Sub-20: Argentina vs Bolivia


Hey guys,

Today is another big day for our Sub-20 national team.  They’ve tied their first two matches : 1-1 against Perú, and 3-3 against Uruguay.  Today, they will play against Bolivia, who are currently leading the table in Group B.  The good news is that Argentina have recovered central defender  Cristian Romero (Belgrano de Córdoba) who was suspended last match.  He will play in place of Nicolás Salazar (San Lorenzo).

Probable formation:

Argentina: Ramiro Macagno; Nahuel Molina, Cristian Romero, Juan Foyth y Milton Valenzuela; Santiago Ascacibar; Julián Chicco, Ezequiel Barco y Brian Mansilla; Lautaro Martínez y Marcelo Torres. Coach: Claudio Úbeda.

Stadium: Olímpico de Ibarra.

Time: 7:15 EST (TyC Sports).



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  1. I think we must be more cautious with judging some young players.

    For instance:
    remember how poor was Gio Simeone in World Cup U20 with his countless missed chances. But now he is raising striker in Serie A and several clubs want him.

    Maybe the same also applies to Calleri. It’s impossible that he is so poor as he was on Olimpic Games. Before Rio was best Copa Libertadores goalscorer. Needs time.

  2. None of the goals were Rulli’s fault! What a dumb statement it is to say he isn’t good enough just because Barca scored 5 on him, anyway people who think like that are in charge of our team and that is why we lose. Nothing new just making crazy statements like always.

  3. Rulli is still a rookie, he is not in any position to be Argentina number one at this moment. Just go look back at the 2016 Olympics in Brazilian. Rulli is not world cup winning material,he always look nervous and timid.

    • That’s debatable, at least he is getting regular playing time, unlike you know who 🙂 Besides if he is not given a chance when is he ever going to become “a World Cup winning material’?

      At the very least he should be among three goalkeepers in the squad.

      • Well, “you know who” took Argentina to a World Cup final with his pk heroics against Holland and only conceded one goal in over three back to back finals, also saving Chile best player ( Vidal) pk at the 2016 Copa America. Romero has never let down Argentina in any of the last three FIFA tournament. Let’s use Cabellero for example, he is not getting much playing time but he came on against Barcelona at the Nou Camp for the red carded Bravo and save a Neymar penalty, and for the second leg against Barcelona at the Etihad where Cabellero started he made several important saves that help Man City with the needed win. Rulli haven’t played in any big games, a league game here and there plus one or two CDR games are nothing worthy of a World Cup winning goal keeper. Man City even sold Rulli back to Real Sociedad. Rulli gives no confidence and I’m sure after this Barcelona game he won’t even be on the Argentina nt in the near future. 😉

        • No player, does not matter who it is, deserves an automatic start with Argentina National Team if he is not a regular at his club. Think about it for a second. Argentina, for Pete’s sake!

          Yes, let’s forever reserve a place for Romero because of 2014, or at least until he is 49 years old. It’s not like he is flawless either, think about Argentina vs Brazil game in qualifiers for example, a better goalkeeper would have saved that….

  4. Argentina has best goalscorer and assists player in the Sudamericano as far. Torres- 4 goals, Molina (RB) – 2 assist.

  5. Brazil has played friendly against Colombia with alternative squad. Only Argentina don’t need such games;P

    Why not to play few friendlies with domestic players atleast?

      • for the 78 world cup the n/t use to play mid week vs river and boca etc, their is no reason we cant get a best of the rest mainly cocsisting of local talent to do this again.

    • Here’s a fun question for you, what would be your hypothetical starting 11 comprised of domestic only players? Special request, please include J.L. Gomez 😀

      • Not only domestic but all over the world beyond Europe are interesting players: Gomez, Nacho Fernandez, Ascacibar, Lucas Castro, Benedetto, Tagliafico, Alario, Ignacio Piatti, Lavezzi, Guzman, Batalla, Barboza, Acuna, Driussi, Cuesta, Belluschi, Pavon, Peruzzi, Gonzalo Martinez, Figal, Zelarayan, Centurion…

        • ——————Guzman———————–





          • Not bad.

            for me:




    • Sorry bro, I have not any. I saw some full videos on YT just after the game but before I found a time to watch it has been blocked. So I didn’t saw the game still.
      I see Argentina games are only blocked.
      Must see live next game.

