Recent Edgardo BAUZA quotes, ICARDI and more


Hello everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I wish you all the very best this 2017!

Here are some recent quotes by our national team coach Edgardo BAUZA.  He spoke of ICARDI, MARADONA, TEVEZ and more!

“I already spoke with ZANETTI (Inter vice president) and I told him: HIGUAIN and PRATTO are the two center forwards, but the third one is ICARDI. If I get the chance, I’ll sit down and have a chat with the player, but he already knows what I think of him. He knows that if something happens to HIGUAIN or PRATTO, he’s the next one up.”

“I spoke with all the main players, because before starting as the coach for the national team I was getting messages saying ‘they don’t want this player.’ There’s absolutely no problem with any player.”

The 23 year old goalscorer briefly played for the national team in 2013 when he was on the bench against Peru but came in for a few minutes against Uruguay in the next game.

“He knows what I think of him as a player. It’s highly probably that I will go see him in my next trip.”

It is seemingly inexorable now at this point that Mauro ICARDI will be finally called up for the next World Cup Qualifiers in March against Chile and Bolivia.

El Patón also thanked Diego MARADONA for his words:

“Diego was in this place before and know how much we suffer.”

In regards to Carlos TEVEZ:

“Going to China is kind of troublesome. He knows perfectly well what I think of him, and that even though he left I’ll keep following him.”

“We got better in a few things. Slowly we’re having more time to work. We’re seeing if we can have a friendly match before the next call up.”

“I had a three hour meeting with Armando PEREZ and Javier MEDIN to discuss the problems in AFA and the national team outlook. In 48 hours we will know for sure where we will play against Chile.”

So what do you guys think of all this?


  1. what the bet bozo will still pick him

    “The centre-back only left the club in June 2016. It might be expected that with Bayern Munich and City on his CV, he would have gone onto similarly big things, but that hasn’t exactly been the case.
    Demichelis axed 
    Instead, he landed a contract with Barcelona’s ‘other club’ Espanyol, but despite them being 11th in La Liga, he’s already been deemed surplus to requirements.
    The Sun report that his contract has now been terminated after just six uneventful months in which he featured just twice. They obviously didn’t even think he was worth the free transfer”

  2. sometime before he was reportedly saying that the fight for argentina’s jersy no. 9 is between aguero, pratto, and alario! he has also said that alario is the future of argentina. now he has forgot these things.

  3. icardi story and some nice goals etc this season.

    I agree with this down the bottom of the article from the great kempes

    “1978 World Cup winner Mario Kempes voiced what is becoming an increasingly popular response to Maradona and his moral crusaders this week: “I don’t care what someone does off the pitch, provided they don’t cause problems in the dressing room, on the pitch or in the camp.”

    after watching it it shows me this kid really is a born winner and has a footballing brain, is not selfish and works for the team.

  4. hope 2018 is not an another waste of a world cup… both for lionel and argentina… bcoz of afa and bauza. clueless are they still.
    higuain and pratto and aguero and di maria miss the world cup and icardi and dyala and lanzini and paredes get their chance into the 11’s

  5. Oh i wish we had Bielsa or Sampaoli coaching the NT by now…
    the build up to 2018 would have been very exciting… and we all would have been eagerly waiting for the world cup… but now?
    If Sampaoli would have waited a week more…

  6. blah blah blah….I guess at least you are consistent bozo, a new year is here and you are still so out of your depth and still very full of sh*t.

  7. El Apache moving to China is troublesome! WHY? were you planning on calling him!! GOOD for him, take the money and run with it like you stole it.

    The never ending saga of Icardi ………….had he been an Argentine, Oedipus would have been called up by now!!

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