Argentina names squad for U20 South American tournament


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The U20 South American championship kicks off on January 18 and as usual, we will have all the coverage for it here on Mundo.

Coach Claudio UBEDA has named his squad for the tournament and here it is.

Argentina’s squad for the U20 South American championship

Argentina kick off their tournament on January 19 against Peru.


  1. So Argentina the number one ranked FIFA team in the world cannot arrange one or two friendly games before the 2018 WCQ games against Chile and Bolivia? When and where will we see new players try out in a none competitive fixture? Still mind boggling how Argentina is not producing the Requelme/Aimar/Veron/Cambiasso/Mascherano type players anymore who immediately became world class on the European stage. There are plenty of countries (minus the dirty tackling central American teams) who Argentina can get games with, teams like: Canada, Iceland, Turkey, Poland, Austria, Albania, Cyprus, Malta, Switzerland, Scotland, Both Ireland teams, Wales, New Zealand etc. Make this happen, Argentina can’t wait until 2018 to play a few friendly games before the world cup and think that will somehow benefit the team. The team need a couple of friendlies right now in order to integrate a few players in the current squad for the world cup qualifiers. Even if the coach calls up new players for the March WCQ’s, I doubt they will get any games or any minutes to write a headline about. Pizarro is a perfect example of this strategy.

  2. Im just so dissapointed with the current crop of youngsters except barco and ascascibar. im very surprised with the exclusion of ponce ( who was once one of the most promising young strikers in south america with his physicality and technicality )
    Was just wondering if their chances of a callup were actually blocked by their respective clubs? i mean are these strikers actually less of quality compared to the unknown ones who are listed? From my understanding, lautaro martinez is a very highly rated striker there who even attracted the likes of real madrid recently. Apart from him, conechny is also another quality striker. I dont know if there’s anyone else there that i missed out.
    Anyone here can shed some light about the list of players there?

    • vimaldass

      For me also most of the players are rather unfamiliar. I saw most of the players at least one full game but it’s still not enough to say anything. For instance, Conechny, who is remarkable player here, was not impressive for San Lorenzo in his first games current season.

      Sosa, Lovera, Rivas, Messidoro, Olivera, Ponce, Vadala, Maxi Romero, Palacios (River) – I think most of the names should be in the team, especially first 4. I hope the unfamiliar new players have something to give. At the end of the day I’m convinced that success will depend more on coach work than number of talented youngsters.

    • More hot air from bozo and to even read tevez is in his thoughts shows bozo is loco.
      As for icardi their is little in that article to make me think hes actually going to get the callup he deserves.
      Bozo is still in lala land.

  3. Marcello Torres with 7 goals this season in reserva. For me Alexis Messidoro is a bigger surprise than Vadala, the guy is over 20 goals in reserva as a midfielder so far.

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