Edgardo BAUZA “Mauro ICARDI won’t be called up yet”


Edgardo BAUZA has commented on next month’s World Cup Qualifiers and stated that Mauro ICARDI won’t be called-up yet.

When asked about abut his recent trip to Europe, Argentina boss Edgardo BAUZA says it was a success but dropped the speculation about Mauro ICARDI featuring for the National Team in the upcoming qualifier. Speaking to TyC Sports, here’s what he had to say:

“Mauro ICARDI won’t be called up yet, but can be at any other time”.

BAUZA recently met ICARDI at Inter’s training ground but made it clear that he would not rush to summon the Nerazzurri captain.

Edgardo Bauza with Mauro Icardi and Ever Banega
Edgardo Bauza with Mauro Icardi and Ever Banega

About Inter and MARADONA’s comments:

“I didn’t meet ICARDI alone, I met him together with others at Inter, talking mainly about football.”

In response to MARADONA’s criticism on him about the meetup with ICARDI:
“MARADONA’s attack? I won’t answer this. ICARDI to be called up? The situation is the same as before.”

It remains to be seen who BAUZA will call-up for Argentina’s matches against Chile next month at home before travelling to the altitude in La Paz to play Bolivia. One thing that’s for sure is that despite meeting with the Inter captain, BAUZA is adamant about leaving ICARDI out of the team.


  1. Paredes hahahahaha, Gonzalo you are the best cabala, another own goal, as usual. The guy is class btw. And please answer to this: “I still critizice Icardi, because he’s one of the most lazy centre forward in the world with the fewest ball touching in a match, because his off the ball work really don’t existence. Your favourites Aguero or Lautaro Martinez are workhorses compared to Icard, who unwilling to move his fat ass 5 meters to ask for the damn ball. And you still want this lazy dick in NT? Why? Of course Icardi’s place in NT, he deserves that spot, but my only argument is his goals tally and his killer instict.”

    • Nah, it’s not own goal. One swallow doesn’t make a summer. It’s just first goal (without luck) since years! To a good start. To convince me he must do more. Unnecesary goals but overall impression and contribution to attack. Apparently he needs some critic;) Why are you celebrating as if he proved something finally?

      And why I should answer to your comment about Icardi?

      • Ok, I know. I should answer to your comment about Icardi because not answering I left you with feeling of triumph? Sorry, I forgot your mind operates very simply.

        So, here is: Aguero and Martinez are so lazy without ball that I don’t think it’s even possible Icardi is more lazy. Besides he is starter in club unlike Aguero so it’s some argument to be called up. Argument in your style.

          • Csabalala, even if devoted to Primera I think I’m still watching more European matches than you. Especially Serie A.

          • Man, I’m Pole. But my second country is Italia. I hate Polish league and never watched a single game of the league. So you see I have a lot of time to follow Primera and Serie A. Even more than you for whoscored. When I’m talking about player I’m talking after my watching matches not stats.

          • Show me where i berate Dybala? I just tell the truth that he was very weak so far in NT, and idiot with his red card. Imo Dybala isnt good as midfielder, not in Juve and not in Albiceleste, his stamina and workrate is there, but his passing skills are not so exceptional, and waste of his goalscoring ability.

          • Oh, and this is it. You was ready to give up on him just because failed beginnings in NT. This is what I’m talking about still in your attitude. First to hype 16 years and first to delete them. Too emeotional. Expectation immediate gratification. CHildish.

            Do you remember first seasons of DYbala in Europe? I was following him since beginning. Even when he was in Serie B. And never give up on him. I wonder what would you say about him when he finished 1st Serie A season with 2 goals.
            And now you know all these our young players in Europe that are on bench are to just weak and this is finall statement.

          • Did I say The three are overrated or something like that? ‘Overrated’ it’s your word. I’ve said they are not good players to the team and should be subbed. And I don’t see this team with Mansilla and Conechny in WC. They were horrible. COnechny lazy and Mansilla without brain. We have better. Martinez? Let me say a predictions: he will fail on WC. I don’t see him even on Aguero level while Aguero is disappointing still in NT.

