and sad that our players lost 3 finals in 3 years? YES!!

    At the same time I also understand that going to the finals is not a walk in the garden. You have to be really good to be in 3 consecutive finals against various opponents, at various venues and under different circumstances. You have to give some honor and respect to the players.

    Also, under age and Olympic tournaments have only confirmed that going to the semis or finals is not an easy feat.

    Having said that, I believe that the current generation is coming to and end. The generation had problems and some needs reinforcement. For example, the generation suffered from poor GK in Romero, so time has come to replace him with Rulli. If we do not try now, not sure when can we do that?

    Full back positions are another problem area. There is no Sorin, Zanetti etc. This generation never really had good solid fullbacks (barring Zabaleta). So need some reinforcement there.

    Midfield has become a problem world wide and we are suffering too. Every kid wants to be Messi (successes and heroes are always followed and repeated) or Ronaldo. Midfield is really dry. There are some defensive ones but real lack of attacking threats. Lot of players to stop the attack (plethora of next Mascherano, another hero followed) but very few to organize, hold and attack.

    Attack is fine. If we can create 3-4 good chances per game we will easily score 1-2. You score 1-2 and defend well then most of the times you do not lose. In Messi we have the best midfielder and the best striker. He cannot be both at the same time. The coach has to decide which version he wants.

    All these should be done and can be done. Brazil and Tito has shown very clearly that this can be done. Bauza seems to be waiting for something. He should be demanding couple of friendlies. As long as Messi is there with Argentina they will never struggle to get friendlies. BIGGEST BOX OFFICE is Messi. Nothing guarantees a HOUSEFULL board like Messi. So if I was Bauza, I would set up a couple so that the European players do not have to travel too much. Bring the local players (only a couple anyway). Yes, they have to travel, but they get a good exposure of where most of the internationals will be played and will be out from there home field advantage.

    I do not see making 4 changes in the current 11
    1. GK, Rulli over Romero
    2. Couple of full backs – take your pick, no one great
    3. One attacking midfielder instead of Dimaria – may be Vazquez
    4. One attacker – Icardi gets some time over Aguero.

    Rest can remain same

    • I agree with your line up Romero doesn’t deserve NO1 and Dimaria will be usefull as super sub. Higuain chokes most of time at club lable and lack of confidence in NT must be replace by Icardi. Aguero is the 2nd best striker after suarez argentina must use him over lord higuain who either miss penalty or 1 v/s 1

  2. Still argentina NT need changes, drop over 30age player and add young player to build strong squad in WC 2018 according to me Germany Argentina France and Spain are top4 contender for Russia 2018

  3. Argentina performed very well in last three major turnement expect final and lost after 90min. Many are here commenting NT need changes my question why? Are argentina NT player are not worldclass or local leuge player are better than europe player. The fact is argentina lost copa due to bad luck and portugal win euro due to extreamly good luck doesn’t mean portugal NT players are better than Germany or France. LUCK playes the crucial role to win the turnement copa and Euro proves it

    • Very thoughtful statement. This is what people here seems to forget, most commentators on Mundo act as if Argentina magically appeared in the last three finals. Argentina made three finals and conceded only one goal in over 330 minutes (if am not mistaken). So yea, lets drop the key players who’ve already proven they can take us through a senior FIFA tournament for players who can’t even qualify the Argentina youth team out of the group stage during a U20 and U23 FIFA tournament. At this point, the world cup qualifiers are not a predictor of how a team will do at the world cup tournament itself. Just look at Brazil 2002 WCQ campaign and Uruguay 2010 WCQ campaign. Argentina was scoring goals left, right and center under Sabella during the 2014 WCQ campaign and none of that bear any fruits in Brazil 2014. If André-Pierre Gignac had score his chance against Portugal where he was right in front of the goal, France would have been Champions, it was moments later after Gignac missed Eder came on off the bench and took is chance and scored for Portugal. For me, I have no problem with local Argentina players, I have the utter most respect for all the domestic players, but if you’re going to replace proven national team players with new players, they better be darn good!!

      • Portugal win euro due to lady luck not a single win in group stage reach knock out stage as 3rd place not even won a single game under 90min expect semi luckyli got easy draw then Final drama, wish argentina team get 10% luck in WC 2018 compare to Portugal Euro 2016

  4. To some extent I can understand the point of view of those who say that Tagliafico, Gomez, Soto, etc should be on the European clubs’ radar if they are good enough but it’s also important to keep in mind that a lot of times players get noticed when they perform well for the national team and start receive offers from European clubs.

