Argentina list for Qualifiers to be announced


Argentina’s list of players for this month’s World Cup Qualifiers is expected to be announced by Monday.

As Argentina prepare to take on both Chile and Bolivia in this month’s South American World Cup Qualifiers, there are a few names which come to mind. We already know that the likes of Lucas PRATTO and Gonzalo HIGUAIN will be called-up while Mauro ICARDI will not be on the team. What remains to be seen is if there will be any new faces which will make it.

Mauro Icardi Inter
Mauro Icardi will not be on the Argentina team this month

Argentina’s two matches

The team will play against Chile in Buenos Aires on March 24 before playing Bolivia on March 29 in La Paz.

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  1. Ok now there are rumours that messi is calling for barca board to replace enrique with sampaoli.
    Why cant he do the same to AFA ?
    ik theres a deep rooted problem but he can pressurize.
    All current Afa members are doing is trying to get.out as much as they can from messi. I feel sick and so. dissapointed with the AFA.

  2. Seven Argentine players were in involved for Sevilla today! Kranevitter played a full game which is rare for him. Mercado has been playing well for Sevilla too, mostly as a centre-back of course. Montoya and J.Correa are young players to watch. Kudos to Sampaoli.

    • Sampoli’ sense of common courtesy matches with hard core ‘n real Argie funs. I.e why gave him a plus especially comparing to cholo who is reknown in hiding Argie’s talent. Look how Sampoli is using siemone’s residual players like Krane ‘n Vietto. Now Montoya,J.Corea, Mercado,Vazquez where as Gaitan ‘n Corea are struggling to coap with Siemone tactics. Mercado especially is unbelievable every time i remember how Cholo turn hard against Ansaldi in favour of Siequera(i think he is in Valencae now). The difference for me is aparent.

      • I used to be mad at Simeone for not playing Kranevitter and Vietto, but not now. Think it this way – He was not managing Argentina or Argentina U20…He was managing Atletico Madrid.

        And also, Sampaoli is using Simeone’s resudual players just like Simeone did, which is sparingly. Kranevitter is a benchwarmer as well as Vietto. Today Vietto played because sarabia wasn’t available and Kranevitter played because Nzonzi was not available. If either of those two players were fit and ready, both Argentine would have been rightfully benched.

        Not everyone has a birthright in their team like Di Maria and Romero has in their national team.

        • istiaque: I totally agree, sim or any Argentine as a club manager has one purpose and that is to win with the players he see fit to have/buy for their club, they owe nothing to any Argentine player as hes and others are not the n/t coach.
          as the saying goes “its business, nothing personal”

        • But if we have 7 players in Sevilla there are a good chance to see few in every game. Curious of Montoya

          • so true but this can change with a change of manager ie samp seems like hes off to barca.
            I do wish it was like the german lge when we can have 7 or more players in the same team (munich)but sadly so many of our best are scattered around the world.

          • Still hard to believe we have Sampaoli, Simeone, Bielsa, Pochettino, Berizzzo and still doomed for loony like Bauza. This is because every serious class Argentina coach has disassociated himself from AFA now.

  3. To tell you the truth, I don’t care about names.
    All I see is the same mistakes all over again.
    The coach’s name changes but the decisions are the same.
    Kinda strange.
    In the end of the day, nothing we say holds weight.
    there is nothing you can do.
    If people in charge don’t care, If the coach doesn’t care, if the players don’t care, If messi doesn’t care about his legacy throws it away for “friends” who seems to play great only against him, but never with him, If fans, media, and all those involved rather like to be a joke for the amusement of the whole world than winners, then so shall it be.

    • Well said bro… messi doesn’t care too…
      liked especially when you wrote… ‘friends play better against him than for him’ … all those friends are fans of Cristiano … they all admire him more than they admire messi.

