Gonzalo HIGUAIN: “DYBALA and MESSI are similar”


In an interview with Premium Sport, Gonzalo HIGUAIN commented on who he thinks is the best forward of the modern game, the comparisons between MESSI and DYBALA and more.

Regarding the forwards, here’s what HIGUAIN had to say:

“When I was a kid, I followed Italian football and there were lots of great forwards who were playing there like TREZEGUET, BATISTUTA, CRESPO and MONTELLA. But for me, the best of all time is RONALDO (Brazilian). SUAREZ is at a very high level and has gotten even better when you compare him to when he was at Liverpool. LEWANDOWSKI too is strong as is AGUERO. But I like a player who can make me laugh.”

“DYBALA and MESSI are similar. MESSI is the best and he shows that every day but Paulo is still young. He’s 23 years old and he still has his future ahead of him. He has all the characteristics to become one of the best players. He has to be mentally strong. To get to a high level that fast is not easy and it’s not easy to maintain for several years. There will be lots of ups and downs and once has to stay focused and not listen to the criticism or to the praise.”

“Apart from my father, the toughest defender I have faced is PUYOL. When I played against Barcelona, he was unbearable. I’ve been lucky enough to play with three great goalkeepers: CASILLAS, REINA and BUFFON. When I would play against BUFFON it was double the challenge because being able to score a goal against someone like him was extraordinary. I admire him a lot, he still has that same hunger as when he was young.”


  1. In my humble opinion: Bati was the most complete 9 ever because he could score from inside the box by every different way, shoots, chilenas, off balance volleys, back heels, headers, he could score from every part of the field far outside from the box even with two defenders stuck on him, i have never seen a 9 being that good in free kicks and i have never seen such a clinical 9 in scoring goals therefore for me not only he was the most complete 9 ever but he was the most spectacular as well he has scored amazing goals which are too many to mention. Ronaldo was great indeed, one of the best three 9s ever, but for me Bati was special.

    • Fantastic striker, but from 100 neutral football fans 99 will say Ronaldo over Bati. Batistuta passing and link-up game was maximum average, his dribbling skills and technique so-so too, but great poacher.

      • I disagree. I saw them both play a lot. They are equal in my opinion, very different syles. Ronaldo was a beast, and had great skill. But you are totally missing on Batis strenghts, which far superceeded Ronaldos..

        Bati was a monster in the air, a demon, corner kicks and free kicks where always scary for defenders when Bati was on the field, he won so many games for both Argentina and Firentina like that, in tight scrapy games he delivered, you could not mark him out of the game.

        Bati was tenacious, he had great work rate, and he did play off his team wonderfully, big target man to bring down a long ball, layoff and enter the box for the cross where anything near him was a good call to be tapped in.

        Batis ridiculous power and accuracy and range in free kicks where truly a threat.. better than Ronaldos, Messis, riquelme or anyone else I can think off.. Maradona perhaps, good company.

        Bati stayed loyal to a pretty mediocre team his whole career, what he did with Fiorentina (and Costa) was incredible. Had Bati accepted a transfer to a big name club, he would have been huge in pop culture and scored a trillion goals. Ronaldo equally brilliant, was flashier and playing for more popular clubs, which makes him more popular, but results on the field I would give Bati the nudge.

  2. I have seen both Batistuta and Ronaldo playing at their peak. In terms of dribbling, yes Ronaldo was the best 9 but in terms of shooting ability, Ronaldo was nowhere near to the great Bati! To me, Bati was the best 9 i have ever seen and regarding shooting technique and ability he can only be compared to the two greatest ever, Maradona and Messi.

    • Imo overall Gerd Müller, Ronaldo, Romario, Van Basten, Henry and Luis Suarez was/is a bit better, more complete (except Gerd Müller) and more dangerous centre forwards than Batistuta.
      Trezeguet (another born argentine, fuck you Pekerman), Vieri, Shearer and Van Nistelrooy at the same level as Bati.(in the last 25 years).

    • dude not a chance of that being true, muller, di stafino are just 2 who are better and not an out and out striker but messi is better by far and add cr7 who has numbers far superior to any thing ron did, look ron-who with out a doubt was a fantastic player but is not the best of all time.

      correct Ronnie admires maradona but does not say hes better then pele where as hig is saying a yellow player is the best of all time.

      its hard to explain and I guess as you are not born in Argentina you just don’t get it but that is no problem both sets of supporters who can and do admire players from the “other side” but we would never call one of their own over one of our own.

      its the difference of being a supporter and being an Argentine,both are completely different but neither is a problem as we all have the same aim-victory.

  3. holy mother of … does this fool not ever actually think
    ” TREZEGUET, BATISTUTA, CRESPO and MONTELLA. But for me, the best of all time is RONALDO (Brazilian”

    you are supposed to be an Argentine or maybe not if you like a yellow player over the great bati and even if you really think that you never mentione it in any interview to be printed for all of time….sigh and this fool hig is still in the n/t

    • I think u r too harish against pipita. Am one of his devil advocates but to find out Ronaldo as his idol is not weird at all as you tried to put it. Ronaldo is/was the only Brazilian who openly admitted his admire to Leo way before 2006. Besides Maradona was an idol of Ronaldonho than Pele ‘n Romario.

      Am as furious as you for Hig miss in the final but nothing personal ‘n could ever make me this far against any Argie player even against the mercenery Di Stifano.

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