Sub-20: Argentina vs Venezuela


Today Argentina will play their last match of the group phase in the Copa Sudamericano Sub-20 vs Venezuela.  Their mission is to make it to the hexagonal phase.  The top three teams in both Group A and Group B will go on to the hexagonal stage. In Group A, they are: Ecuador, Colombia, and Brazil.  We will know who the top three teams in Group B will be after tonight’s matches.  In the hexagonal phase all 6 teams will play against each other once and the best 4 teams qualify for the FIFA Under-20 World Cup which is being played in S. Korea this year from May 20 – 11 June.

Possible formation:

Argentina: Ramiro Macagno; Nahuel Molina, Cristian Romero, Juan Foyth, Milton Valenzuela; Santiago Ascacibar, Tomás Belmonte; Tomás Conechny, Brian Mansilla; Marcelo Torres y Lautaro Martínez. Coach: Claudio Úbeda

Stadium: Olímpico (Ibarra).
Time: 21.15 (Time in Argentina).
TV: TyC Sports.


1. Ecuador 4 2 1 1 7 6 1 7
2. Colombia 4 2 1 1 6 5 1 7
3. Brazil 4 2 1 1 4 3 1 7
4. Paraguay 4 1 1 2 6 7 -1 4
5. Chile 4 0 2 2 2 4 -2 2


1. Argentina 3 1 2 0 9 5 4 5
2. Uruguay 3 1 2 0 5 3 2 5
3. Bolivia 3 1 1 1 3 5 -2 4
4. Venezuela 3 0 3 0 1 1 0 3
5. Perú 4 0 2 2 2 6 -4 2




  1. Pretty awful weekend for Argentines in Europe this weekend.
    Simeone with another couple of goals taking his tally to 10.
    Higuain is top scorer now with his 15th.
    Ocampos has moved on another loan. Milan this time. Jinxed club for Argentines. Bad move.

  2. yo Gonzalo I’d like to pick your brain alittle bit, I’m almost addicted to the primera now! To the point that I’m not watching all that much european football, which is something that I never thought would ever happen.

    Few observations from the primera:

    1. Battala is a very interesting goal keeping prospect. He’s not the best GK in the primera but at only 20 he’s already a starter for River and he’s doing a solid job.

    2. Gino peruzzi and getting better and better while Jose Gomez is clearly not a one season wonder. Thinks are looking good for Argentina for the RB position (finally!)

    3. Tagliafico is a must for the NT, he was a beast in defending but now he’s also damn good at going forward so for god’s sake Bauza, take a look at the kid atleast.

    4. Another defender from Independiante whose been impressing me is J.Figal, but with Otamendi, Garay, Musacchio, Mori and now even Fazio Argentina isn’t exactly in need for CBs but still Figal is a possible prospect to look out for.

    5. Nacho Fernandez And Acuna continue to impress but Pittón (CDM), Formica (CAM) and Pavon (RAM) are the latest batch of midfielders that have been impressing me.
    While not exactly a youngster (at 28) Seba Blanco is flying high and is worth a mention.

    6. Druissi continues his amazing run even though I wasn’t impressed with him in the U20s but his goal scoring form is hard to ignore.
    Blandi is another forward whose been impressing but Argentina never lacked those (knock on wood).

    So Gonzalo what do you think? Any other players I should be looking out for?

    • “I’m almost addicted to the primera now! To the point that I’m not watching all that much european football, which is something that I never thought would ever happen”

      So, you understand now how it works!:)

      Of course I forgot in my list about best goalscorer of Primera as far – Driussi. Lapsus

    • Barboza, Figal, Cristian Romero or Martinez Quarta are guarantee for us that we have next generation of more than solid center backs. And all they are really modern CBs.

      When we are talking about players over 23 I may to name still the same: Nacho, Benedetto, Tagliafico, Peruzzi…

      Mamoun, when Primera will back please to follow duo of Banfield CMs – Remedi, Cecchini. Alexis Castro as well.

  3. Csabalala, instead Talent Hunter I have my own new list for 2017;)

    1. Santiago Ascacibar (Estudiantes)
    2. Alexander Barboza (Defensa)
    3. Ezequiel Barco (independiente)
    4. Alexis Castro (Tigre)
    5. Cristian Romero (Belgrano)
    6. Jose Luis Gomez (Lanus)
    7. Augusto Batalla (River)
    8. Eric Remedi (Banfield)
    9. Emanuel Cecchini (Banfield)
    11. Maxi Lovera (Rosario Central)
    12. Ian Escobar (Talleres)
    13. Bautista Merlini (San Lorenzo)
    14. Diego Sosa (Tigre)
    15. Jonathan Menendez (Talleres)
    16. Jorge Figal (Independiente)
    17. Gonzalo Martinez (River)
    18. Leonel Rivas (Rosario Central)
    19. Cristian Pavon (Boca)
    20. Gaspar Iniguez (Tigre)

    • While we are talking still a lot about central midfielders I must to point out duo of CMs from Banfield. Remedi (’95) and Cecchini (’96). Since coach of Banfield has started regularly with the two players in midfield the team suddenly turn out into winning team (6 wins in a row in Primera). And none of them is only defensive midfielder.

