Argentina pick up win, qualify for U20 World Cup


Luck was clearly on Claudio UBEDA’s team on Saturday as everything went their way and Argentina picked up the win and qualified for the U20 World Cup.

A win alone would not have guaranteed Argentina a spot at the U20 World Cup later this year in South America. The kids needed a win against a Venezuelan team who was impressing and for Brazil to drop points against last place Colombia. That’s exactly what happened. Two goals from Lautaro MARTINEZ sealed a 2-0 win against Venezuela while Brazil dropped points and drew 0-0 against Colombia.

Argentina, along with champions Uruguay, Ecuador and Venezuela all qualified for the tournament in South Korea while Brazil and Colombia miss out. Lautaro MARTINEZ’s two goals equalled him as the tournament’s top goalscorer with fellow team mate Marcelo TORRES as both received the trophy for top goal scorer.

Lautaro Martinez and Marcelo Torres lift the top goalscorer trophy as Argentina pick up the win and qualify for the U20 World Cup.
Lautaro Martinez and Marcelo Torres with top goalscorer trophy