Luis “Lucho” GONZALEZ, OLEGO score in Copa Libertadores kick off


Luis “Lucho” GONZALEZ scored for Atletico Paranaense in the Copa Libertadores while Franco OLEGO scored for Jorge Wilstermann.

South America’s premier club competition the Copa Libertadores kicked off on Tuesday with four matches. The matches produced two goals scored by Argentine players. One more famous than the other. In Brazil, Atletico Paranaense drew 2-2 against Chilean club Universidad Catolica with Lucho GONZALEZ scoring the first goal. In the same match, former Boca man Ricardo NOIR scored for Universidad Catolica.

Luis "Lucho" Gonzalez Atletico Paranaense
Luis “Lucho” Gonzalez celebrates his goal in the Copa Libertadores for Atletico Paranaense.

Over in Brazil, Franco OLEGO of Jorge Wilstermann scored in their 6-2 win against Uruguayan club Peñarol. The former Atlanta man scored his club’s last goal.

Luis “Lucho” GONZALEZ’s goal:

Ricardo NOIR’s goal:

Franco OLEGO’s goal:


  1. We could use a young version of Lucho today.

    So our teams in this Copa are: Lanus, River, San Lorenzo, Estudiantes, Godoy Cruz and Atletico Tucuman.

    Bolivian teams have the strangest names: “The Strongest”, “Jorge Wilstermann” 🙂

    • Yes, probably we need kind of Lucho.

      In Argentina things are changing very quickly and today Godoy is not best team for CL;)

        • Enganche : careful of what you wish for bro. Considering bauza’s capabilities of player selections so far,i wouldn’t be too surprised if he calls up lucho gonzalez for the nxt match as a replacement for biglia lol.

          Now that would give me a serious stroke and a heart attack simultaneously

          • Lol I know but notice I said younger version of Lucho so I should be off the hook 🙂 With Bauza you never know though, the likes of Tevez, Demichelis, Gago seem to be one phone call away from the NT.

            Lavezzi, whom I like and appreciate, has not played in a while and the fact that he is playing in China is not even that big of a deal but his lack of playing time is a concern. Is he being called because of his locker room value and the entertainment factor that he brings? How else can you explain that?

            Bauza called up Buffarini, Acuña, Pizarro, Enzo and Musacchio which is a step in the right direction (whether or not they will play is another question). However, he also made a baffling decision to select Andujar over Rulli, and seems to prefer Mas over Tagliafico just because Mas is taller. Go figure. He also called Roncaglia who was torn apart by Messi and Neymar the other day. Why do we need Roncaglia?

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