Hey everyone! I hope everyone is doing well..Here are some more BAUZA quotes from an interview he had today with TYC Sports in Argentina.

“I’m going to watch the Superclasico, and then I’ll go to Europe. I’m going to see MAIDANA and CARUZZO. I’d like to start working with the local based players. It also depends on the teams that play the Libertadores.”

“The idea is to be able to work two or three days so that the player can understand the style we want to play. Because if they ever get selected, they’ll have an idea of what we are looking for and the integration would be a lot faster.”

He also was very decisive on confirming that he doesn’t want MASCHERANO to play as a central defender:

“I don’t like him as a central defender.”

He also spoke in regards to Sergio ROMERO:

“I want him to play at his club. He knows what I think. When I chat with him, we’ll see what he can resolve. His coach and him. He had told me that his coach promised him more opportunities, but he hasn’t had much. If he doesn’t play at his club, it will be difficult for him to play for the national team. If this continues like this, I don’t think he’ll play at the World Cup.”

BAUZA will fly to Europe on January 31st to visit the Argentine players that are almost always called up for the national team. BAUZA also revealed that he is also thinking about the possibility of selecting Matias CARUZZO, Ezequiel  GARAY and Jonatan MAIDANA.

He also spoke of Angel DI MARIA saying: “He doesn’t own the position.” In regards to HIGUAIN: “I’m not sure that HIGUAIN will start against Chile, it’s a very important match because it could allow to be more comfortable in the standings. From the moment they get called up I speak with them, in training, everywhere. Their current form also is an influence. I evaluate everything.”

What do you guys think of all this? I personally would like to see GARAY back for sure as I think we definitely need him.  I also like that he is being tough with DI MARIA, HIGUAIN, and ROMERO as well.   We can definitely live without these three players.  And I personally would like to see younger and fresher players.

What do you guys think of all this? Is BAUZA all talk?

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  1. The wise thing to do is to call up 35 players and send 15 immediately to La Paz to get used to the height and heat. The other 20 will be the squad to play Chile. After the Chile match take the best 5 players to La Paz. 11 of the 15 players that arrived earlier should start. Bring Messi and Dybala in the second half when Bolivian legs are tired. Together they will tear up the Bolivean defence. In retrospect I think Messi should not have started the Copa final 2016 but should have come as a substitute for the same reason.

    The most probable thing is Bauza will call 23 players and keep the complete squad in Buenos Aires to play Chile and then fly to Bolivia to play the almost exact same formation. In the second half the team will run out of breath and drop 2 or even 3 points.

    Too bad we don’t play Chile in La Bombonera. The supporters are so close to the field that it will strengten the team.

    • Sabella used an ultra-defensive 5-3-2 formation to grind out a 1-1 draw in La Paz which was good enough back then. Sadly, a draw may not be good enough given our situation…

      This was 2011 line-up and formation



      —-Banega———Mascherano—–Di Maria—–


    • I have no doubt Argentina will defeat Chile in the upcoming WCQ at home. Argentina almost always defeat Chile in CONMEBOL qualifiers. It’s still a mystery how Argentina lost to Chile in two straight finals. The thing is, Argentina defeated Chile in Santiago back in 2016 then had a similar result against Chile in the 2016 Copa America opening game then for some reason lost the final in the same tournament. This is still so puzzling for me; just don’t get how we blew both those games. I could understand if Chile had a superior squad to Argentina but this is not the case, it’s the total opposite.

      My concern with Buaza in the upcoming March WCQ’s is that he will use the same starting XI that play against Chile (except for suspended players against Chile like Otamendi and Funes Mori who will no doubt come back for the game against Bolivia in La Paz) and end up getting humiliated at altitude, it’s not that the players are not good enough to win against Bolivia, bad strategy is what will cost Argentina three points.

      Argentina need at least 3-4 local players in the starting lineup against Bolivia, we need to have players on the pitch who are tough physically. Hopefully Buaza bring back the Oxygen tanks so that Messi and co can get oxygen whenever they feel like the team is running out of breath. Guido Pizarro should start because he is used to playing at altitude in Mexico. Mercardo is a warrior type player he should start for Argentina in La Paz. Local players for the Boliviva game should be Pratto, Peruzzi, Acuña and Jonatan Maidana. The game against Boliva will come down to having a smart strategy, if Buaza approaches the game as if he is playing in Buenos Aires or Europe, the team will get humiliated again. Buaza is yet to win back to back games in the qualifiers so I have little confident in the team getting three points or a tie in La Paz. Just hope Otamendi and Funes Mori doesn’t start in La Paz else it will be a long day for the Argentina national team.

      This was Sabella 2014 WCQ lineup for the game against Venezuela at home before travelling to Bolivia:

      Sergio ROMERO, GARAY, ZABALETA, Rojo, Gago, Mascherano, Montillo (what happen to him?), higuain, Messi, Federico Fernandez and Lavezzi.

      The lineup against Bolivia in La La Paz:

      Romero, Campagnaro, Peruzzi, Sebastian Dominguez, Di Maria, Messi, Basanta, Clemente Rodriguez, palacio and Banega.

      As you can see the Argentina lineup vs Bolivia had 6 hardworking players (Campagrano, Basanta, Dominguez, Peruzzi, Di Maria and Palacio). Who in the squad we have currently that will run themselves into the ground and work hard for the team at altitude in La Paz? The only players come to mind are Pratto, Di Maria, Pizarro, Peruzzi, Rojo and Mercardo.

      Knowing Buaza he will likely start slow players like Zabaleta, Biglia, Otamendi and Funes Mori against Bolivia.

