Sub 20: Argentina vs Venezuela


Hey everyone,

We’ve made it to the last match today.  Unfortunately, the sub 20 Argentina national team have put themselves in a difficult predicament in this Sudamericano Tournament.  They must beat Venezuela today with a difference of 5 goals in order to directly qualify for this summer’s World Cup in S. Korea.  If this does not happen they will have to rely on today’s other match results.  One possibility is that they win and hope that Brazil doesn’t beat Colombia.  Another possibility is that Ecuador gets blown out by Uruguay. If they tie against Venezuela, Argentina will only qualify if Colombia beats Brazil by a 5 goal difference.

How did Argentina come to this?  We are supposed to be Argentina, a powerhouse in the world of football. In my opinion, it’s not the kids fault at all.  It’s a structural and political problem in Argentina and with AFA.  This is a topic that needs to be discussed at a later time as right now as the focus should be on just qualifying.  Or maybe not qualifying is a good thing? Maybe it will finally make shake things up in AFA and force them to make serious changes.  Elections are coming up again soon.  Let’s hope they don’t mess it up again!

Argentina’s formation:

Ramiro Macagno o Franco Petroli; Nahuel Molina, Cristian Romero, Juan Foyth y Milton Valenzuela; Santiago Ascacibar y Tomás Belmonte;, Brian Mansilla y Tomas Conechny; Marcelo Torres y Lautaro Martinez. DT: Claudio Ubeda.

Sudamericano Sub 20 Table:

1 UruguayUruguay 4 3 0 1 4 9
2 EcuadorEcuador 4 2 1 1 4 7
3 VenezuelaVenezuela 4 2 1 1 4 7
4 BrasilBrasil 4 1 2 1 0 5
5 ArgentinaArgentina 4 1 1 2 -5 4
6 ColombiaColombia 4 0 1 3 -7 1


Stadium: Atahualpa de Quito.

Time: 17:30 (Argentina)



  1. All these days i was reading that Argentina is done due to the shity situation we are currently going throuh and a disqualification from u20 world cup would have cost badly to Argentinas future but i am happy to see that we are finally in and the yellow team is out. So it seems that even though their league has been upgraded, they havent produce such great talents either and this proves to me that other powerhouses such as Brazil, Germany etc have not more talented youngsters than us, they are just using them in contrast to us sadly.

    Argentina has a tradition of producing so many phenomenal players such as Caniggia, Batistuta, Redondo, Riquelme, Aimar, Crespo, Zanetti, Kempes, Ardiles, to name just a few, apart from Maradona and Messi who are the best ever played the game, that players such us Lanzini for example who is a great talent if you ask me are considered overrated to us which is a mistake. Argentina was, is and will be the powerhouse that produces the best talents but despite that we are not using them.

    Chalz, every time i read a comment of yours i feel like i want to smile because you are an Argentino football romantic just like me, it would be great if Tocalli would take over but just like you and every fellow Argentina fan in here, i want afa to be get ripped apart and put people to run Argentinas future who love the team and try to do the best for it unlike the current money hunters who the only thing that they care of is to get advantage of Argentinas reputation and Messi in order to earn more and more money.

    I have read an interview of Caniggia, who is one of my favourite players ever and one of the greatest ever to play the game for me, saying that Maradona told Billardo prior to world cup of 1990 that he would have not followed the team if Billardo wouldnt call up Caniggia and we all know what Caniggia did in wc 90 and things may would be different if he had played the final against the Germans. Maybe Messi should do the same, demanding from Bauza to call up Icardi, Lanzini and many other young players who they deserved to be in the team already. Another player who i personally always liked and i would love too see in the team is Lucas Ocampos.