    • If several of these players had acquitted themselves professionally at the 2016 Rio Olympics, they would have been in Europe without a doubt. Not everyone can get call up for the senior national team in such a short period of time hence that’s why performing at FIFA U20 and Olympic tournaments have always benefited Argentina youth players in terms of moving to Europe. When you lose to Honduras at the 2016 Olympics and get knockout in the group stage at the 2015 U20 world cup, it’s hard to get a boost in terms of moving to Europe. Those players being mention here had the opportunity to showcase their talents in Australia (2015) and Brazil (2016). Argentina didn’t even need to win the whole tournament, a semifinal run in both Brazil and Australia would have done these young players a world of good.

      • To be honest, Rio Olympics is not the best example, AFA was in shambles, Olarticoechea who is not a good coach to begin with had very little time to prepare.

        • This is it, EnganChe

          besides Argentina – Honduras that was draw

          and players like Tagliafico or Peruzzi weren’t there.

          No one said players like Soto or Mauricio Martinez should be in NT. But Rulli, Gomez, Ascacibar and Correa of that Olimpic team – why not?

          It’s matter of time when Ascacibar and Gomez will go to Europe if you necessary need this kind of prove.

  5. Argentina do have the mental problem. That’s a block. I am not sure anything can be done about it. Someday, someone will come and just turn it on the head. From then on it will be different, has happened with many sporting teams. We just wait, unfortunately.

    I do think we have come to the end of a cycle. A generation is done. We will not reach this level (of going to finals like it is normal) for sometime. Hope I am wrong. But this often happens.

  6. ”What about picking players with strong state of mind. Some of the current squad members are below par despite they are good enough talent wise.”

    How does a coach know if a player has a ”strong state of mind?” What are the criteria’s put forward in order to know if a player has a ”strong state of mind?”

    You mention Augusto Fernandez, Enzo Perez (two players that I like very much), Paredes, Vazquez, Perotti, and Pereyra; ok, what have they done on a football pitch that gives them a ‘’stronger state of mind’’ than all the other players on the team you said are lacking in this department?

    Argentina lost the 2004 Copa America final against Brazil with players like; Abbondanzieri, Heinze, Ayala, Coloccini, Zanetti, Sorin, Mascherano, Lucho Gonzalez, Kily Gonzalez, Tevez, and D’ Alessandro. In 2007 Argentina again lost the Copa America final against Brazil with players like; Abbondanzieri, Zanetti, Ayala, Gabby Milito, Heinze, Mascherano, Veron, Cambiasso, Riquelme, Messi and Tevez. You know what was true about both the 2004 and 2007 Copa finals? Brazil defeated Argentina both times with experimental squads. Did all these players lack a ”strong state of mind?”

    In 2005 Argentina took basically a different group of players to the Confederation Cup than the team that played at the 2004 Copa America and the team still lost to Brazil in the final. German Lux, Zanetti, Coloccini, Heinze, Placente, Cambiasso, Lucas Bernardi, Delgado, Riquelme, Sorin, Aimar, Galletti failed Argentina yet again in another final in the span of two years. As you can see, Argentina lost two back to back finals in 2004 and 2005 respectively. Same goes for the 2005 Confed team, did all these players lack a ”strong state of mind?”

    Most people come on here and treat the current players like monsters, like they deliberately lost in the finals just to troll the fans of the Argentina national team. The players are constantly put down here at every turn, disrespected, and are call all sorts of names. Fans have thrown all sort of new players at the wall, like only if we have such and such players Argentina would have won the 2014 world cup and 2015 Copa America. My question is, what happen in 2004 and 2007? Argentina had two of their best squads during the 2004 and 2007 Copa America tournament in the history of football and yet they still fall short when it mattered the most.

    It’s just a repeated cycle, it’s the same thing with Argentina at every tournament!!

  7. I don’t know why our coaches are afraid to experiment in friendlies, all I hear is “it wouldn’t work”, “he is not good enough”. How do they know without trying?

    Anyway we have to accept that some things will never change. There is nothing left to do but support the team and the player hoping that we somehow win.
    Tired of arguing about the same things again and again.