  6. Our attack is great,there are also good options available at defense.But our midfield has never been so poor like this…central midfielders who can’t play forward pass,misplace passes often,can’t keep the ball under pressure…wingers who don’t know how to make wing play or stretch the opponent defense…only tries to cut into the middle crowd to loose the ball quickly.

  7. Argentina has not seeked forgiveness on something they had done decades back which is why we are not winning anything… neither Copa nor the World Cup…
    Did we accept in people who were responsible for the Holocaust?
    Money being the root of all evil… Argentina and its leaders became greedy and destroyed the nation that was born to play football.
    Even why did we loose the first ever world cup from the rim of victory?
    Something sometime ago…
    Nation needs to seek forgiveness before we can win again.

  8. [Our weak midfield and few questions]

    Over the past few years I saw very few changes in midfield..

    => Mascherano-Gago-Di Maria

    This was under Sabella when Mascherano was a beast and good enough to handle 2/3rd of opponents attack. Gago’s passing was good and most importantly was very good to link with Messi and Di Maria was the engine of the team who used to start all the counter-attacks. We scored 3+ goals on an average. But many times our midfield looked vulnerable.

    => Mascherano-Bigila-Di Maria

    Again under Sabella, when Gago was injured and we need to hold the lead. Bigila was perfect to cut the attack along with Mascherano. Bigila never had the vision like Gago but our midfield looked solid and compact with him.

    => Mascherano-Bigila-Enzo Perez

    Once Di maria was injured Sabella used this formation when Di maria was injured and this formation was all about defending. No attacking threat at all from midfield other than Enzo sometimes but provided cover for our defense.

    => Mascherano-Banega-Pastore

    Tata started with this midfield in Copa 2015 and our midfield looked very good in attack also Messi supporting in midfield but this formation made our defense extremely vulnerable. Paraguay match against Copa we conceded 2 goals despite we were 2-nil up.

    => Mascherano-Bigila- Pastore

    Tata recalled Bigila in place of Banega and Pastore had the tendency to move forward, so Messi need to play as attacking midfielder and Pastore ahead of him. How funny? Overall midfield looked very thin.

    => Mascherano -Agusto- Banega

    Actually formation was

    Messi – Banega – Lavezzi

    Tata deployed this formation in Copa 2016 thanks to the injuries of Bigila and Di Maria and we probably played our best 3 matches under tata. Mascherano used to hold the fort, Agusto took lots of workload as B2B midfielder, Banega took the creative pressure from Messi and linked well with Messi and Higuain.

    Unfortunately this formation did not last long because of Agusto’s long injury.

    => Mascherano-Bigila- Banega

    Both Tata and Bauza tried this formation but never worked. This trio made the midfield unbalanced and offered nothing in attack.

    => Kranevitter tried in place of Mascherano or Bigila but other than Bolivia friendly he too failed to impress.

    Points I observed.

    1. Over the last 4/5 years only 7-8 midfielders are used. No coach dared to try to call any midfielder other than these 7 guys. Only new/young player was given a chance was Kranevitter.
    2. Over the years Mascherano-Bigila became indispensable. Doesn’t matter their form, if they are fit they will start.
    3. It’s not that these 7/8 guys are bad. All were good players but problem is they are not the same players they used to be and most importantly cannot offer anything more what they already offered.

    My question is are we really short of talent in this area?

    =>Kranevitter – I had very high hope on him but needless to say that he is yet to prove his potential.
    =>Ascacibar – Again I was curious to see him more after watching him in Olympic. Despite our poor show he was our standout player. But again bit disappointed to see him against Paraguay and Bolivia in Sub 20 tournament. But he is only 19, so hope remains.
    =>Leandro Paredes – He is a good passer of the ball but still overall failed to convince me. He is a strong lad, good in free-kicks but need to improve a lot to make a statement for selection IMO.
    =>Lanzini – Somehow this guy impress me more than other youngsters. Started season well then after few poor/average performance this kid is doing well in the last few matches. I am not sure if this is enough to make a statement.