          • ‘Immature’ – heh. Both know these word is reserved for you. With all your rash, emotional reactions.

            And you know what is best prove of this immaturity? Your reaction after Paredes goal today. Heh, finall triumph. He won WC.

            I know only two guys here who always react in this way (childish uproar when goes well and hide from Mundo when my predictions were failed) Kid and Csablala (kid).

            You see, if I were you I’d have to jump in here on Mundo with monkey scream everytime when Lanzini or Cervi or Ruiz is scoring id est much more often than Paredes. But man, it’s just not my level. I’m not child. Infra dignitatem. How old are you? 15-16?

          • You speak continously about yourself, but you know it 100% right. Aha so Lautaro Martinez is your new Gio Simeone, do i search the lot of blame you shit on him? No this is your level. But please dont make more prediction, because you don’t understand football. You only watching the matches but dont see it. And Lucas Boye the other…”Hahahhahaha” this is your basic reacton in your ego war little kid, at least did you know yourself? Of course no, blind as in football. “Hahahahaha” Gonzalo

          • ”>>Hahahhahaha<< this is your basic reacton in your ego war little kid"

            Man, just look at your own comment on Paredes goal on top. You just made fool of yourself. I never acting like this. Never loud lough at somebody when my player is scoring. Never. You and KidultHood always. So who fare ego war little kid? Stop replicate my accusations because that makes you even more simile to ape.

            If you want to give up on Boye, go ahead. Let's see what happens.

      • Because you want desperatly him in NT, on the other hand hate the lazy strikers, so I really dont understand. What’s your cognitive dissonance reduction?

        • Desperatly?!!! Find my comments about Icardi in NT? How many?
          I just want him to test (no guarantees) but not desperately. He deserved. Higuain must be dropped for all his missing chances. Icardi is first to be tested on the position. That’s all. Desperately?

  2. “Our Gomez is even more talented than Kimmich but Kimmich is around NT long time and has clearly defined objectives. GOmez is left alone.” He’s definitely not alone, every scout is monitoring all the players in the world, if you good enough they want you. Gomez is a natural born right defender, but there must be good reasons he’s still in PD, what we don’t see.

        • eo ipso you want to say: no one care in Argentina NT about Gomez state because everyone knows that Zabaleta/Mercado are better than Gomez no doubt. Argentina coaches are seen what scouts seen. So I think both are not so smart.

  3. If you have ill will you will keep and show thing in the same tendential way mentioning anly those among young players who are benchers. Only Dybala and Icardi…

    But I may say: Icardi, Dybala, Rulli, Lanzini, De Paul, Simeone, Ocampos, Pezzella, Pereyra, Cervi (more than 50%), Mammana (more than 1/2), Escalante, Ruiz situation is better of late as well. Pessimist or man with ill will sees only holes in cheese never cheese.

    Then ill will is when NT is playing really poor long time and some people still tell you everything is ok or we can do nothing or we have not better players and no need to even try the new. This is like overthrowing of ancien regime. Even if everything points to the need of radical changes and that the old system is no more efficient still some people will fight after status quo.

  4. “Csabalala conclude that there are no other better alternatives, when nothing new is tried? How do we know that e.g. Perreyra-Yacob-Lanzini-Perotti/Pastore midfield will not hold their own better than Biglia-Banega-Mascherano-Di Maria if the coach doesn’t have the balls to try it? No one here @ Mundo knows because it has never been tried”

    Of course, it’s easy to say we have no better till they have not been tested.

    • No place to experiment in WCQ, they are not good enough to fray out an automatic starting spot, if Pogba or Vidal would be argentine, they would play definitely instead of Biglia. Change the whole midfield, defence, or even the attacking section is absurd, new players who never played together, don’t know each other a guaranteed disaster.

