Mauro ICARDI reaches 72 league goals


Mauro ICARDI has reached a number of league goals which surpasses Hernan CRESPO.

At the age of 23, Mauro ICARDI has already managed to score 72 league goals. ICARDI scored 11 goals for Sampdoria (one goal in two matches in his first season and 10 in his second) while he has done better with Inter. The striker’s scoring record looks like this with Inter: Nine goals, 22 goals, 16 and 14 (with half the season gone) which brings him to a total of 72 league goals.

In contrast, here’s how he compares to other playters when they were 23 years old.

Filippo INZAGHI: 2 goals.
Christian VIERI: 7 goals.
Hernan CRESPO: 24 goals.
Cristiano Ronaldo: 69 goals.
Lionel MESSI: 79 goals.

Those are only some names in the game but not bad numbers for the Inter captain.


  1. His record is better than C.ronaldo?? WTF is he doing away from the national team then? this is pathetic from our national team managers. There should be a petition to get him in the team already!

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