    Forget about Mascherano (Cambiasso or Riquelme or Aimar) tbh I have seen a certain Ever Banega in U 20 WC 2007 or with Valencia from 2009-10 or Gago for Real Madrid from 2007-09 unfortunately the kids I mentioned above have no match with Banega/Gago till now. But again Banega/Gago are nothing but average (or below average) for us despite their talent and not necessarily that Pardes/Lanzini will follow the same path. Probably they can make our midfield look solid, but till now I am not yet convinced with young generation of midfielders.

    The guy impressed me the most to secure a place is Diego Perotti. Perotti deserve to get a call for NT. Anyone else who can make the cut? Do we have anyone who actually can replace Mascherano (other than Bigila)? Can’t we use the below formation?

    –Messi – –Dybala – Lanzini/ Perotti/ Di Maria

    Who knows Pardes or Lanzini (or Perotti) may click for us?

    • With this limited talent option; the team has little chance of surviving group stage games,provided that it will make it to the tournament. Only hope is Leo’s magic who can be dependable for extra midfield role. Unfortunately, the strain is more aparent as the flank options are equally weak as the midfield. It is only miracle that could turn things around.

  9. My defensive line up will be:


    Fazio-Rojo-Garcia are defensively solid.Gomez can be the attacking fullback we need.I really can’t forget his direct runs and sudden accelerations as he showed while playing for a very poor olympic team.Fazio and Rojo are very comfortable with ball,Fazio even played as occasional defensive midfielder when he was younger.

    Most of our regular XI players are aging and out of form this season.It is time to forget about Aguero,Higuain,Di Maria,Biglia,Banega etc.Some are already burnt out(Di Maria),others are slowly loosing their touch(Banega,Bigla).Aguero and Higuain had their chances,they failed to deliver at crucial moments.Pratto can stay,Icardi should come.Icardi is a top striker while Pratto is player with immense enthusiasm for the shirt.We need both of that.In Di Maria’s place,Angel Correa/Lamela should start.Dybala should come for Banega.Pizarro for Biglia.

    • Otamendi-Fazio-Rojo

      I will prefer this 3 line backup. At the moment they are the best in this role.
      We have many options for 3CB defense. Musachio-Garay-Mori can make another back three. Mercado-Mascherano-Garcia also can fill this role.

      I dont think we have any player who can be good at WC2018 in SB/WB role. If found any, still finding backup will be difficult. In WC, playing without a backup player of almost same strength will be a huge mistake.

  10. Fazio and Rojo is the two CB who are doing best at this moment.Fazio played 26 games games for Roma,was dribbled pass 5 times.Otamendi played 29 games,he got dribbled past 29 times.Otamendi’s defending can be eye catchy but also very risky and he gets dribbled past too often.

    Rojo is also doing superb.If we use him as CB,we will finally have a fast fast as Robben.Not to mention he is really good with passing,tackles and physical battles.Mori plays great one match,shaky in the next match.

    The best leftback at this moment is Santiago Garcia of Werder Bremen.I mean he is regularly playing as left back and left wing midfielder for Bremen.He is defensively excellent.There was a rumor bauza was watching him.

    • Mafioso: if only the coach had your thought process then the n/t would not be in the mess it is today.

      its far past time a lot of the “old guard” we giving their pensions and way past time many new faces were tried and those in form should always be rewarded instead of the rubbish we here from bozo “I watching blah blah etc”

      rojo has looked far better at cb but his lack of a brain is still a concern and he has been incredibly lucky not to have been dismissed twice for 2 dreadful tackles in his short stint at c/b, as people say hes always a walking time bomb but in saying that look at ramos and he is considered the best c/b today so rojo could be a good plan.

      otd: for those who do not see to much epl, in the bigger games he has been out of his depth this season, his problem is at pace and all the top 6 teams have world class players who play the game at pace and otd gets beaten far to ofturn, he looks great vs the smaller clubs but vs the bigger clubs is not good on the ground.

      as we have all said changes are needed but we seem to have s succession of managers that are scared to make these desperate needed changes…now…not later as later may just be to late and the truth is if it was not for messi we would be already out of the w/c 18.

      • If the changes are not done,we will look like Italy of 2010.Full of out of form,past prime,old stars…eliminated from from group stage while being in an easy group.

        • I can totally see that happening. If Bauza does not change his tactics/player selection massively, we are in line to get out of first round of WC. Assuming that we will qualify in the first place that is.

