Sub-20 Hexagonal: Argentina vs Uruguay


Hey everyone,

The Sub-20 national team plays today against Uruguay in their first match of the hexagonal stage.  Both Cristian Romero and Tomás Conechny are not available for today’s match due to suspension.   Based on rumours, there may be a few changes in the lineup tonight.  It looks like Juan Foyth may replace Romero and Nicolás Zalazar will replace Lisandro Martinez. Also, Lucas Rodriguez will replace Conechny and Santiago Ascacibar will replace Franco Moyano.  Both teams will be playing each other for the 2nd time in this tournament. Their first game was a 3-3 draw.

Possible Formation:

Argentina: Ramiro Macagno; Nahuel Molina, Nicolás Zalazar, Juan Foyth, Milton Valenzuela; Lucas Rodríguez, Santiago Ascacíbar, Tomás Belmonte, Brian Mansilla; Marcelo Torres y Lautaro Martínez. Coach: Claudio Ubeda.

Stadium: Olímpico Atahualpa (Quito).

Time: 6:15pm EST

TV: TyC Sports.

As usual enjoy the match.  Feel free to post your opinions, ideas, etc



  1. What’s the main difference between Pekerman youth teams and the current? Players in current team are extremaly immature. These red cards – Belmonte and Romero. Its in contradiction to any sense.

  2. Till the red card Argentina was the better team. Really Argentina is better than Uruguay. They should have won with Uruguay the first game (3:3) and who know what would happen if not the red card. On the other hand I think we have not a team to win with Brazil or Ecuador. I don’t see hand of coach here and some players are just mediocree.

    • Sadly, they looked very nervous Gonzalo. I couldnt understand the exclusion of barco for the past few matches. He would’ve made a difference if he did start.
      Also without cristian romero, our defence looks like in pieces. He needs to buck up with his horrible discipline. Next game will be much better with the inclusion of conechny and romero. Hope Barco starts as well

  3. Ecuador came back from 2 goals down to tie their game 2-2. such an impressive come back !

    Not sure why is our discipline so poor. Im sure the coach is partly to be blamed for this. Anyway let’s not let our hopes down by this result. We shall make it to top 4 and qualify the least. Vamos argentina

  4. Our WC dreams is over, against Brazil and host Ecuador i see zero chance this guys will win, and our most mature and talented player Barco on the bench. Clap clap. Again a very overrated generation. 🙁
    5 matches and 1 win, WTF?

    • You do realize that there are 4 games left and the top 4 go, right? There is still time, even after a loss, so stop your crying. And before you make an assumption, “Again, a very overrated generation”, last time around during these qualifiers, they ended up winning the SA qualifiers and then went on to fail to get out of the group stages. Qualifiers mean nothing. The years we failed to win the SA, we still won the entire U20’s.

      I see not much has changed here on MA, people still continuing to cry.

    • Csabalala,
      you are too emotional. It’s not so white-black. There’s often very thin line between win and lost in youth football. Youngsters are unpredictable.
      I see Istiaque wrote that we were playing decent before the red card. So maybe it’s not so black or white.

      And I don’t understand the statement: “Again a very overrated generation”.

      This is not overrated generation because no one had any expectations to the team. No one said something like: they must win or we have galore of talents in this vintage.
      I think no one but you. Just few days ago you’ve said: this generation is far more talented than the previous (95-96). Personally I think the previous was more talented but still I’m strongly convinced that Cristian Romero, Ascacibar, Barco and Conechny are big talents. They are. Even if the team will lose rest of matches the tournament. I’m not convinced to many of these players with L.Martinez with the head, but we can’t just to say “overrated generation” because we didn’t know most of these players till now. And I still think coach is first to blame.

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