  5. Sometimes people like to argue just for the sake of winning an argument instead of looking at reality.

    I don’t give a shit whether it’s young blood or experienced heads as long as the team is injected with soldiers who have heart, legs and lungs to compete with the best.
    It’s a fact that this current NT starters are not good enought to compete at high level. So how can Kid and Csabalala conclude that there are no other better alternatives, when nothing new is tried? How do we know that e.g. Perreyra-Yacob-Lanzini-Perotti/Pastore midfield will not hold their own better than Biglia-Banega-Mascherano-Di Maria if the coach doesn’t have the balls to try it? No one here @ Mundo knows because it has never been tried.

    My example of Chile, Greece and Portugal was just to prove a point that if a team is made up of determined and dedicated soldiers, they can win without stars quality. And that has happened already and is an undisputed fact, period. The point is they won off hard work together not because of experience or their previous youth teams.

    • Sabellista: agreed and for years we have so many players that are given the shirt and as a result when it comes to playing for the n/t we ofturn we see so many players taking it as “another game” not fighting like they know a couple of bad games and they could, should and can be replaced but what they do know is the shirt seems to be their until they die.

      completion for places ha what is that with this n/t, as we keep saying its the status quo and even if they are injured they still get into the squad.

      the coaches are totally to blame for that, yes the incompetent afa are to blame for picking the coaches but the coaches are the ones in charge and in the last 10 years some of the decision making is beyond dreadful.

  6. ”Portugal champion at that is what counts.
    Guerrero 22, mario 23, danilo 24, gomes 22, sanchez 18, william 24, silva 26, cedric 24”

    You prove the point I was already making on my earlier posts. Most of these guys were a part of the Portugal U21 squad that made the European U21 final back in 2015. Portugal was actually the best team at that tournament despite losing to Sweden on penalties. This same Portugal U21 team defeated Germany U21 team 5 – 0 at the same tournament.

    Portugal successful youth team at the 2015 European U21 Championship actually went on to benefit their senior national team.

    You guys are missing the big picture here, I’m not against young players, what we have now are just not good enough to compete with the other national teams. Argentina has been horrible at youth tournaments in the last several cycles, and none of the guys who represented the 2016 Argentina football Olympic team should be anywhere near the national team, they’re just not good enough and that include Gomez (the so call Barcelona target).

    • “…and none of the guys who represented the 2016 Argentina football Olympic team should be anywhere near the national team, they’re just not good enough and that include Gomez (the so call Barcelona target)”.

      Disagree, some should be near and that includes Gomez. Zabaleta and Mercado are just a band-aid solution right now, not long term at all.

  7. Csabalala
    Where did I mention Di Maria?
    I did not.
    Anyway this is your problem. You get satisfied easily. One great game and he is the best. He played like shit the whole season. I can’t remember the last time he played well for us. You are like a little child with a bonbon you get deceived easily.
    I am not a Psg or Real Madrid fan to enjoy him playing great. I am an Argentina fan and want to enjoy him playing great like he did against Barca, or In the Final of the champions league.
    But he never does, watching him play like he did for Real in 2014 final while suck a few days later for us is sad, it breaks my heart.
    It’s not sad for you because you can enjoy him at Psg or Real and that’s what matters for you, At least Di maria plays great for his club this is important for you.
    History – Let’s put Argentina in the EPL then so that Aguero can score at that historic rate because he isn’t scoring for Argentina in South America or World cup a great Player like him having Zero goals is a disgrace and the same can be said about di maria only goal.
    I love both like brothers but they have to show it for us not psg, real or man city. That’s what matters to me and they are not doing it right now. I don’t want to banish them, just want some other players get their chance and aguero and di maria can fight themselves back into the team.

    You are okay with some players being bench warmers, but not okay with others.
    you are okay with players playing in China but not Ok with players playing in Argentina.

    I hope Argentina wins. I will never stop hoping. But it will not be because of your idol Bauza. The only way I see us winning is that our great players despite our own sabotage prevail, or that somehow someone forces Bauza to make changes.

    • And? After in WC we’ve seen how weak team was that. And in Olympics too. But the main problem is the same with all of our youth teams, they cannot make 5 passes continuously. Immature, imbecile, overhyped. In Europe 90% of them replecements.