          Any decent manager worth his salt would have integrated Icardi and Rulli in the team. It is just borderline criminal that a GK who plays 38 matches per season in a competitive and stable club in spain’s top division isn’t even in our bench, where a bench-warmer who fails to play 5 games per season get the nod to start.

          In my opinion we need a total revamp in our squad. The oldies has got to go. Players like Di Maria, banega, Mori, Higuain and Aguero does not have the merit to wear the shirt anymore. Players ike Fazio, Lanzini, Rulli and Icardi must be integrated and NOW.

  11. I also want to see….



    —-Messi————–Dybala————Piyatti —-

  12. Chile played Croatia like a week and a half ago in a friendly game; Brazil and Colombia will be playing in a friendly this coming Wednesday even though it’s a game dedicated to the Chapecoense plane crash victims it’s still a game nonetheless to look at different alternatives for both national team coaches. Bruce Arena just took over from Klinsman for the USMNT coaching job and immediately he organized a couple of friendly games. Now why is it so hard for the AFA and Buaza to organize at least two friendly games by the time Argentina play their next round of WCQ games? Honestly, the team will go two months without playing any football then will go in all panic mode against Chile and Bolivia. Buaza is acting like Argentina is sitting clear at the top of the CONMEBOL WCQ table. There are no vision and positive direction under the AFA and Buaza going forward. As a new coach, the first thing Buaza should have done is schedule some friendlies early on the 2017 calendar, he is gambling all his hopes on the competitive world cup qualifiers which Argentina is already struggling to qualify for Russia.

    Geesh, if the European players are tie down between now and March then get some local players along with players from the Mexican league and schedule two friendly games, even if this means playing against Tahiti and Guyana for pete sake, just organize some games man. Who in the world is running this banana republic name the AFA? The senior team and youth teams are all in shambles as of right now. Buaza schedule some none competitive games so that you can flex your muscle on the pitch by looking at tons of new players. Geesh man, the Argentina national team is becoming a national joke. SMH, yea, keep on pinning all your hopes on Messi when we have Otamedi and Demichelis as regular national team players. Not to mention our own irreplaceable midfield genius Biglia. Which new coach takes over a national team and does not organize friendly games? This is pathetic man, really sad and pathetic.

    • Agree with 98% of what you said except maybe about Otamendi. Mind you, his form is terrible right now but he can still be a monster of a defender. I think he needs to be paired with someone like Garay to bring the best out of him. His partnership with Mustafi at Valencia was also solid. Still, nobody should be untouchable at the national team, if your form is crap, it’s the coach’s job to find an adequate replacement.

      As for AFA, yes, an absolute joke…

      • Otamendi has never convince me as someone who can lead Argentina to a world cup final, him being not good enough was the reason Sabella did not take him to the 2014 world cup. Otamendi is nothing but an overrated defender. Pair Garay with Rojo or Nicolás Pareja or Musacchio. The only down side with Musacchio is that he gets injured frequently, taking such a player to a tournament is always a risk. Otamendi will be expose big time in Russia. No way Argentina makes the semis with Otamendi and Funes Mori leading the back. Both Otamendi and Funes Mori play as if they have cement attached to their boots.

        • Well, I guess it depends what kind of Otamendi we are dealing with. Otamendi that made it to La Liga team of the year in 2015 or the one who is very mediocre right now. Honestly he was rock solid for Valencia in 2014/2015 season and also had a good Copa America 2015. Anyhow, I hope Garay comes back soon. Musacchio is the defender I always liked, he’s also fast which is rare for our defenders. I’m not opposed to Rojo as a centre-back (not as a left-back though). Pareja has been a regular starter under Sampaoli, should also be monitored. Even the big guy Fazio has rediscovered his form at Roma.

        • Interesting that so far Otamendi is the best centre defender on whoscored worldwide, the third is Fazio. Garay and Musacchio have horrible ratings, btw Garay is so average in Valencia.

          • I wonder if it has to do with the fact that Valencia have been garbage this season, almost relegation bound.

            As for Otamendi, regardless of whoscored rating he has been bad lately

  13. Lucas Ocampos (AC Milan)-Niang (Genoa) barter in progress, nearly 100%
    i don’t like this type of player, but Vamos

    Zarate-Watford, Calleri-Sampdoria?

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