BAUZA’s squad for Argentina’s upcoming World Cup Qualifier


Argentina’s National Team manager has named his preliminary squad of 26 players for the upcoming CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifiers.

Not much of a surprise for anyone who’s been following BAUZA’s statement lately. No room for Inter captain Mauro ICARDI, as was recently stated by the coach himself. A few call-ups from South America including Lucas PRATTO, Julio BUFFARINI and Marcos ACUNA. Ezequiel LAVEZZI, currently in China, receives a call-up. Here’s the squad:


Mariano ANDUJAR (Estudiantes, Argentina)
Nahuel GUZMAN (Tigres, Mexico)
Sergio ROMERO (Manchester United, England)


Gabriel MERCADO (Sevilla, Spain)
Pablo ZABALETA (Manchester City, England)
Julio BUFFARINI (San Paulo, Brazil)
Facundo RONACGLIA (Celta de Vigo, Spain)
Emmanuel MAS (Trabzonspor, Turkey)
Marcos ROJO (Manchester United, England)
Nicolas OTAMENDI (Manchester City, England)
Mateo MUASCCHIO (Villarreal, Spain)
Ramiro FUNES MORI (Everton, England)


Javier MASCHERANO (FC Barcelona, Spain)
Lucas BIGLIA (Lazio, Italy)
Guido PIZARRO (Tigres, Mexico)
Ever BANEGA (Inter, Italy)
Enzo PEREZ (Valencia, Spain)


Angel DI MARIA (Paris Saint-Germain, France)
Angel CORREA (Atletico Madrid, Spain)
Marcos ACUNA (Racing Club, Argentina)
Ezequiel LAVEZZI (Hebei Fortune, China)
Lionel MESSI (FC Barcelona, Spain)
Paulo DYBALA (Juventus, Italy)
Sergio AGUERO (Manchester City, England)
Gonzalo HIGUAIN (Juventus, Italy)
Lucas PRATTO (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Ezequiel Lavezzi remains on the Argentina team
Ezequiel Lavezzi remains on the Argentina team

Argentina will play Chile at the Estadio Monumental in Buenos Aires on the 23rd of March followed by a trip to the altitude of La Paz to face Bolivia on the 28th of March.


  1. Great quality midfield Bozo has selected… NOT!!! Fuck me, how are we supposed to win matches with the midfield in this squad!

    I gave Bozo the benefit of the doubt until now because he has had over 4 months to think about the structure, players, formations, strategy etc and this is what he comes up with.

    Coach is fucked as is AFA!

    We don’t deserve to qualify with fuck-wits running the show.

    I’m fed up with the last 10 years of the same old shit.

    I apologise for my negative post but Arg has such quality players in the world who are not being called and it really pisses me off that we keep getting such dickheads for coaches

  2. Just in a while we will hear from Kid how is Rojo World Class and the like peasants Tagliafico and others no way close the level – because Rojo just scored.

  3. 1) Bauza wants alario NOT to go to china to improve his chances of getting into the national team.

    2) Calls up lavezzi who has NOT scored a single goal in china since his arrival there.

    Can someone even brain the hypocrisy and footballing logic this old man possesses?

  4. Amazingly after all that has happened and with the wonderful results that we’ve shown yet, there are still proponents of bauza here who surprisingly still advocate the same player selections. like wow

  5. If Lavezzi is repeatedly included n Icardi is repeatedly ignored, there can be one or two reasons only.

    1. Messi
    2. Mascherano

    Angel Correa is playing hardly 15 min in a match where as Lanzini plays almost 75 min. Everything is beyond understanding. But one thing is sure,

    “The miseries of the world is not caused by bad guys, but by good guys who always watch everything but remain silent eternally” – Napolean

    • Lavezzi was suitable for national team…i look more argentine player since 1982 .. Only spartan player like lavezzi were infortan for this national team

  6. I’m 100% with Buaza! In the end, he will have overcome the prosecution, the hatred, the bad mouthing, the name calling and so forth!!

  7. this coach need to insert new blood in this team. First in defence, Otamendi is a liability, anyone with a minimum of comment sense could see that. He is reckless, take too many chances and expose his backline. He should be a defensive midfielder in my humble opinion. Argentina doesn’t have any right or left back. Zabaleta is done and Rojo is average as a matter in fact, he is much better as a central defendor. We need to try Leandro Paredes with Mascherano in the midfield. Di Maria need competition on that left side of the pitch why not bringing Franco Vasquez, Pastore or even Joaquin Correa from Sevilla. Bauza better not go to Russia with a bunch of 30+ years old players especially in the midfield. It would be a disaster waiting to happen.