      • They learned from the senior team to play like shit.
        you havent been watching games, have you?
        Our senior team plays like shit also, and so does Your idols selection as youth coach Ubeda. BOTH SUCK.

        Just like Romero, Zabaleta, Rojo(now that Baily is back), Funes mori,probably mascherano, and aguero you mean?
        mentioned just starters.

        • Propably, probably, “coulda,shoulda woulda” You even bury Di Maria in PSG 😀 Aguero still the most effective striker in PD history. (goal/minutes). Because in 2 or 3 matches he was sub. Clear logic. Funes Mori? I don’t like that guy, but regular starter nowadays. Mascherano will play definitely after his injury, Umtiti is horrible so far.

          • “they cannot make 5 passes continuously” – oh really? I know you didn’t saw last game against Venezuela.

      • “Overhyped” – man you are parody of yourself. you are the first who is picking up players when they are yet 15-17 according to stupid talent hunter and then you are the first who strike off the same players if they are losing at their 19-20. All the time I see the same unmature approach. It’s childish. Expectation of immediate gratification. You have said before Sudamericano the current generation of U-20 is much more talented than previous. And then, even before the tournament had finished you have said: such a overated generation. So you are parody of yourself because no one (excluding you) had any particular expactations to the team. Personally I’ve said they may both win the tournament or lost in groups stages as well – I have no idea.

        Team of Suadamericano 2015 had a lot talented players. Vintage 95-96 is better than 97-98 IMO. If you expectated Grondona will take us to final you have the answer for your disappointment.

  8. Players turning 32 in 2018-Biglia,Perez,Augusto. Maschie already passed ‘n will be 34 by then. And they are expected to battle with French mid-Pogba,Matudi,Kondogbia,Rabiot. Or worse Germany,portugal,Brazil, Italy and Belgium.

    Am not worried about Icardi’s omission than this reality. Slaw integration of some youngsters like Peryera and parades in to the mid or at least building a team with cohesion and collective sentiment should ve been easily done by Bauza since his apointment. What is the point of having an entire 30+ players in Wc with no cohesion or team build up? All will turn 30 ‘n plus,even if the team makes it to Russia. Maria,Leo,Higuein-another three authomatic starters will get in to 30. Dejavu to Lipi’s Italy 2010.

    If the team doesn’t have enough youngsters to compete with the aging full backs and midfield,then the coach is supposed to came up with his own plan or strategy of maximizing the talent of young offensive players, may be assigning them extra duty of defending??? Even the untested mid candidates like Pizarro,Parades and Peryera, I seriously daubt whether they will be as inefficient as the current Maschie-Biglia combo,especially in making the CAM focus on their crucial roles- creativity and destablizing the openents mid/defense.

    CAM’s sucess stories always heavily relies on midfields,defensive or box to box,central, strength,and at times by the attacking threats of the fullbacks. With pattern am observing,Di maria, Leo,Dybala will likely be the CAM forces behind Higuien/Pratto till 2018. These players are the best in the world with out daubt but only when assisted with reliable midfields who can over run the field, cover their back when ever they are dis possesed and pass them easily than awaiting them make turns for recieving the ball-70M away from them.

    I feel like having the likes of Mercado ‘n Rojo in full backs will make the defensive duty of the CAM less,though.

  9. Fuck Bauza. Any coach who thinks he can achieve with washed up players is an imbecile. Which means he has no tactical philosophy or foundations. If it was the case the coach would try options til they geto to candidate
    closest to their tactical requirements but as we can see, Bonehead Bozo can’t even justify his call ups with reasonable arguments. For me, only Messi, Dybala and Mascherano are automatic starters. Everyone else should be competing for place on merit of their current form. Argentina might not have world class players in many positions but I don’t believe the current squad is irreplaceable.Argentina definitelyhas some players who are willing to show grit for the shirt but they’re judged even before given chances. Portugal and Greece have shown the football world that hard work and dedications pays off more than talent.

    • “Chile, Portugal and Greece have shown the football world that hard working pays off more than talent”. Actually after this cases it’s hard to deny.

