UBEDA to set up friendly matches for Argentina U20


Claudio UBEDA, coach of the Argentina U20 team, has spoken about the team’s planning for the U20 World Cup.

The team, who barely qualified for the U20 World Cup in South Korea, will try to set up a trip to Vietnam to play some friendly matches. This, according to coach UBEDA. Speaking on the radio in Argentina, here’s what he had to say:

About qualification to the U20 World Cup:

“It’s never happened to me that I’ve have to depend on a result like that but I’m happy it all worked out. We knew the conditions we were in when we got to the Sudamericano.”

Preparation for the U20 World Cup:

“We’re planning a trip (warm up matches) to Vietnam before the World Cup in South Korea. In the next 10 days, we’re going to analyze the friendly matches to accommodate our calendar.”

Claudio Ubeda Argentina U20 Coach
Claudio Ubeda Argentina U20 Coach

Argentina, along with Uruguay, Ecuador and Venezuela will be the South American representatives at the U20 World Cup which will be held in South Korea between the 20th of May and the 11th of June.


  1. If Messi could ask Guardiola or Sampaoli to join Barcelona to lift them from the crisis; why can’t the very same Messi take the initiative to make Sampaoli or Bielsa to coach Argentina for the world cup 2018????????
    I never understand this alone about Messi. For Argentina sake messi needs to wake up / stand up; fight against AFA and get things in order.
    On an another side, Mascherano vs Icardi is finishing off our chances for 2018 just like Veron vs Sorin finished our best ever chance in 2006. PUT TEAM FIRST AND FIGHT AFTER WINNING THE WORLD CUP 2018. (After that bite yourselves, kick each other, poke screwdrivers as muslim terrorists do…. we dont care) Win The World Cup in 2018, thats all we ask and want.

  2. Nothing is wrong with Messi, his form is the same as always. Suarez, Neymar and Luis Enrique are the reason we’re seeing this poor side of Messi on the pitch. Until Messi stop playing for the likes of Suarez and Neymar he will continue to have little to zero shots on goal. Not too long ago Messi was leaving Bayern Munich Boateng on his rare end. Messi rarely dribbles inside the opposition 18 yard box these days, he is either hugging the touch line or hugging the center circle far away from goal just to try and pick out the perfect assist for one of his best buddies in Suarez or Neymar. And the thing is, when Messi do pull off these assist move both Suarez and Neymar bottle them left right and center. How many point blank goals have we seen Neymar miss? How many point blank goals have we seen Suarez miss? Messi is the greatest goal scorer in history yet he barely takes shots, this is lunacy!! I don’t care for Barcelona much, but I hate seeing Messi like this on the pitch, he looks way too disinterested and Luis Enrique doesn’t seem to motivate his players much.

    I want to see the old Barcelona-Messi again, not asking for him to dribble from one end of the pitch to the other and score, all I want to see is Messi taking on players inside the opposition 18-yard box or in and around the 18-yard box instead of him busy trying to pad Suarez with goals every single game. If this means playing Messi as a false nine, then so be it. Messi had zero shot against PSG on Tuesday and week and half ago he had zero shots against Real Betis, this is never good for my man Messi.

    Suarez came out and said Messi let him play up top, so is this the reason why Messi barely try to get goals inside the opposition 18-yard box as of late? End the bromance with Suarez and Neymar and return to the old Messi, the version we saw with Messi+Ronaldinho+Eto or Messi+Eto+Henry or Messi+Villa+Pedro. I never care for the MSN trio, the so call ”greatest attacking trio in history,” if you ask me I’ll take MRE or MEH or MVP over MSN any day. And last but not least, Barcelona poor transfer Policy; yea, you let Thiago Alcantara leave the club for Bayern Munich the guy who was in pole positon to be Xavi heir in the Barcelona midfield, ran him off and let it known that newly Neymar was going to get is number 11 Jersey. This guy will never return to Barcelona after the way they disrespected him. Barcelona sold Dani Alves but never had a like for like replacement for him, but instead they opted for Sergi Roberto an inexperience young midfield player to fill the void left by Alves at RB, how ignorant can a coach get when it comes to playing Sergi Roberto at RB? Then the bad signings over time like Alex Song, Mathieu, Digne, Vermaelen, Gomes, Ter Stegen, Paco Alcacer, Douglas along with overrated young La Masia Barcelona players like Sandro, Tello, Munir etc. How did Barcelona expect to last up until now with these kind of poor transfer habits over the years? Enrique don’t care because he has Messi to bail him out every time he waves his ‘’magic wand.’’ Just look at PSG, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Juventus mid compare to Barcelona, it’s really sad that Messi has to play with such a disjointed team. Busquet still think it’s 2011 while Iniesta can barely keep up for 90 minutes of football

    • Soemtimes I began to think is this site in some percent a Barcelona fan club. Personally I don’t care not a bit about their form.

      • Because the best player of your country plays there and his form and happiness largely depends upon what happens in Barcelona.

        May be if you did not absolutely hate that guy, you would have seen it through!

        • Form and hapinees of Messi in Barcelona has nothing to do with Argentina. It was many times showed. The more Messi was winning with Barcelona the worse was doing in NT.

          Messi is no more crucial player for us. It’s obvious. We need team more than him. As far as we are seen him as crucial element we won’t win anything.

  3. Would Sampaoli and Berizzo work with Argentina NT on a part-time basis as Coach and assistant coach for the World Cup 2018? (starting now after the next 2 matches)
    Sampaoli & Berizzo should honour Lionel for all that he has done for football by helping him in time of need.