  4. La Liga is such a great league, the football being played is out of this world, none stop end to end action from all the teams. I haven’t seen a team in La Liga play as good as what La Palmas did against Real Madrid yesterday, what a team to watch, all they need on that team is a world class striker and they would be challenging for La Liga title/top four. You don’t see quality football play in England, everyone in the EPL including the media marvel in their mediocre football until they set foot in European football you see how average of a teams the EPL has. La Liga is where the best football is played on earth and it’s not even close with the other leagues.

    People on this forum believe teams like Spurs, Arsenal and Liverpool are top teams. lol None of Spurs, Liverpool and Arsenal are top teams, that’s what the English media wants you to believe while watching their overrated league. Liverpool as an institution is a great club but they’re not a top team as we speak. Klopp signing for Liverpool was just pure hype!

  5. Walter Montoya is an interested player, of course he is a product of Rosario Central like Di Maria. Interesting, I want to see Sampoali use him in several more games..

  6. After reading unnecessary hatred comments against Aguero I understand why here commentators hate kun, may be I was Germany supporter during wc2014 thats why I am not hate Aguero like higuain but kun isn’t responsible for lavezzi change only sabela should be blamed, if kun replace higuain who missed clear chances instade of lavezi than story might be different still Germany Golden generation deserved to win for NT and they did

    • no its because kun simply does not bring his “A” game to the n/t, we see him ambling about for the n/t far to oturn but when he gets back to his pay masters he looks like a man on a mission running like the devil is on his tail and sweating for his master, the answer is simple drop him as giod did and see his response but he just like half the team seems to have their shirt for life and it shows in their performance or lack on when they don the blue and white..

      • Aguero currently 3rd NT top scorer after messi & batigol, 2nd best rated Argentine after messi in Fifa Rating, 2nd Argentine after messi continuously on ballon d’or shortlist and finally Aguero is the best striker in the world along with suarez

        • No, sorry, not buying it. Show me what has Kun done for Argentina for the past 3 years and we can have a conversation. He can be the best in many categories for his clubs but in recents years he has nothing to show for Argentina. More often than not, when he is playing for Argentina he seems confused, unmotivated, unsure what to do and not sharp or focused at all.

        • Stats, stats, stats – while Aguero a lot of times proved he is not right man on the right place. I have enough to see the lazy inertial guy in Argentina finals walking around without faith and with LOST word written all over his face. We need players good without the ball to fight after possesion. He is not one of them. I’d rather Higuain if I must to choose. Generrally both untrusthworthy.

          • Kun is what they call “un pecho frio” in Argentina, he fits that definition very well, he has virtually no passion for the shirt at all.

        • the romance:

          well if you want stats it is.
          kun now has 80 n/t games and 33 goals and on paper its ok but lets break them down and they are as follows.

          the copa 7 (incl 1 the centen)

          w/c qualifs 9

          FRIENDLIES 16

          the world cups, yes how many world cup goals does he have to his name? 0, nil, narda, zilch, zero.

  7. Which new player/young player is playing at a high level that the coach could call up for selection?

    Inform me please, I’ll like to know if these guys will make an impact against Chile or at high altitude against Bolvia.

    Please, I’m waiting for some new/fresh top quality names right now!! Players that will give you the ”awe and wow” impression!!

    • Icardi/paredes/lanzini/vazquez/protein are few examples of players who deserve to be tested as things aren’t working right now with useless players (ex di maria/aguero) we have now.

      • But but can any of those players single handily shred Barcelona apart or does anyone one of those players is the current second highest goal score behind Messi in this season UCL?

        Paredes? LOL

        Lanzini? LOL

        Icardi? He betrayed his friend and everyone associated with the Argentina senior team. Maybe he can try out for Italy, we have Higs, Aguero, Pratto,and Alario occupying the forward position. As Maradona said, no traitor allow near the national team.

        Vaquez: Average player

        Protein: Never seen or heard of him

        • @kid(you are kid for sure) that was typo error i meant perotti.
          U can praise di maria as much as you like but we have already seen how weakling & useless he is.
          Why you have a problem if other players are tried as things aren’t working now? Isn’t the objective argentina winning the title.

          • Di Maria is a legend, those guys you mention are not even relevant in terms of international/club football.