  8. What about picking players with strong state of mind. Some of the current squad members are below par despite they are good enough talent wise. Take Di Maria and Higuein only as subs till they resume their mental strength. Arogant players with little talent involved are more useful than some skillful players with substantially eroded confidence. Basically i like a stable players like Augusto Fetnandez than hot tempered ill disciplined one’s like Enzo Perez yet i w’d always nod my head for the latter than Biglia Maria Higuein or Aguero. Plus it is good to rely on hard working players like Lavezzi and Peryera than trying to fix the mentality of the above frenemies of Leo with his over achievement. Above all, Dybala has all of the above positive attributes and can pair well with Leo upfront also ready to share the CAM role like Leo. Maschie is always there mentally but needs good back up as he can easily drope his performamce due to his age.

    Otamendi ( cool headed,Garay) Mercado Rojo Vazquez Lavezzi Perotti, Peryera,Paredes( again the coolest of all and very responsible even his calmness in the field is the mirror of his personal life-top young for the 4 Family size he is heading), Perotti, Augusto,Perez/Banega
    Dybala, Leo and Maschie are my prefered players to be on the team.

  9. You guys take this BDOR thing way too serious, making it seems like Messi has like two or three BDOR. Look, if the BDOR was about 2016 stats then Messi is the clear winner but unfortunately the BDOR has come down to the biggest star on Real Madrid F.C. and Portugal national team despite that player (Ronaldo) having little effect during the UCL and the European FIFA Championship. The 2016 European Championship was an ugly tournament worth forgetting about, it was a lame tournament just as when Greece won it. Pepe was easily Portugal best player at the Euros and Ramos, Bale and Modric were easily Real Madrid best three players last season. Xavi and Iniesta won the treble in 2010 while having a big impact for both Spain and Barcelona yet Messi won the BDOR over them, why was this? It simple, Messi was and is the best player on the planet. So if you look at 2016, Messi has more goals and more assist than Ronaldo. There is just a different standard set for Ronaldo and Real Madrid nowadays, whenever Ronaldo doesn’t win any serious major title, he leans on his stats and dismiss other player’s achievements (such as Ribery, Muller, Neuer, Iniesta etc.) with their respective teams. Messi winning the 2016 Copa America wouldn’t change the equation because the European media were already treating it like a made up backwoods tournament, and also, many pundits were already starting to dismiss it when they see that Argentina was likely to win the whole thing which unfortunately didn’t happen. Messi already scored 10 goals in this season UCL which include two hat trick and he could have easily score another two or three goals against Gladbach if he was interested in stat padding. Ronaldo thus far has only scored two goals in this season UCL. At the end of the day Messi doesn’t need to worry about the BDOR because his talent is far superior to any other football player. I can go out on a limb and say Messi will win his six BDOR the next time it comes around. Fake UEFA paring Barcelona vs PSG and Bayern vs Arsenal while giving Real Madrid Napoli (who are no scrubs but it’s highly unlikely they will trouble Real Madrid over two legs of a football game especially when the return leg is at the Bernabeu) to guarantee them a straight path to the quarterfinal. Then in the quarterfinal it will be Barcelona vs Dortmund/Bayern/Arsenal and Real Madrid vs Sevilla/Monaco/Manchester City. The UCL has become boring and predictable from the group stage all the way to the final. Semifinal will be Barcelona vs Atletico and Real Madrid vs Juventus. Juventus will be the only tradition elite European Team Real Madrid will face since their dual with Dortmund in the group stage. So once again, all the other top teams like Barcelona, Bayern, and PSG will have to suffer over two legs while Real Madrid with the help of FIFA/UEFA is guarantee a spot in the next round.

    Argentina needs some friendly games before the next rounds of WCQ qualifier. I read where Argentina will play against Brazil in Melbourne, Australia in June of next year. I mean, can’t the team/AFA organize two friendly games against one or two European minnows like Norway, Finland, Luxembourg, Wales, Scotland, Ireland etc. before the Chile game? If the team doesn’t have friendly games, there is no way the coach will be able to integrate some fresh players into the current squad especially in midfield and the LB position. It’s hard to try a new player in a tense must win game against Chile and away at altitude to Bolivia, at least if we had some warm up games then we will know if player A or B is good enough to start against Chile or Bolivia, as it stands now, you can’t blame the coach for not trying new players in what is seven WCQ finals remaining if the team doesn’t have friendly games to look at different options. Tata had several friendly games during is tenure so too Sabella, why is it that Buaza can’t get friendly games to flex is muscles?