    • So 3 exceptions in the last 20 years? Not much. 20% maximum, 80% for the best teams with star players. Btw chilean golden generation, greece golden generation and the new portugal golden generation, some of their great young talents didnt even played in Euro (Bernardo Silva or Andre Silva). Portugal reserva destroyed ours in Olympics. Question?. Our youngsters only can disappoint us in every stage where they turn up.(club+NT) Usually. Real Madrid-Napoli was a perfect example when a team with only good players has absolute no chance against a big team with star players, absolute nothing, not even with a great coach and good tactic, and Real will beat Napoli 9 out of 10 times. So you want this 10%? Insigne is not CR, Zielinski is not Modric, and imo Lanzini not even on Zielinski’s level.

          • “Portugal reserva destroyed ours in Olympics” – this is how you are distorting facts still as liar. So out team was the A? Our team was B at best. And don’t even try to ignore the fact till the last minute we even didn’t know the team will be there.

          • Csabalala – you are the one who was just few months ago criticizing both Dybala and Icardi. I may find with easy what you’ve wrote about Dybala… Now you must admit he is suddenly better than you thought.

          • I still critizice Icardi, because he’s one of the most lazy centre forward in the world with the fewest ball touching in a match, because his off the ball work really don’t existence. Your favourites Aguero or Lautaro Martinez are workhorses compared to Icard, who unwilling to move his fat ass 5 meters to ask for the damn ball. And you still want this lazy dick in NT? Why? Of course Icardi’s place in NT, he deserves that spot, but my only argument is his goals tally and his killer instict.

      • Ricardo Carvalho age 38, Bruno Alves age 35, Pepe age 33, Fonte age 33, Eliseu age 33, Raphaël Guerreiro 23, and Cedric 25. This was Portugal backline at the 2016 Euros, they had the oldest defense backline yet it didn’t hinder them from winning the competition. Fun facts, Portugal qualified out of the group stage because of the new rule changes allowing one of the third best teams from the group stage a passage through to the next round. If not for the rule change, Portugal would have been staring down another group stage exit in back to back tournament. Saying ‘’Portugal and Greece have shown the football world that hard work and dedications pays off more than talent’’ is like saying the other teams at the tournament weren’t trying. France would have been champions if Gignac had scored his almost tap in but it wasn’t meant to be and that is the cruelty of any professional sport. Portugal won the Euros with an experience team and two of the guys who step up the most, Nani and Queresma have been around for years.

        • Almost is a miss.
          All that matters is they won.
          coulda shoulda woulda doesn’t matter.
          “IF, IF, IF” Bla bla bla
          Portugal champion at that is what counts.
          Guerrero 22, mario 23, danilo 24, gomes 22, sanchez 18, william 24, silva 26, cedric 24 all played.

          in the final:
          Patricio 28
          Cedric 24
          Pepe 33
          Fonte 32
          Guerrero 22
          Carvalho 24
          Sanchez 18
          Silva 27
          Mario 23
          Nani 29
          Ronaldo 31

          Quaresma 32
          Moutionho 29
          Eder 28

          And your argument was what?

          • But this youngsters are better players than the oldies in their positions (Raul Meireles, Miguel Veloso, Joao Pereira, Hugo Almeida etc), evident they replace them, in Argentina the contrary is true, and our biggest talents are warming the bench (Correas, Vietto, Lo Celso, Kranevitter, Ocampos, Calleri, Cervi, Paredes etc). Outside Icardi and Dybala and maybe Mammana only 1-2 regular players out there in small and weak teams. These guys were all great in PD, the difference is huge between local league and elite european football, only a blind don’t see this.

          • Lanzini is not a starter? De Paul is not a starter? Simeone is not a starter? Ocampost was not a starter in Genoa? Cervi is starter at least 50%, Escalante?

            Don’t distort facts

          • “De Paul was sub in a stronger team, and Lanzini would be too”

            “would be”!

            So it doesn’t matter for you De Paul is NOW starter. More important is his past – if only the past was enough bad.

