Mauro ICARDI: “My dream is to wear the Argentina shirt”


In an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Inter captain Mauro ICARDI spoke about the Argentina National Team, turning down Italy and more. Here’s what he had to say:

“My dream is to wear the shirt of the Argentina National Team and it’s for that reason that I turned down the call-up from Italy. My goal is to keep doing well to convince BAUZA to call me up. With that said, I know that I’m young and that Argentina has the best forwards in the world. I’m going through this all very calmly.”

“In the future, I hope to win lots of trophies with Inter. When I came here, it was because I felt a fan of the club and because I wanted to win a lot. In ten years, I hope to win league titles and at least one Champions League.”

“My teammates tell me I am very mature despite only being 23 years old and I agree. I left home at 13 to travel to Barcelona which has helped me mature.”


  1. Wait until you are 30. But once you are in, there is no getting out. You will be playing until you are 40. You may want to retire, but the coach will drag you from nursing home to play against Brazil or whatever.

    Just wait till you become 30.

  2. If Barcelona sign Dybala (Juventus), Icardi (Inter Milan), and Veratti (PSG)they would be unstoppable for years to come. Real Madrid squad is way too deep and talented for Barcelona to trouble them this season, in fact, no team in Europe is as strong as Real Madrid. Even when Real Madrid is not playing well they’re still winning games, that’s scary for the other teams.

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