            I have no problem with new players, just not the names being floated around here..

          • “Di Maria is a legend, those guys you mention are not even relevant in terms of international/club football”

            Quintesence of KidultHood

            Now we know who is who at least.

        • Franco Vazquez may be an average player according to you but it was him who helped to make Dybala famous at Palermo. Vazquez and Dybala had a great chemistry and understanding.

    • Kid, with all due respect, “awe and wow” is not the only criteria otherwise hard working, no flair players like Lavezzi could never be appreciated.

      We need stamina and high work rate in La Paz, so Peruzzi, Garay, Enzo, Pizarro, Tagliafico are some of the players that have not featured either for a while or ever but could be useful at that altitude. I don’t see Zabaleta doing well in Bolivia so RB should be Mercado/Peruzzi and I don’t think Mas has more talent or higher work rate than Tagliafico.

      • Icardi, Gomez, Tagliafico, Lanzini, Peruzzi, Rulli, Pizarro, Nacho Fernandez, Benedetto, Ascacibar and maybe few others – at least few of them should be around NT.

      • EnganChe: Lavezzi is apart of the Argentina 2001-2008 youth super generation. Stop trying to use Lavezzi as an example when he is nothing like these current newer generation. Lavezzi is a top class player that won the Olympic with Argentina!! Won trophies for Napoli and PSG!!

        Tagliafico? LOL Hmm, is this even a player? Dude if Orban wasn’t good enough for Argentina what makes you think Tagliafijoke is any better?

        • KidultHood

          if use your criteria Rojo would be never discovered because he was called up as weak Sporting player. So why not try Tagliafico and others? At least as good back up for Rojo.

        • Notice how I compare/contrast Taglifico to Mas. There is no way Mas is better than Tagliafico.

          What exactly is wrong with using Lavezzi as an example? I’m not comparing him to the current generation, I’m simply saying that he is the kind of no frills, hard working player that any team needs.

          As for Tagliafico, kid you may not be aware of this but he is highly rated by football fans, pundits and experts in Argentina but that’s not the league or the world you follow or seem to know much about. I suggest you do some research.

          • Haha; Mas shouldn’t be any where the national team! As for Tagliafico, whenever he starts playing football at the highest level I’ll take him serious. Majority of the South American teams will have a horrid time in Russia especially the local base South Anerican player. Mercado was playing at CB because of the injury plaguing Sampaoli CB’s. Playing in Mascow will actually benefit Rojo and Argentina at the 2018 World Cup, same for Garay.

          • Mas is not better than Tagliafico. And I don’t think Rojo is clearly better than Mas.

            Tagliafico proved his worth on U-20 World Cup and also fighting with young Neymar on the level.

    • Was not Peruzzi good on this high altitude years ago against Bolivia? He was. But it’s easiest always say: not on the level. Problem is the level of current NT is so poor. What kind of level the NT we are talkin about? It’s good they are not on this poor level actually.

      What was main Rojo strength on 2014 World Cup? Youth and eager at his 24. They never was such talented as others fullbacks strongest teams but gave us the warriorhood and eager that may give you rather young player than the old. Now we have few interesting players at this 24 age to use their eager.

  8. Mundoalbiceleste aka translated in English, :-0.

    I do not expect much of a change. We will see the same faces as we normally do.

  9. usually it will comes at friday.. why now on monday… hope at least few new faces.. he already told he wont call icardi because if he comes he will wait in the bench so.. better to avoid him.. that’s right because i have seen already with pizzaro.. if he makes call and wait in the bench for two matches… then he stays in inter better..