            And that’s what I’m calling ILL ILL and MALICE

          • Are you really this stupid or just show that? Udinese and West Ham or Eibar are so mediocre teams even our mediocre talents can play regularly, but we’ve seen what happened with De Paul in Valencia, where the expectations was more higher, and what will happen with Ocampos in Milan (or happened in the big clubs of France), this level is too high for them. And current Valencia or Milan are still million miles distance from an elite national team like Argentina. So play them in NT, because they failed two levels below. What a fucking logic is this? Sick

          • Again and again the same. You and KidultHood

            “Udinese and West Ham or Eibar are so mediocre teams even our mediocre talents can play regularly”

            so what for talking about other clubs at all than Barcelona, Real, PSG, City? I’m not wrong when I’m talking still your football is only football of most famous players and clubs. But it’s just top of iceberg.

            So why are you talking still about Paredes. He was starter in weak Empoli but he is not rather in better club like Roma. It’s simple analaogy. So you should also delete Paredes along de Paul.

            Again: Chinese clubs are weak and still may give Brazil NT very important players. Pratto is ugly duckling of weak Brazil league and still may do better in NT than Higuain recently.

      • I do agree that at this moment Germany, France and Portugal all have a fantastic group of young players who are better than Argentine produces from the recent years, but I absolutely disagree with the Napoli-RealMadrid comparison.

        The way I see, We have inferior players on the fullback and midfield positions. But we do have some quality center backs and our forwards are the best in the world. Better than anything Spain, Portugal, Germany, France can offer. Plus we have the little guy who I heard is quite good!

        If our coach was a real coach, and he gave a shit, he would have created competition within the squad, understood the deficiencies and made us play systematic, organized effective football. I honestly don’t think if we had a proper coach and France, Portugal, Spain or Italy would beat us. Ya, I acknowledge that we will be needing some lucks to beat ze Germans. But so what? If the dull French team could beat us in the euros why not us? Do you honestly believe the french with Giroud and Griezmann would win anything?

        I will end this with giving just some simple examples. Just look some simple competition and player management can do. Unai Emary threatened Di Maria, bought Draxler and probably benched him in 1/2 matches and now just look how Di Maria is playing. He is running, scoring, giving assists and breathing fire from his arse. Same thing happened when Morinho bought Bale to displace him. Also look at Juve, where Dybala and Higuain are playing some out of the world football. Higuain continuously making channeling runs, hounding up defenders and scoring goals for fun. May be Serie A has declined, but scoring that many goals and scoring in consecutive seasons is no fluke.

        • Di Maria played fantastic in the complete last season without rivals. Higuain too without real rival in Juve, Mandzukic not serious, in NT he has, not even one. Aguero was benched and now he’s totally out of form, before that he was the best striker for years in PL along 100% trust.

        • I don’t think Germany have more talented players than Argentina. They never had. Just more matured. Much more. Our Gomez is even more talented than Kimmich but Kimmich is around NT long time and has clearly defined objectives. GOmez is left alone.

          • Tactically – this is something you may improve with Gomez. Technically yes, but Kimmich has not feistiness, go-aheadness and pace of Gomez. This things makes Gomez more talented. Rude but more talented.

            I think you’re confusing maturity with pure talent. They never had more talented players. Not more. What about centerbacks?

          • Boateng is better than Otamendi. Otamendi is a better tackler, but Boateng is much more matured as you prefer that word.

            They have Hummels, Mustafi and Höwedes who are all better than Funes mori, Demichellis (lol) and Musacchio.

            Ginter is also there as a young CB (22/23 may be) who plays for dortmund and starts for them.

          • Garay, Otamendi, Funes Mori, Musacchio, Fazio, Pezzella, Mammana

            plus a lot of young really talented and modern CBs like Alexander Barboza I’m not going to talk about because everyone may say as always: they are just players of Primera.

  10. No one is talking this current young generation is as talented as the 2007 but we have enough good players to fight for win in every tournament if only build a professional coaching and all management of team.

    What is the level of coaching we know after interviews with Olarticoechea after Olimpic Games and Ubeda after Suadamericano. THis has nothing to do with profesionalism. Just improvisation. There’s no money.