      This is the lineup I want to see against Bolvia.

      ——————-Guzman (plays at altitude in Mexico) ———


      –Lamela———-Pizzaro (plays in Mexico) ——–Masche——–Di Maria



      Maybe it’s because the La Bombonera does not pass the FIFA international standards given that the stadium has a standing section behind the goal area and not a seating section. If you’re to go by safety, then the Monumental is a wise choice. I like the La Bombonera stadium but when it comes to security it’s not safe at the moment, and I wouldn’t want any of the fans doing something stupid to any of the Chilean players that would cost the team three points. Remember the pepper spray incident at the La Bombonera where you had some of the Boca junior fans spraying the river Plate players in their face? Playing at La Bombonera at this present time is not a risk worth taking given Argentina position in the 2018 WCQ. This was a good call on the AFA if you ask me.

      • I also want to see….



        —-Messi————–Dybala————Piyatti —-

  2. Messi and The World Cup 2018
    How far are we from lifting the cup?
    Will it happen or not?
    Will a new coach take over Argentina for the world cup 2018?
    Will a young squad play with Messi or still the same dinosaurs?

    • Tnx Pablo. Interesting interview. I can see why he is walking the talk. Really smart and stable person. I feel like he was mocking christina who is snabing awards based on social media marketing than on pitch performances. Confidence estems from with in than developing it from external aplauds-i.e why self stem worths much for Pocc even beyond tactics and talents in achieving results.

      • I also rate modric very highly and he was in my 3 but after watching our defence (otm is so badly off form) I decided romas and our gar would be nasty at the back-alba is also a good call as we have some thing close to zero fullbacks.

        • I see. Let me explain my logic. L.Suarez is arguably the best #9 in the world and he would have probably finished most of the chances that Higuain missed. Jordi Alba, because he is the epitome of a modern fullback – very fast and bombing up and down his flank and as you pointed out we are sorely lacking in that position. Modric, because he is a very talented and versatile midfielder who would have been a great box-to-box addition for us and would have helped Messi with creative side of things and lightened his burden in that regard.

          • no need to explain sir as it all make perfect sense.

            as they say if only swar was both the other side of the river plate, he is the best no 9 world wide sadly for us.

    • David Alaba, Iniesta and N’Zonzi would complete Argentina starting XI for me.







    • That is very interesting. Most of us have not chosen a GK. Only Dfox. Is this because you think Romero is really not the problem? Or you think Rulli would solve the issue anyway?

      Here is my pick: Neuer, Marcelo/Alba and Iniesta.

      I think we agree on our issues: Full backs, midfield. Though looks like #9 is an issue too. I think Higuain scores for NT and clubs too, but just not in crucial moments and in general when he has time to think.

    • I would take two fullbacks and one central midfielder (real central midfielder, not a defensive midfielder or an attacking midfielder).

      RB – Ricardo pereyra
      LB – David alaba
      CM – Luca Modric

      so our starting 11 could be like this –


      perayra Otamendi Musaccio Alaba

      Modric Mascherano Banega


      ——Dybala Icardi——

  3. I am having Albiceleste withdrawals and March seems a long way off to watch our beloved team. I wish there is a friendly to try out some of these players.

    Does anybody know how to post pictures on this site?

  4. i hope we could bring back Garay into our lineup as soon as possible. With him at the back, we should restore our usual composure with a good tackler as his partner. Ive no particular preference between otamendi and funes mori.

  5. We need like this bazua—

    • Did you mean?


  6. I wish he could ‘ve said more abt the Maschie-Biglia combo. The very source of every mess the team goes through. Romero,Maria’n Hig are equally the issues behind but i see more on Maschie ‘n Biglia led mid as it is killing the forwards mainly Leo even Hig who are getting less services from them.

    Is there a solution after all,other than relying on these two sleeping giants? At times i feel like the coach has no option, saving Augusto,perez,lanzini ‘n Banega.

    • How can Maschie marshall the mid,a player who has to score a goal yet in his laliga debut ‘n with a couple of goal records or assists in his tenure. He was good as pure Anker when ball holding ‘n creative players are infront of him. However at his twlight he is asuming a douoble duty of defensive mid ‘n along with his alike combo Biglia to distribute goals ‘n ignite attacks-i can’t process it so does himself forsure.

      Just drop these two to bench ‘n use them to secure a lead only. If the coach decides to drop Maria who was deployeed as part of the 3 upfronts-Dybala w’d step in ‘n can partner Leo ‘n Pratto. The team will ‘ve a chance to try new mid other than the old three faces. Let’s hope at least only one of Biglia or Maschie starts the game. And it is now almost clear that Rojo is the only left flank to depend on.

  7. Masche is in the twilight of his footballing career…coming off the bench to sure up the defense when the game is already won is ok but the days of depending on him as ARG has done in the past is long gone because he’s a disaster ready to happen just like he did costing us 3 damn points in the qualifiers.

  8. GARAY, YES PLEASE…..a NO nonsense guy who doesn’t mess around and that is exactly what is needed. I like Mori, the kid has a future and I’m so glad we have a young talent at that vital position but it should be Garay’s position to lose.

    DiMaria has fallen a long way since his days with RM and having him come off the bench should be the only way to go if he chooses to continue with the NT.

    Higuain Higuain Higuain …..he sits in front of goal, waiting to be fed and pretty much nothing else and he’s not even good at that! let Icardi play and see what happens because none of us know really until he’s given a shot.

    Romero….thank you sir for your services and I love you for what you did in the WC but Geronimo needs a shot just like Icardi

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