  2. old players cant win a tournment with 7 matches in a row.. then many people say italy won.. but they had some luck like zidane penalty.. many time i said my line up

    rulli dyabla paredas lanzini icardi should be included.. because they have more energy then.. old ***** biglia dimaria higuain rojo(as a left back) zaba.. stil wc 1 and half years left.. already many of them strugulling in their clup.. coach need to make a decision otherwise.. dream not going to happen.. if he make changes in last squad nothing will change… so call young players not only in the list .. in main eleven too… common bauza.. one request to roy.. add bauza in this website.. many of them have an idea bauza wont have… choose this line up mr bauza


    gomez(young)—- mussachio————-otamendi————-ansaldi(experience)


    hope mache get injured .. because bauza already said he wont see mache as a cb



    why i choose over perotti gomez gaitan correa… he can defend deef.. as a 4-3-3.. while he can make move from the midfield… we are lacking other side of the area.. i know messi dybala not going to defend deep that why better choice is lanzini.. we can win the ball make an attack with messi dybala lanzini.. and also we can use long ball with icardi.. other strikers wont to(higuain aguero)… but we need good full back to succeed this line up ansaldi is best attacking left back at the moment in europe.. but i never watch taglifico.. thats why… and many of them said gomez that why i put him

    • In my country every Inter fans see Ansaldi the weakest player of the starting 11, and a clown, so i don’t know. Pioli changed the whole formation from 4-2-3-1 to 3-5-2, just to Ansaldi haven’t to play.

      • but he comes on a first subs.. many of them wrongly decided he is the reason.. they got the goal.. but truely its not.. because murrilo he dont have a space.. when team lose the ball.. they cant defend.. why i prepare ansaldi.. he uses tow foot.. he can cross the ball with both feet.. even in a world football two footed player ir rare.. he can dribble well.. most importantly.. messi need this kind of left back.. he can cut back to messi.. that not going to happen with rojo(siting and passing the ball) and funes mori(other left back without rojo bauza choice.. he never cross half way line).. i am watching form genoa.. how good ansaldi is and perisic never link with him thats why he is strugling out there… our left side attack dead.. thats why i make lanzini and ansaldi..(both are clever and talented then the dimaria and (dead rojo)…

  3. This Argentina team needs some reinforces but after last game We have some base. Add Diego Sosa (Tigre), Maxi Lovera, Leonel Rivas (Rosario Central), Vadala, Ponce, Maxi Romero (Velez), Del Castillo (Cadiz), Illanes (Fiorentina), Olivera (River), Messidoro (Boca)




    Del Castillo

    • Romero, Vadala, Lovera? The current players were at least the best in reserva division. (Mansilla, Conechny, Martinez), this group of players you mentioned have not even reserva experience. Lovera? He scored one goal and thats all. We know nothing about him. Compare this to Lucas Rodriguez, 50 ot something matches in PD. Mansilla was even good in Quilmes in PD.Maximiliano Romero proved nothing so far too. Just like Rivas. And Ezequiel Ponce is a big flop in Europe. Del Castillo “better than his brother” too. See i don’t like Ascacibar, imo overrated like shit, but I don’t want to change him to my lieblings.

      • Lautaro Martinez is not reserva player. He is not good in reserva nor Primera. Lovera was better than Martinez in Primera as far. Despite only 2 games. Who was best? Lautaro Martinez? Did you saw him in Primera. Of course not. He was so poor in his games of Primera as far. Conechny? Did you saw him in Primera? In this few minutes he was also so poor. Mansilla is brainless player with much energy.

        Rodriguez is experienced in Primera and deserves for WC but only by his last game. Before the last he was such a disappointment. He was playing like complete greenhorn. Look at Cristian Romero case. Yes, he has massive talent but and much experience in Primera (also Copa Suadamericana). And what? He was doing all the childish mistakes much more than Foyth, for example, who has not any single minute in Primera. So not much to do here with his experience. How many minutes in Primera had Pereyra who was so good yesterday?

        Maxi Romero is experienced in Primera despite his 17. And had some good games, especially in previous season (3 goals) unlike Lautaro Martinez. Now he must find himself once again but he is far more talented than Martinez who is too lazy without ball. We deserves for better No.9
        Rivas has not arguments apart talent indeed but Lovera had goal and good minutes unlike some players that were here. About Lovera we know more than about many of players this SUdamericano.

        “And Ezequiel Ponce is a big flop in Europe”. How can you say about 19 years old player as “big flop”? “Big flop” might be named player at his 30 if he is not as good as suggested his talent and expectations. But how can you describe “big flop” 19 years old player? Everytime you must prove you don’t know category to estimate youngsters.