  8. At least still there messi and dybala…rest…i dont care
    My ideal defence…caballero..jl gomes garay mori tagliafico

  9. my xi Rulli ~ marcado mache/Gary otamendi rojo ~ biglia vaaquz ~ messi dybala dimaria/lanzini ~ aguero/higuain/icardi

  10. I’m disappointed for Rulli exclusion, lavezi should not the squad overall same playing xi like argv/sCol

    • Lavezzi is good … hard working style..good typecal for south american contender…sometime stupid atitude.. included duel against advertise board…i never found player good and stupid like him bfore..i prefer him with double aguero or higuain…for national edition..

  11. No Rulli, Garay, Perotti, Tagliafico/Garcia/Ansaldi, Banega over Lanzini, Peruzzi, Fazio and Lavezzi over Icardi? Well I now every coach with his system but Banega and Gago should not even be in the conversation.
    Unless this fool is fired coz I don’t believe in the give him time bullshit, Russia will be like South Africa 2010. At least with coaches like Guardiola and Klopp, the results might not be in their favour but one can already see that they don’t have the personnel to implement their philosophies but the tactical approach show their intentions. Bauza til now, has shown us nothing positive tactically except that he is not scared to change players like the coward Tata.

    • lol Did you just compare Bozo to Guardiola and Klopp?

      Bozo shouldn’t even be compred with tata IMO. Tata was a far better coach than this moron.

    • Tackling,making key passes ‘n dribbling attributes of Banega are unmached by any Argie CAM player, especially when he get a coach like Emery. Why does he has to always be the scapegoat? Only cus Sabella dropped him? After all, I don’t exactly remember him performing so badly for the NT-If any he relieves Messi from his tracking ‘n tackling extra responsblity that he always shoulder when Banega is not around. Pastore with all his skills while he was on his prime sucked in Banega’s role.Even Lanzini who earned the call doen’t possess the Banega’s skill of tracking,tackling and good passing skills for get their dribbling skill difference.

      I can see a legit frustration against Dimaria,Higuein,Aguero and Maschie/Biglia combo but Banega. I w’d blame Banega for his move to Inter as I did instantly last yr. Let him be part of the team as he has the habit of proving himself in high altitude games.

        • Enganche, I really do,as i mentioned it above on his regreatable Inter move part. But i still like to c him in the team. His career ‘n skills are more than his Inter days. Honestly speaking Banega is always dawn voted indifferently at zis site even if he was playing regularly ‘n superb especially on his memorable European League games with Sevilla.

          • Banega was poor in 2011 Copa America but he never got a chance to prove again unlike rojo or lavezzi who were also poor in the same tournamement. He got a break in Copa America Centenario and to me he played well but not in the final. Again he failed at the crucial moment. But then who played well in the final? Argentina plays well when we have a CM and Banega has proven that he can play in that role. A mid field with Perez- Banega, Pizarro- Banega (or even Pizarro – Perez) will be better than Masche – Biglia. Perez/ Pizarro can compliment Banega’s lacks. During his first days in Inter, Banega did have a few spectacular performances, i remember.
            I feel Banega is being treated a little too harsh!

  12. One thing I know is that Sabella didn’t need the time all these joker coaches like Diego,Batista,Tata & now Bauza to show us that he can make the NT play like a team or understand what Messi needs from his teammates.
    Bielsa, Pekerman & Sabella by their sixth games, we could see the identities of their teams. Bauza is limited and outdated coach like Tata. These type of coaches will talk and talk but never learn anything or adapt to suit the situation at hand. Bauza is another stupid coach.

  13. ———————///:Romero\\\———————



  14. Argentine players with best goal/assist per minutes ratio in the league this season,

    Messi 68 minutes for a goal/assist.
    Icardi 90
    Piatti 92
    Higuain 93
    Correa 107
    Perotti 116
    Dybala 122
    Aguero 130

    As per this stats, best front line in IMO is,


    Icardi and Piatti called up…?

  15. Andujar?! Roncaglia but not Garay? Banega who has not played for Inter for a long time….nicely done.

    Hey but on the bright side Demichelis is not there, what a shock.