    and my response to NO HATE ONLY LOVE… I skiped i never skip that moment in my life… i said for example better right back and left back is blamed dani alves for 7-1 against germany for your kind information go and check the lineup brazil vs germany.. he never played … and you said we only conced less so what is the differece… we won the title.. not because you know how we scored in the 7 matches… did you point out any team goal in that 7 matches… do you know germany played howdoes as a left back ya you are right but right back you know philp lahm… and mostly they played attacking football… and they failed with many times but they enter semi final every tournment over last decade…

    do you know we have best attackers in the world with messi i dont want to defending we have to attack attack more… he can get you many chance and opposite team will fear us.. and have chance for red card … because we have best dribler best finisher … some of them blame aguero i wont because i know where he is good at.. he is beast in the box.. but we played long ball with him… this not a player fault .. it is all about coaching… if we got sampoli… all of the mundo members.. praise aguero… players do what coach asks.. why i hate rojo… modern full back need space.. he wont have if he is a good tackler or even good defender … nothing need … now a days winger have only space… if they beat him easily… your defending it will be changed in a single minute… and messi international carrier will be ****** same thing happend in a world cup 2014 scherrule beat zaba.. with space… gotze compared to messi with only one goal… with seballa… rojo helped by levazzi… but one on one he is aweful… if he plays im sure we will loose in knock out matches against average team.. and all will blame messi not rojo…. thats for sure… and he cost copa america with the fucking tackle(we were superior at the time no need for that tackle)… i dont know how you are still supporting rojo… he may be better at a left center back… his passing decent because he stand and deliver… if he plays at left back check his stats..

    if we dont have a good left back and right back then try to change the formation we have better cb can play 3 man defence and hard working guy like gaitan piatti and lamela can play at wide… as per my concern we have best plyers then anyone else if we fail to win anything it is not players fault … coach and afa responsible this…

    • You got to come better than that my friend. Look, you were talking about wingbacks earlier, Zabaleta was one of the best in the world going into the 2014 world cup. I said Argentina did not lose the world cup because of Rojo playing at LB. The team had several chance to win the game, but that’s just life, only God knows the future and why the team fell short.

      Dani Alves might not have played (and I stand corrected) but I can assure you Marcelo was playing at LB against Germany when they lost 7 – 1.

      You keep on going back to Germany, look the first game Germany played against Portugal at the 2014 world cup they had Howedes at LB and Durm at RB while Philip Lahm was deployed in midfield. Against Algeria during the round of 16 game, Germany had Boateng playing RB while Lahm was deployed in midfield. Against France in the quarterfinals, Germany continue to use Boateng at RB. Lahm only started three games at RB during the 2014 world cup; once during the group stage, the semifinal game against Brazil, and the final against Argentina. Lahm technique and versatility is what makes him a great player! This is why Pep Gaurdiola said, ”Philipp Lahm is perhaps the most intelligent player I have ever trained in my career.”

      Fabio Grosso won the world cup with Italy playing at LB and he was never renown in the media or across the football globe as one of the great left backs.

      If Argentina had score their chances, the team would have won the world final against Germany. The team didn’t lose the world cup because of our wingback’s. The teams that so call had better wingbacks did not make it as far as Argentina!!

      You can’t really blame Zabaleta for Germany goal given how exhausted the team was after playing 120 minutes against Switzerland and Holland. Scherrule was fresh (he barely starts for Germany during the tournament) while Zabaleta had played over 330 minutes in the last three games leading up to the final against Germany while Germany got a pass from Brazil and had an extra day of rest compare to our players. What change the final for Argentina was the Lavezzi substitution for Aguero, even Jose Mourinho was puzzle by Lavezzi substitution.

      Jose Mourinho: “I would like to know why Lavezzi stayed in the dressing room at half-time,” Mourinho said. “Argentina had been playing with two lines of four, with Enzo Perez closing Philipp Lahm and Lavezzi doing the same on the other side. Because they were so compact Messi could walk while defending and then when he got the ball he had the energy to make the difference.

      “When Sabella brought Aguero on for Lavezzi, Argentina changed from a 4-4-2 to a 4-3-3 and they lost a lot of balance. Messi had to run much more after Lavezzi went off.

      “The team lost balance and especially energy — energy that they needed in extra-time.”

          • I always thought Lavezzi and Enzo were crucial players there. Two engine. If not the two we wouldn’t have the chances we had in the final. So I think we need such players in midfield again.

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