        Del Castillo? Who said he is better than his brother? He was introduced to first team of Independiente before transferred to Spain. If did not went he would have position somwhere between bench and first team just like Barco. Btw, How many goals has Barco in Primera?

        We had some weak players all the tournament that are not also Primera players. So it’s obvious we must find better options than Ojeda, Moyano, Belmonte, Mierez, Zalazar, Chicco. Do you want to take them on WC?

        So yes, players like Sosa, Romero, Vadala, Ponce, Del Castillo, Olivera, Illanes, Messidoro, Lovera, Rivas and Delgadillo are best possible choices for them.

        • So there’s no rule here. Some experienced in Primera players are doing as greenhorns and some players without single minute in Primera are looking much more mature. In this age none of them are much experienced in fact so it’s more about their in-born mentallity and character.

          • “Lautaro Martinez is not reserva player. He is not good in reserva nor Primera”.


            He was player 6ta division and then Reserva.

            I don’t know why we are talking about resreva as if it was more important than Primera.

      • Conechny is worst version of Correa. Much worse. In this age so unwilling to fight after ball. Hence his fat belly. We need players with desire. Both Martinez and Conechny would be dropped by coach like Guardiola for the same reasons – they don’t like to run when without ball. Martinez still has a pluses and arguments to be on WC but we need better, more eager striker.

        • i still believe Lautaro martinez will do well. he’s got the overall predatorial skills. Proved himself for two tournaments already gonzalo. i like how stout and nimble he is with quite a decent speed for his built. Deadly in the box with his skills and ability to finish

          • Not surprised at all by real madrid’s and arsenal’s interest in him despite the level of league that he’s playing in currently. I heard Lavezzi’s career too was from lower leagues but shot quite quickly later on

          • So we have two quite different opinions here. He is good and talented but: for me very similar to Aguer while Aguero still more talented. Both are not enough active without ball (it’s need in modern football) on the other hand Aguero is fast with ball and the quick rapid movement, acceleration. I can’t to say the same about Martinez. I don’t think he is fast with ball.

            All I want to say: it’s not he is not talented but we need better one while even Aguero is not enough.

      • Csabalala,

        just stop talking while apparently you don’t know nothing about.
        We both know you do not watching Primera. All your knowledge on the theme is after stats and Whoscored.

        All full Primera games are on YT. All. Just click and watch.
        Go watch full Tigre games of this season. Sosa is LM, in the beginning of season LB. But often operating in the middle. See at his beautifull goal in the season. He was more on the right. Almost everywhere. Lovera is RM, AM. Who said he is RB?

        “Why not Konyk from Valencia instead of Illanes. We know exactly the same about him, nothing” – speak for yourself here. There’s more evidences for Illanes talent. Illanes was starter for A team Instituto Cordoba. It’s still more than Vaencia juniors. If you have better idea to say about.

        If you always want just to find fault in someone’s posts it often turns against you.

  4. cant the brainless blistering barnicles AFA call up Hugo Tocalli to coach the youth sides and align a system like the golden days of old.
    AFA may think he is outdated…. not knowing that they themselves live back in 1986. basking in the aftermath of yesteryear glory.
    world has moved on from 1986; the world would have long forgotten Argentina hadn’t Lionel Messi come along.
    “Only one life man; would we see Argentina lift a Football World Cup in our lifetime – only time to tell”

  5. We definitely need Lanzini, Dybala and Icardi in the 11s… it may take time to set as a team with these new players but surely and steadily we will be there on the other side… unlike with these old rubbish garbage called Higuain, Aguero, Di Maria, Tevez we carry along.

    • True. Higuain and Di maria can probably be benched if anything. Let them work hard and prove that they can get back into the lineup. None should be given the immunity in the team (even Messi). High time for the other two to be dropped.

    • Last time I said Lanzini way better more useful than Banega, some people were quick to dismiss him as he West Ham in the EPL, where as Banega played for BIG team Inter in the Serie A. Yes the EPL might not be the best league but it is more competitive than Serie A.

