Fernando REDONDO to get coaching licence


The number of former Argentine National Team players going for their coaching licence continues to grow.

Three of the biggest coaches in the world are Argentine. Diego SIMEONE, Jorge SAMPAOLI and Mauricio POCHETTINO. You can make a fair shout to Marcelo GALLARDO as well. And there’s another one that’s getting ready to throw his name in the ring. One of the most intelligent football players the world has ever seen, Fernando REDONDO will in the coming days start his classes to receive his coaching licence.


  1. Hi Everybody,

    Wish you all a very happy and healthy new year. Let life move more towards happiness. But we all know the incredible pain of that three years in life. We deserve to taste the glory before our life times. Any way hope for the best.

    But the happy news is we know from 2026 48 teams. What ever the negative things like poor quality or dull matches, I think we will be getting a massive psychological boost as it will reduce the complexity n difficulty of south american qualifiers. As almost 7 ( 6.5 ) slots will be given, we won’t be drained psychologically n emotionally. It will help us immensely during the real finals. Also for the fans, we won’t be losing almost two years feeling the burden of qualifiers.

    But 2030, I will be almost 50 by that time. What to say.. God please consider us..

  2. as always the afa logic is any but logical and It’s fair to say that the AFA banning transfer activity for debts while withholding six months of TV money from clubs is ridiculous.

    • maradona is my footballing hero-as a player but in the last 5 years I just wish he would just shut the f up as I’m really starting to hate him and its ruining his legacy.

      he never support our players and as a friend of mine said it seems he appears jealous of messi who he clearly does not want to over take his legacy.

      their was a time, in his time when no one would ever speak out about the n/t and their players and you of all people should remember this and you are far from a saint.

      please mr maradona enjoy your retirement, enjoy the free games you get to travel the world and see, enjoy the fame you still have but shut up.

    • Three straight free kicks and a total of 32 free kicked goals in his tenure to date. With Dybala on the team we will miss less the Riquelme era of free kick goals, if fact a much improved future, if Bozo can open his eyes and get rid of Aguero one’s ‘n for all.

      Let Dybala Messi ‘n any of Alario/Icardi/Pratto/Hig be up front. Search for a reliable mid field shall continue and the so called stars be given a chance only when they fully regained their form ‘n confidence again. This irk dictates the performance of the forwards. Forget a creative or ball holding mids as it is hard to find one for the coach but atleast pick work horses that can protect well the defense and ignite counter attacks as well.

      • funny stat “if Messi missed his next 241(!) free-kicks he would have the same free-kick to goal ratio as Ronaldo (1.3 per cent)” and he only need one more to be barcas top fee kick taker of all time.

  3. Europeans and the rest of the world are hell bent on giving anything and everything to Cristiano Ronaldo… hmmm…
    South America went to sleep… Argentina is snoring too loudly… and probably will not wake up. Lionel Messi needs to win the World Cup 2018 otherwise the world will keep saying that Cristiano is better of the 2.
    But we fans know who Lionel is… what we have seen him do… only regret about him is… he does not discard his ‘so’ called frens and wins big with a younger fresh talent.
    You may laugh at me… but Sachin Tendulkar won the ever-alluding Cricket World Cup at his last ever chance but with a completely younger squad and a good coach.. who poured out their all to win him the cup… ‘the younger gen did what they said’… they won him the world cup. And they carried him on their shoulders all around their stadium… stating that ‘Sachin carried the Indian Team for around 20 years, now its time we carried him’

    • ” otherwise the world will keep saying that Cristiano is better of the 2.” Why? Only girls and Real-fanboys say this, 9 of 10 football fan will say Messi. Commentators call Messi the world best player after CR won the Ballon Dor. Enough said…

      • the fan and media vote game crybaby the trophy but the players who actually play the game gave messi far more votes for the fifa pro team and he won that.

        those in the real know acknowledge messi is the best by a long way in all departments.
        crbaby is a good goal scorer but only in finishing off the hard work done by others, interesting to note that 20% of all of crbaby goals are pens.
        simply put when was the last time people stood up to a wow crbaby moment where as messi does it most weeks to us.

  4. Somewhere in the Himalayas there resides a Musk deer also known as “Kasturi Mirga” who keeps wondering throughout the region in search of a particular place from where some heavenly smell/odour originates which surrounds that particular region entirely. It keeps searching and searching and goes round and round in the region but can never find it. It’s simply because those are originated from the musk itself of the deer but being an animal or say lack of intelligence, it keeps wondering but never able to see that its the deer itself that is producing mesmerizing smell all over Himalayas!

    I feel same goes for Argentina as a football nation! We were the one who always showed grit and never die attitude in the past that Germany tend to show now and now we want to be like Germany, we used to play hell of tiki taka way way back when Spanish were learning the art but now we want to play like Spain/ Barcelona n so on and on and on.

    Its amazing to see that Germany being just a disciplined, tactically strong team without any flair or any world class individual can win 4 world cups than what could Argentina been if AFA was corruption free, if it was able to guard its identity, if coaches were chosen on merit basis! Many ifs but we all know its futile to talk about if you are not the one making decisions and with power beneath your feet … Anyways will always love the shirt no matter what! Vamos Argentina!

  5. We have lot of great coaches but AFA will choose worst from that list for NT.

    i always thought , why he was not moving towards coaching , finally he made right decision.

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