    “We had to take in what has been a very short period of time working. I have to mention that because Uruguay, who won the tournament, have COITO as a coach and he has been there for more than four years working with the U15 and U17 teams. DUDAMEL in Venezuela is also their senior team coach but has been working with this U20 team for 18 months. There are a few National Team’s like that as well. The only team who had less time than us working together was Bolivia. I think when it comes to youth teams, it’s fundamental to work together for a long time”

    KidultHood may ignore the facts and tell you that we have not any single young player who is wort to be introduced to NT. He is ignorant or try to distort the truth and blame young players. It’s not the problem. THe problem is AFA and Bauza are thinking like KidultHood.

  11. Anybody watching Sevilla vs Eibar? Sampaoli is switching from a 4-4-2 to 5-3-2 early in the first half. He clearly has more than one formation up his sleeve and is flexible enough to tinker with the formation at any time.

  12. Zanetti was doing this at the age of 40, I have never seen Rojo doing anything even distantly similar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-7fhtFow5M
    Leave about that. This is what Jordi Alba is capable of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99M3QlWpgHE
    Again a comparison is not possible with Rojo!
    This is Hector: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yP2V5XbKOIw
    See Ansaldi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SuTTzRRzx4
    When we have a player like Ansaldi, why the hell on earth would we go for Rojo?
    How could he keep his left wing empire unchallenged for 5 years when it is clear that we have so many better players?
    Ansaldi is a beast. He should be there in the team. Russia 2018 is his last chance!

  13. It’s really sad to see our beloved team falling in such miserable hands. Back in the day when we had batista, I never imagined I would have to see the same type of incompetence again. How wrong I was!

    BTW I thought Batista was way better than this imbecile. He at least had a very high expectation of our team – to play like Barcelona in all way 😛 . With Mascherano-Banega-Cambiasso in midfield. Stupid idea, but that was at least an idea. On the other hand, this fool does not seem to have any idea at all.

    It is also pretty sad that we all know what our team will be in the next year. If you close your eyes and take a deep breath you will also be able to predict his starting line-up.

    GK – Romero
    RB – Zabaleta (Mercado if injured)
    CB – Otamendi and Funes Mori
    LB – Rojo (Mas as a world class replacement)
    Midfielders – Mascherano, Biglia
    LW-CAM-RW – DiMaria-Messi-Dybala
    Striker – Higuain

    This is pretty much the eleven he will play. there might be 1 or maximum 2 changes if the team sucks even more or Higuain doesn’t score any goal, but this is almost a certainty.

    There is no competition within the squad. No new young players will be included too. Remember the time when everyone was screaming for a change? And we were criticized because we were supposed to give him time? Don’t worry, we all cry together.

    It’s just borderline sad.

    • Young players are not performing at youth tournament that’s why you don’t see the next young big thing coming into the fold for the Argentina senior national team. Honestly, Dybala is the only player right now that is excelling at his age group, everyone else are performing at fringe level. As I’ve said before, if the Argentina U23 team had shine at the 2016 Olympics, making a strong run, then that means you would have at least a RB, a LB and a midfielder emerging from the tournament right into the senior team. It has always been like that for Argentina, and almost all major footballing super power when it comes to integrating young players with their current national team. Argentina haven’t had this opportunity in a long while hence the reason we haven’t seen many great young Argentinean players emerging off the South American continent. The U20 world cup in Korea this year will be the perfect stage for these young players to make a mark and improve their chances of making the Argentina senior team.

      And what change could possible improve this Argentina team? You guys make it seems like we have these super humans/world class individuals sitting by the waste side. Oh please, before the Sabella coaching era, Argentina football was mediocre at best on the international stage. Up until this group of individuals, Argentina haven’t made any mark on the international stage, so before you guys start spewing out fairy dust, just remember where this current Argentina team is coming from especially performing at the world cup. Bielsa Argentina team ran away with the 2002 CONMEBOL WCQ table only to crash out at the 2002 world cup in Korea/Japan. This group of players brought respect back to Argentinean football and if you guys can’t see that, then you never will. Buaza came in a tough situation, in the middle of qualifiers, is first job is to qualify the team not to experiment in competitive games as important as the CONMEBOL world cup qualifiers. You’re acting like Buaza came in with a long preseason with the team and a bunch and friendly games where he can tryout even the homeless man walking around in Buenos Aires.