        • Since Brazil makes good use of Chinese and Russian league players no need to bring here divisions by leagues. We need find right players. Some of them will play in strongest league of the world and some of them in weaker. But right players are all over the world. No more divisions between european and domestic players or between English/Italian.

          People may argumantate against Lanzini but everytime when I hear the argeument he play in weak West Ham of overrated league I think it’s most stupid argumentation it could be.

          Coach who takes only most popular players proves only by this he has no idea about tactic. We need stars but along with them also few unpopular, surprising choices – players that will fulfill thier roles better than players with big ego.

          • “Coach who takes only most popular players proves only by this he has no idea about tactic.We need stars but along with them also few unpopular, surprising choices – players that will fulfill thier roles better than players with big ego.”

            Totally agree!

  6. Oh i was watching west ham’s match against west brom last night. After performances like that, it’s really hard for me to fathom how Lanzini till today hasn’t been chosen for our national team.Like WTF is Bauza still waiting for?? Even a blind man would be able to discern who is the best player amongst banega, lanzini, biglia ( lol ), or even enzo perez

    Remember that both his brilliant long range efforts yesterday were taken with both feet! Definitely a player to be added quickly to our incapacitated centre.

    • “Remember that both his brilliant long range efforts yesterday were taken with both feet”.

      Right, I even didn’t noticed. So another, along Alejandro Gomez, player who may scored both foots from long distance.

  7. Lautaro Martinez…!

    Scored an equalizing goal in 89th minute against Peru in opening match..!
    Scored an important winning goal in the 91st minute against Colombia..!
    Scored the most important equalizing goal in 96th minute against Brazil..!
    Scored both goals in an all important last match….!

    Total 5 goals..joint top scorer..all much needed..important goals..!

    Lautaro Martinez…! Hope he will be a big player soon..!

  8. That was quite new team. Except Mansilla and Conechny every player did well.
    This team had some potential. 3-5-2 was fitting formation for them. Should’ve win it by 5. Perreyra was perfect partner for Ascacibar. Physical, active box to box we need in senior team. Foyth is good CB I think. Zaracho and Rodriguez good cooperation on the right.

    Apparently coach factor was decisive here.

  9. Lanzini is a definite requirement and can well replace the age old war horses….
    Kid, do you personally think we can win a world cup with Aguero, Higuain, Di Mari, Banega, Gago, Tevez, Lavezzi?? We need Lanzini, Dybala, Icardi etc.. to build a decent team that first qualify and next play the world cup.
    Ultimately it all depends on the Grace of God whether we win the world cup or not.

  10. It is an impossible ask. It would be fair to expect a win at best so that we atleast go out with our heads held high.
    I don’t see a single member of this squad ever represent the NT in the future. I don’t know when the AFA would wake up and realise that even tiny Venezuela is on a fast track development

      • Cristian Romero as far reminds Mammana once. SO much talented (maybe even more than Mammana) but very callow at the time. No problem, he has a time. Mammana is growing up in Lyon.

  11. Lanzini long range shoot was always better than any of our current NT players.
    Thanks to his long range shoots West Ham scored both today.

      • I mean excluding Messi.

        it’s hard not to think he is better choice than Di Maria or Banega while the first is not intelligent at all, scatterbrained and the second not enough energetic.
        Assists are not all. Lanzini is carefull with passing but on the pitch he is still looking for better position to pass. He is complete opposite of Di Maria with his considered touches.

        No one here is promote Lanzini as playmaker. He has enough other virtues.

    • Yep, Lanzini with the man of the match performance today. Bilic has deployed him in a number of positions, left, centre, right, box-to-box. His versatility could be useful. He should be given a chance with the NT, does not mean he will succeed fast or even at all but with the likes of Banega, Kun and Higuian given so many chances why not Lanzini?

      • Box to box is best for him. One of his strongest points – long shoots – is most usefull when he is not too close of goal but run into 20-30 m distance.

  12. Do they can is one thing.
    Do they deserve is another. I think they didn’t deserve. Mostly because of coach. Team of World Cup U-20 2011 was not more talented but they were able to reach almost semifinal because of decent coach.

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