    Rojo like all Argentinean players struggle at first in England. Look at Fazio, he didn’t even make it at Tottenham Spurs now he is looking solid/decent in Italy where it’s much easier to defend because that’s the approach of all the teams in Italy from top to bottom. Rojo was in great playing form while he was playing for Sporting CP in Portugal which benefited Sabella. Rojo is a good player, Mourinho knows and see this that’s why is confidence is back to his Sporting CP days. I would be happy if Mourinho was able to coach every single Argentinean player in Europe. There is a reason why Maradona like and admire Jose Mourinho as a coach. And yes, you can win the world cup with a CB playing as a LB/RB, Ramos proved this during the 2010 world cup and Howedes for Germany at the 2014 world cup. Argentina does not have any complete LB/RB at the right age hence the reason the coach has to use players like Rojo and Mercardo both on the left side and right side of the defense. I keep on reading about Tagliafico and Soto here on Mundo, trust me these guys are not national team material. This is the same Soto who was a flop at the U20 world cup in Australia. Tagliafico is just another Orban, remember how Orban was supposed to be Argentina next big thing playing at RB? Unlike Orban though, no major clubs are showing interest in Tagliafico which tells us he is not high quality. Peruzzzi is another player, if he was any good he would be on the NT or playing for a good/decent club team in Europe. The only young LB/RB I like from Argentina is Jonathan Silva, praying this guy comes through for the good of Argentina. Hopefully he will return back to Sporting CP when his Boca loan is over to get some playing time in European competition. None of these guys are an improvement over Mas, and then again, Mas shouldn’t even be on the team to begin with.


    • Soto was not part of U20 team. He was part of Olimpic team.

      When Rojo was dropped by Bauza few months ago you said it’s good move. Now we have back to idea of Rojo as our best and only LB. It’s great.

      Tagliafico is not Orban. Orban was absolutely useless in attack. Tagliafico is still better in this point. And still looking to connect with attack. He has not enough technical skills but really engaged in offence. Yesterday he had assist in league. I don’t think he is ideal one but probably better than Rojo. And I’m not sure still he is best LB in league. Ian Escobar of Talleres for example is impressive one. Silva is type of warrior but not so intelligent and in Primera are better fullbacks. His name here is a bit outdated.

      “Peruzzzi is another player, if he was any good he would be on the NT or playing for a good/decent club team in Europe”.
      One more time this overuse criterion. Mercado is Sevilla player but he is no way better than Peruzzi or Gomez.

      • Gonzalo, you are the one with maximum insight on local Argentine futbol. Honestly, I do feel that you throw local names way too easily as the next great thing.

        I remember years back being attacked by some people at worldcupblog for not agreeing that Oscar Ustari is the next Buffon. Similar has been my feeling about Kranevitter as a the next Mascherano. But I guess people have started accepting that.

        My question for you is, if Tagliafico is as great as he is here in this blog, why isn’t any European club interested in him? He is 24 already. Isn’t drawing interest and big money transfer a benchmark for a top Latin american futbol player? Days when we are losing talents too early like in 17-18, why is a great 24 year old wing back still playing in Argentia? Not even a Porto or Benfica? Or Inter, Zanetti would know more than us right? There are coaches who take local players, why not him? Help me understand what is that he is missing?

        • First of all I don’t like this quiet dishonestly in posts. I mean: just don’t try this slink insinuations when you are talking with describing words like “great” as if it were my words upon Tagliafico. Don’t try this man. All what I’m still talking is that Tagliafico is maybe first to try someone new in Rojo place who is not enough. And Tagliafico looks to be not only better defensor but apparently more prone to attack.

          He is only 24. Mercado went to Europe of late when he is 28. Pratto maybe next year at the same age. Besides there are players that never found his best when they are in Europe. They must to stay in SOuth America. Pratto may gives us something while he is not in Europe so it’s not the only criterion. Enough said about this last months.

          So you are ready to give up with Kranevitter? If you think Kranevitter plays his best now you know nothing about him. Anyhow He was never kind of Mascherano. Just the same position and therefore the comparisons.