  16. wow what a inclusion rojo… what a coach… wc dream is over avg age 35… i think 35… what is better for argentina against chille no vidal and most importanly we have messi he will take care of this fucking old team… i assure you they cant pass 10 passes all to gether …. if they make any team goal with more than 10 passes… i will never comment against bauza… available members i will choose this line up





    —-higuain———(last chance)

  17. For 1st match!





    for 2nd one


    …………………………. messi


  18. I guess the match is too important to start experimenting. Bauza was impressed with Fazio, but did not call him.
    Again several players who are not always starters at their club: Correa, Banega, Romero…
    After these 2 matches we’ll know what kind of result we need in Quito and Montevideo. All three remaining home games are must win games.

    • If Argentina win both games against Chile and Bolivia and the two remaining games at home against Peru and Venezuela, they will almost surely qualify irrespective of the result against Ecuador and Uruguay away.

  19. No Rulli,Fazio,Garay.

    And we ‘ve Mori(Injured), Roncaglia,Guzman. Hopefully the final three will atleast be minus Mori,Roncaglai ‘n Aguero, but am sure it will be Correa/Lavezzi.

    Starting 11-

    Buffarani Mercado Otamendi Rojo

    Perez Biglia Maschie Dimaria

    Messi Higuein/Dybala

    • Buaza will basically use the same formation he played with against Uruguay at home earlier, so Dybala starts with Messi plus Higuain/Pratto.

  20. Funny how people are trying to judge Buaza tenure as Argentina coach with just like 4-5 games under his belt.

    I mean, look at Klopp at Liverpool, he already had one full season with Liverpool plus two preseasons under his belt and is current halfway through the present season yet his Liverpool team is struggling.

    You can’t expect a coach to just come in with four to five games under his belt and assume he should be in full swing with the current team. Mind you, Buaza haven’t had any friendly games thus far in order for him to be more radical with his team selection and substitution. So it’s just laughable to judge Buaza under the current situation. not because he doesn’t pick your favorite player makes him less of a coach.

    It’s ridiculous the standard you guys set for the coach and players here, I wonder what bubble you guys resides in. Like if the opponent player dribble passes any of our defenders, ”oh, he’s bad, get him out!! ”No way any player should dribble pass our defenders or score on our goalkeeper.”

    • yes, you are right. Expecting a coach trying to get better is asking too much. We should leave Bauza alone. So what if we don’t qualify or win the world cup. who cares…at least our players gather together and have fun. football is not winning, it’s to bring people together. this is a fifa slogan and we should follow.

      • Ghostdeini: so true.
        and here is bozo impressive record so far being
        6 games, 2 win, 2d, 2 loss, 8 for and 8 against a 33.3% win record,
        oh to answer you question kid “You can’t expect a coach to just come in with four to five games under his belt and assume he should be in full swing with the current team”
        actually its 6 games now and yes we do as any good coach with an actual plan could and would do better.
        every new coach of a team has what is called a honey moon period were players try to impress the new coach and teams generally do well for a while but we are not seeing this because bozo has no clear plan and the same serious lack of ideas.

          • Yes Because Tite could built a national team from the foundation of Brazil 2016 successful Olympic campaign. Mind you, this was the case with Argentina 2004 Olympic team heading into the 2006 world and the 2008 Argentina Olympic team heading into the 2010 World Cup.

    • Funny how you use Klopp as an example but not Ranieri or Conte or Luis Enrique or some other coach who has achieved something in their first season. It can be done.

      • Luis Enrique was unsuccessful at AS Roma and Celta de Vigo as coach. Ranieri was unsuccessful in England during his first stint as coach.

        • So? What’s your point? Is Bauza a rookie coach who should be given a pass if he fails to meet expectations, let alone exceed them? This is Argentina National Team we are talking about. Is a home loss acceptable result to you? Is a 3:0 defeat To Brazil an acceptable result to you? If Klopp had Messi, Dybala, Mascherano, Garay, etc he would have done wonders by now.

          To be fair the blame starts first and foremost with AFA incompetence and complete corruption. If he had a half-decent federation we would have had a better coach anyway.

          • the biggest difference between bauza n klopp is klopp chokes in finals where bauza is best in knockout phase like scholari not like belisa 2002 WC campaign is best for Argentina but totally opposite in main turnement

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