      It’s always easy to be an expert commenting on your IPhone or android. Yea, let us act like it’s that easy to coach a football team, and it’s as easy as ABC like some of the lineup I be reading here on Mundo. Oh, let’s put out a random team that never played together against an experience Chilean team or if that’s not bad enough, let’s put out an even more less inexperience young team to play Bolivia in La Paz at high altitude. Yea, let’s just put out the current U20 Argentina team against Chile and Bolivia, all we need to do is add Messi, Dybala and the great Icardi and all our problem solves. All Argentina need is 8 new young untested international players plus Mundo three favorite players in Messi, Dybala and the ‘’great’’ Icardi and you got yourself a world cup winning team. SMH

      • Kid, we have been discussing this ad nauseum, but here we go again. No need for a wholesale change but some changes in fullback position, at least one box-to-box addition plus a goalie who plays on a regular basis is a bare minimum. I personally want a gradual change, a smooth transition if you will, but something has to change. This business as usual is not cutting the mustard anymore.

        For examples, for RB, if you are skeptical of J.L.Gomez (who is reportedly being followed by Barcelona and Real Madrid) at least Peruzzi, who already played for the NT, should be called up. Yeah he plays for Boca not in Europe, so what? Not every single player who can useful has to play there.

        Even you don’t want Biglia and Mascherano midfield, so a box-to-box or at least a deep lying playmaker is a must.

        Also, not every single player has to be world class, sometimes you need a hard working guy who is not super talented per se. Pratto is a good example of that. Work ethic and desire always trumps talent in my book.

  14. Messi announced retirement after copa centenario which was a decent act. Why didnt people like di maria, hig, roho, romero and kun announce their retirement after d same tournament? Dont they have any moral responsibility? Now what are they waiting for? Spoiling 2018 wc also? Not only AFA and coaches, even these players cannot stay way from their moral responsibility.

  15. Bauza was never good enough for your team, but you didn’t want to listen.
    Little did I know that he is a coward, an embarrassment and and a joke though.
    F him, and the people who hired him.
    F the players who use their power to fight their personal agenda, After Afa and Bauza they are the cancer.
    F all the people who support Afa, Bauza, and those players.
    I am prepared to lose, I expect to lose but none of these despicable people will break me. Even though I know we will lose, there is always hope because there are great players who die for the team.
    My hope lies on the shoulders of some players.
    So don’t give up supporting the team.

    • Alfio, ‘my hope lies on the shoulder of some players’ – sadly those players wont be part of the final 11 (Dybala) and many wont be going to the world cup (for e.g. Lanzini, Paredes, Taglifico, Icardi, etc.)
      AFA and the incumbent coach has finished our chances every year

  16. His decisions are obviously influenced by a bunch of players. Isn’t it obvious that he keeps ignoring him despite his considerably scintillating form in a weak team? I would refrain myself from despising his choices

  17. Such a stupid coach… the worst ever coach I’ve seen in my life… knows nothing but is coach of Argentina
    Argentine’s are quiet, their media is quiet… what rubbish.

  18. He should call Icardi and 10 extra players and send them to La Paz asap. But no, he will use the same squad to face Chile and Bolivia a few days later. With hardly any time to get used to the height we will run out of steam around the 50th minute. Bauza should start a different team in La Paz and bring on Messi and Dybala in the 2nd half. Maradona’s team conceded many goals, are we doomed to witness the same mistake?

    Will Icardi pull off a Martin Palermo kind of escape in Montevideo…?

  19. Icardi too young. Wait for his 30 with patience;) Stability it’s our strong point. Why not boycott to kick out the guy? I’m not even going to watch next game. The guy is biggest disaster that happens to Argentina team in history. He is going still far and far into the blind alley.


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