        • Tagliafico made a bad move to Real Murcia in the 2nd division were he didn’t find his feet. He is brand marked as a “Failure” in Europe. It was just a bad move!
          Real Sociedad was interested.
          The same can be said about Peruzzi who moved to Catania and had to fight injuries, also brand marked a “Failure” in Europe.
          You get a chance and if you doesn’t go well, you don’t know when you get the next chance.
          In my opinion they both should be part of the team.
          Kranevitter will bounce back, young player have their up and downs and those that stand up when they are down will be successful, they show character just like Peruzzi and Tagliafico did from their “failures” in Europe.
          When Riquelme failed at Barca, everybody gave up on him, football is “a what have you done for me lately” sport, but he bounced back.
          I hate this the next X player stuff.
          Are some players in the Premiera overrated? – Yes.
          Are there good enough players for the NT? – Yes.

          • @ghost
            Exactly my point. I also hate this next X or next great player. Let them play first at the top level for NT or club. Till then they are potentials. All potentials do not make it. Some do. But to mark them as next great thing or next buffon, mascherano, maradona or messi is not right.

            Mercado going to Europe at 28 does not make him great. I did not challenge you or anything. Don’t get agitated. Don’t make any statement like “you don’t know anything” because you really do not know who knows what. But anyway, my point is I am curious and since you know a lot more than me, I inquired. After hearing a lot about Krane I watched about 10 games he played. I am sure its lot less than what you have. But, so far he looked very ordinary to me and I am not pinning my hopes on him. I also watched Masche when started and he was special. Hope Krane does well. If he plays a good game, I will come here and say that. It will be good for NT.

            Same for Tagliafico. Here I have not watched any complete game. Youtube highlights at the max, after hearing here. Quite clearly I have watched very little, hence the question. If he is that good, why is he in Argentina?

            I do agree that every player that plays in Europe is not good neither all that plays locally are bad. We have numerous examples. We need to find a good mix for NT.

          • If I knew Taglifico only since his european period I would can say the same because he is so poor in Europe so far no doubt. But I remember the guy winning in RIver Copa Libertadores and not only the tournament. He has the potential no doubt. We must wait. I don’t know how long, maybe till his 28, but we must wait. I remember the enthusiasm after his easy assist to Correa against Bolivia (7:0). After the game I was calming the enthusiasm about him here becauce it’s just one game. People are too emotional.

            I also agree completely with Ghostdeini so I don’t know where from the difference in our opinions.

          • “Mercado going to Europe at 28 does not make him great”.

            So you see it’s very relative. All what about I’m sure is that there’s some category of players that never will show his 100% if playing in Europe. They should stay in South and North America and still may play for NT with benefit.

      • @Gonzalo
        I understand your point. Diego Milito is one who did not go to the top early.
        But I was really curious, why doesn’t he get selected? For example, we know why Icardi does not get selected. Whats going on with this guy?

        All good my friend :), happy holidays. How do you know my name?

        • I think Milito didn’t get selected because at that time (2006) he had Crespo, Tevez and Saviola (at that time playing for Barcelona) for competition. No doubt he was a special talent, a true goal poacher and a number 9.

    • Good post. This is Kid, right, with a new name? I see some points in the post. I am really surprised that we cannot get any friendly game before the next set of qualifiers.

  10. Atleast now these ‘dumb frens of messi’ and the dumber coach and dumbest AFA should realise that it is they who let messi down. These 3 brutes should be destroyed…
    We feel but i don’t think these 3 do.
    All we can do is to just write…

  11. Cristiano claims to be the best ever… all his fans do the same… now i noticed ‘many others’ talking about him too.. hmm… lucky fellow…
    Messi does with heart but i feel that he has almost lost the race…
    But glad i enjoyed watching Lionel Messi – what a player… Argentina let him down… he could have done many things to get the house inorder but… he chose not to because of his friends and then let AFA do what they want… coaches didn’t help either.
    What a miss.

  12. if messi continues to have his IMPOTENT frens in the team then Ronaldo will overtake him in num of ballon’dors also… instead of competing he wants to show the world that he is very unselfish and gracious by giving penaltys and assist to gaymar and suarez..Hasn’t won jack shit with national team and want sto show the world that unlike ronaldo he is not selfish … well sometimes selfishness is also very necessary…also Neymar is very young and that time is coming when Neyamr will fuck messi right in his pus&&… and when he will be in his late thirties barca will kick him out of the door.. Just stand up get the coach to kick out those pensioners from the team if you want to win anything !

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