  4. Let me tell you guys something. Remember leo suarez? Argentina’s ex under 20 player. He will be our nxt BIG thing. Still only 20 and was the best player in villareal’s reserve team that if im not mistaken won the reserve championship. He has fantastic overall skills.
    Dominantly plays on the right wing but cuts inside very quickly with plenty of footballing intelligence to be in awe of. He is already featuring a lot in the senior team coming in and out as a sub. Plenty to be spoken about this talent 🙂

      • I really hope he turns out good. Just to remind u guys about another guy who was awesome at this age playing for Valencia reserves. Fede Cartabia anyone? I am not too sure about these tiny toons. We’ve have many a tiny toons before who were great at this age. Defederico, Buononotte etc.

    • vimaldass

      I’ve written about him few times here that he is our biggest talent in Europe IMO. Over Dybala or Correa. He is just introducing slowly to A team.
      Complete footbaler. Great dribbler, playmaker, winger, freekicker. And great vision. Moreover engaged in defence. Only that he is very short.

        • It’s good but not enough up-to-date.

          Ivan Leszczuk is nowhere now. On the other hand I don’t see new players like Lovera or Rivas for example.

          • Exactly gonzalo i was just about to say that !
            Uncanny or even so much resemblance with Barco’s gameplay and physical attributes. What i love about these two players are their close control and their vision at this tender age.
            In the video above, he in fact has so much resemblance with Messi in his younger days when he used to own the right wing himself. Suarez is already toying wing backs with his trickery and direct play. Hope he gets his chance to start before this season completes.

            i think it is unfair to make comparisons with dybala since their positions are way too different but he’ll definitely supersede correa as our best young talent very very soon. lets keep our fingers crossed for this huge talent!

    • Every time I watch inter play I asked myself the same question
      How’s Icardi manage to be the top scorer in Italy with a team that barely pass him the football

  5. Gonzalo do you know how good of a player walter montoya is? Seems like a very interesting prospect with great technique and grit. Chased by river and boca but sevilla has just officially signed him.

    • Well, I must to say somehow for me he was usually in Cervi and Lo Celso shadow but as you said he has more grit and tenacity so who know which of them will go far. He was one of the 3 most noticeable Rosario Central young player of late no doubt.
      I must to say also that it’s one of the transfer I didn’t expect. I thought River or Boca are destination for him. He was near Olimpic Games after all.

      Now Central have Maxi Lovera and Leonel Rivas.

      • Seems like a huge prospect then or else two huge clubs and even sevilla wouldn’t bother chasing him. It’s imperative now for us to break the frustrating “mascherano-biglia” hegemony at the centre. If you ask me, even mascherano seems like an replaceable person by the day at the centre.

  6. Also it’s obvious here that without our midfield engine ( Ascacibar ), we lack so much of our stability and struggle to initiate an attack from our defence

    • Dont you think it’s because they have already qualified due to bolivia’s loss gonzalo? i believe they removed their foot from the gas from the beginning

      • Anyway we will be facing a strong colombia side on the 2nd of February. good luck to us. Atleast we rested a few of them in the process

      • It’s one of reasons no doubt. They knew that and they wanted to save energy on this mountain stadium. And yes, lack of Ascacibar was evident. This is what you’ve said. Without him we are hardly in ball possesion because of lack tackling/interceptions.

        • Yup and probably even the leadership quality that he possesses. I believe no one can replace him in the middle currently. Hopefully he climbs up the ladder quickly and gets promoted the senior side

    • Hmmm Conechny always seemed to me very mature if something, and don’t understand why Barco not play, so host Ecuador, Brazil, Columbia, Uruguay and anti-footballing Venezuela, 2+1 qualify, we start with Uruguay tomorrow

  7. Gonzalo, sorry bro every time i try to share a link, the page block my message (awaiting moderation), but full match:

    The downloding time without premium cca. one night, but very good quality stuff…maybe here will be uploaded every Argentina matches…

  8. @ Dollon:You always come up with a flavor of the week lineup. What happen to Roncaglia? You had him in your last flavor of the week lineup prior to this one. Lanzini, Paredes, Perotti, Vazquez, and Rulli never played together for the Argentina NT yet you’re here assuming this team can some how even come remotely close to beating an experience Chilean team in an important WCQ game? This is not FIFA PS4 game play! 😉 Come on guys, Maradona played over 100 players back in the 2010 qualifiers and he barely manage to qualify for the World Cup. If Buaza can organize some friendlies in England ( before the March WCQ)being that majority of the squad base in Europe then I have no problem with him testing new players. We see what happen with Maradona team in La Paz, so let’s risk bringing a bunch of untested and inexperience new players so that they can get humiliated by Bolivia at altitude.

  9. Bazua should go against chilli……

    ///////////////////////// RULLI \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

    ⚽️⚽️⚽️MESSI 🏐🏐🏐Heguin ⚽️🏐🏀

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