    • Dybala is probably the only world class player Argentina produced/nurtured since the Riquelme/Aimar generation. Mind that I do not consider Messi as an Argentine product.

      (This could be very controversial for some audience here, but it’s just my opinion)

  4. Messi is aged and not the 23 year old anymore… Barcelona is slipping into a normal passenger class from being a luxury class super fast and admired machine.
    They wont probably win anything this term around… but all is not Messi’s fault in Barcelona. Everything is going wrong there for quite sometime. End of an Era
    All we want for Lionel is to win a World Cup with Argentina. We all enjoyed his time… let us all pray dearly that Lionel lifts the world cup in 2018.

  5. sadly once again its the status quo…sign…but no surprise.

    “Edgardo Bauza returned to Buenos Aires this morning from his European scouting tour and confirmed among other subjects that although Mauro Icardi remains in his plans, the Inter Milan captain will not be in his next squad.
    The 23-year-old has been in fine form in Serie A this season with fifteen goals prompting calls for Bauza to hand him a only a second Argentina call-up but despite meeting with the striker there appears to be no immediate change in the circumstance.
    “We met with him [Icardi] and chatted about football. I told him for now he wouldn’t be called but at any point in the future, yes,” Bauza told reporters.
    The Argentina coach has repeatedly said that Gonzalo Higuaín and Lucas Pratto are his first choice number nines and so unless either are injured it appears both will be called for the World Cup qualifiers in March against Chile and Bolivia.
    In addition, Bauza praised the level of Ángel Di María after his match winning display against Barcelona in midweek.
    “He has been showing that level, he played on the right and then in the middle, scored two goals and had a great game against Barcelona.
    “He is a player of great importance,” Bauza said before referring to Paris Saint-Germain’s other Argentine players.
    “We chatted with Di María and Lo Celso although they are in different stages. Di María is integrated and Lo Celso is still adapting.
    “There is also Pastore, who is starting to play and get back up to speed. I am pleased with the level of Di María and we hope that Pastore regains his form.”
    Bauza has already hinted that he may name a larger squad for March due to a number of players one yellow card away from suspension and it seems that Roma defender Federico Fazio is under consideration.
    “Fazio is a possibility. I don’t rule it out nor do I confirm it as there are still a lot of games left. We will name the squad calmly and I hope that there are no injuries.”
    Following a discussion with Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho, Bauza said: “We talked about football. Mourinho has a great concept with Rojo and plays him centrally. That’s fine, as long as he plays, I don’t worry.
    “I hope Romero has more opportnities. Mourinho trusts him and the times he has played, he has done well so I think he is going to have more opportunities.”
    Finally, on the subject of Lucas Alario and a potential move to the Chinese Super League, Bauza said, “They are personal decisions, we are concerned only about their level.”

    • I honestly believe that barring any injury, his 23 men squad and the eleven for WC 2018 is pretty much fixed. The only doubt I have is will he take Pratto or recall tevez.

      It’s like this – I can bet you 100 bucks that at least 9 players who will start the Chile match will start the first match of the WC if we manage to qualify. (Barring any injury of course)

      the real thing I dream now is after the disaster of 2018 WC, who will be the new coach. Will he be another imbecile like this one or we will finally get a modern, dynamic football coach with real plans.

  6. Kidulthood
    Diawara will hold a press conference to distance himself from your praise. He knows like all of us that you are wrong all the time, he doesn’t want to be cursed. Your predictions and praises always end up in the opposite. The poor Diawara, I feel sorry for him.
    Your are never right!
    So do us a favour and don’t jinx the team. We want to win so in order to do that you should root against the team because the opposite happens of what you say.

  7. If Any Young Argentinean midfielder is as good as this young Guinean midfielder (Amadou Diawara) who plays for Nopoli FC, then I wouldn’t have a problem with them being call up for the Argentina national team. This kid is only 19 yet he played against Real Madrid like a matured world class player. Argentina is lacking young midfielders with such technique and composure especially against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu. Tell me an Argentinean young midfielder who is even remotely close to this kid because as of right now; Paredes, Kranevitter, and Ascacibar looks like amateurs compare to him. lol

    Amadou Diawara vs Real Madrid (A) 16/17


  8. Brazil great Cafu on Messi and Argentina!

    Cafu criticizes Argentina’s way of playing and praises the Barcelona player. The ex-footballer Cafu was present in Monaco at the ceremony of the Laureus Academy.The Brazilian, wearing a Chapecoense shirt, talked about his selection but also his arch rival Argentina and Leo Messi.

    “If the others were mentalized that they should play for Messi, Argentina would be unbeatable. From my point of view he is the player that could make the difference in the Argentina National Team, but Argentine football lacks a little collective in the field ”

    “The only problem with Argentina is that they do not play as a team, the team not play for their greatest idol, Messi. Argentina’s biggest star, biggest crack. We played for Ronaldo and Rivaldo, that’s why we were world champions. Messi is today one of the best without any doubt, next to Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar”

    Even the Brazilian Cafu knows the problem of Argentina, but Bauza don’t.

    • I’m sorry I disagree with Romario. First of all, Messi is far better than both Ronaldo and Neymar. Second of all, playing for Messi is a bad strategy. What does that even mean? What if he has an off day or the opposition marks him hard and he finds it impossible to break through? Putting all your eggs in one basket is usually a recipe for disaster. Yes, we need a better team play, no doubt about that. We need a plan that involves other players stepping up and taking the load off Messi. If that’s what Romario means then OK but if playing for Messi means passing the ball to him hoping he would produce magic every time is not going to get us very far.

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