Lionel MESSI, LANZINI, ICARDI and more score


Lionel MESSI, Manuel LANZINI, Mauro ICARDI, Nicolas GAITAN and Emiliano SALA all scored for their clubs.

Lionel MESSI scored for Barcelona in their 5-0 win against Las Palmas. MESSI has now equalled Raul’s La Liga record of scoring against 35 teams.

Manuel LANZINI scored for West Ham in their 3-0 win against Crystal Palace.

Mauro ICARDI scored for Inter in their 3-1 win against Chievo. ICARDI’s now scored 62 goals for the club in 111 games. The same amount as Diego MILITO, who scored 62 goals in 128 matches.

Nicolas GAITAN scored for Diego SIMEONE’s Atletico Madrid in their 1-0 win against Real Betis. Angel CORREA was a substitute while German PEZZELLA started for Betis.

Emiliano SALA scored for FC Nantes in their 1-0 win against Toulouse.

Lionel MESSI’s goal:

Manuel LANZINI’s goal:

Mauro ICARDI’s goal:

Nicolas GAITAN’s goal:

Emiliano SALA’s goal:

Emiliano Sala Goal HD – Toulouse 0 – 1 Nantes… by GoalReplay


  1. Veron coming back just shows us the poor midfield quality coming up in Argentina football. There is no young midfield player (I’ll repeat again, there is no young midfield player) in Argentina that can control or pass the ball as well as a 41-year-old Veron. Veron at 41 = Quality. The young mid players in Argentina = Below average!! When was the last time Barcelona or Real Madrid had any interest in an upcoming Argentinean young midfield player?

      • No offense but I have seen Paredes and to me he is no better than Kranevitter. Paredes does not add anything different than what say Biglia and Mascherano is already doing for the Argentina national team. I’ve always like Kranevitter but the guy has proven to be just another local league hype! I mean he was so average against Real Madrid doing really poor on two of the goals RM scored. Show me a player like Lucho Gonzalez or N’Zonzi coming up in Argentina football and I’ll take my hat off.

        • Alexis Castro from Tigre is Lucho type of player but I know it’s another local league hype for you. Maybe some time in future he will emerge on higher level.

    • “Veron coming back just shows us the poor midfield quality coming up in Argentina footbal”

      What? I’m not going to talk here about Argentina possible young creative midfielder prospects but Veron come back shows nothing but mere sentimentalism of the nation to famous players. WHat do you think? He will get call up to NT once again? Or he will play as starter for Estudiantes? Nothing of the things. It’s just for attention and as thanks to Estudiantes fans. He will spend few minutes on the pitch and then quit once again.

      Absolutely no relation between Veron’s come back and level of talent in the nation.

  2. The EPL influence on the Argentina NT is not a good thing. I mean, Belgium and England are prime example of EPL hype. England with all the hype their players showed in the EPL failed to get pass Iceland at the 2016 European Championship. We can talk about attackers all we want but with the current Argentina setup, I don’t see Argentina making it pass the 2nd round if the team should qualify for Russia. With guys like Otamendi and Funes Mori leading the defense, Argentina can forget about the world cup in 2018. Russia 2018 will lead us back to the pre 2014 world cup tournament early exist disappointments.

    So because Lazini scored against the mighty CP then all of a sudden he is national team material? So is Andy Caroll the greatest player of all time because he scored a bicycle kick in the same game? West Ham is a Joke and the EPL is an overrated embarrassment to football. Let me know when England and the EPL actually offer anything good to football other than overspending on overrated players like Pogba, Stones, sterling etc. This kick and run, hustle and bustle rugby style of football is what destroying the Argentina NT, the EPL should have no influence whatsoever on the Argentina NT. China have a better chance of winning the world cup than England will anytime soon. Most of the Brazilian players moving to China will be more effective for their national team than all the Argentina players in the overrated EPL. This is the sad part as we are currently seeing in the CONMEBOL world cup qualifiers, and it’s not like Brazil is that good, it’s because Argentina have become the English lite national team of South America. England = Scrappy, long ball and, pathetic football, so too Argentina as of late.

    • kid: actually its not just the epl its football in general, we have the 4 main lges all dominated by a select few clubs, we have clubs that are now stronger then national teams (real threatening to sue us if d/m played in the w/c final, players not playing for the n/t but turning out for their clubs days later)and clubs pay far more and flow on effect as players know who pay them and coaches don’t want to coach national teams until they are aged, simply put we cant compete with the money being offered and we lost all of our talent at a young age and this means we no longer have the Argentine way of playing.

      the game is corrupt with out a doubt and seeing the w/c expanding is not at all good for Argentina its only good for country’s like new Zealand who are promised 14 million to them if they make the w/c-its simply as its all about money but to blame the epl alone is totally incorrect and its no worse then all of the other lges that snatch up our best players, flog them to death and return them to us at the end of long seasons shattered and lacking motivation- blame fifa and uefa totally for allowing this to happen.

      as for laz, as you don’t watch the epl its not at all about the goal he scored, this guy has ben fantastic before he got injured and is now back to his best, you need to spend so quality time watching full games before you cast him aside and yes wham are shite but he still has to play against the Manchester clubs, cheatskis, Liverpool and Tottenhams and he has look very impressive.

      we desperately need other options and this kid deserves to be in the squad to see what he can do, the days of bil and masc should be over or very close to it.

      • I get what you’re saying, and it’s mostly true about the money being spent by big clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid etc. But Sevilla and Athletico Bilbao have proven time and time again to spent little to no money and still beat teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona and at the same time give a good account of themselves in European football.

        Unlike Spain (La Liga), Germany (Bundes) and Italy (Serie A) and to some extent Lique One, the EPL adds nothing to international football because their home grown talent is mediocre at best. The EPL raid countries like Spain season after season yet it is La Liga who has been producing in the UCL and Europa League season after season in the last several years.

        We all know the EPL is mediocre, let’s not pretend that Leicester City winning was anything but the other top clubs in the league being pathetic. Man City is already proven that money doesn’t guarantee success. The thing is, the EPL bought all these players for huge sums of money and expect them to live up to these huge price tag.

        Lanzini is still a question mark in terms of the Argentina national team. Let’s hope Argentina get some friendly games before the March WCQ against Chile and Bolivia.

  3. Selecting players by performance is an out dated system. We the Afa demand from the coaches to conform to our policies. It saddens us that our players can’t see each other when they are at their clubs so we make sure that we unite them so friends can see each other at least once in the month. They can take pictures post it on instagram, play playstation. Sometimes they have to play so we can earn money and run this Private club, do not worry they don’t have to sweat too much, they usually walk on the pitch so they can conserve energy for the more important activities mentioned above. We hate Gold, Sliver is our thing. There are some sore people who can’t get in, for entertainment purposes we tell them we gonna call you just for laughs.It’s fun being friends. AFA for life. Earning money to party and bullsh*t.

  4. hey what the…who is this LANZINI guy who is a box to box mid, scores goals, tracks back, has fantastic skill and stamina… thank the lord he’s not in the national team as he might just do the same with them and we cant have that-great work from you bozo

  5. hey what the….who is this icardi guy who scores goals for fun, is a tram player, a natural born winner and never gives up…thank the lord he’s not in the national team as he might just do the same with them and we cant have that-great work from you bozo

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