Diego Maradona, Pablo Aimar to attend U20 draw


Diego MARADONA and Pablo AIMAR will both be attending the U20 World Cup draw next week.

With Argentina having qualified for the U20 World Cup this summer in South Korea, two Argentine legends will be taking part in the ceremony for the group stage draw. Diego MARADONA won the tournament back in 1979 while Pablo AIMAR won it back in 1997 with Jose PEKERMAN as coach. The draw will be held at the Suwon Artrium on 15 March 2017.

Diego Maradona and Pablo Aimar
Diego Maradona and Pablo Aimar will both attend the U20 World Cup draw.

FIFA and LOC statement:

“We are very pleased to announce that two of the biggest stars from the history of the FIFA U-20 World Cup will take part in the draw for this year’s competition. This will be a fantastic inspiration for the football stars of the future and the fans who will come together in Korea Republic two months from now.”


“It is with great emotion that I will travel to Korea Republic to take part in the draw. It will take me back to where it all started for me, with my first major title in 1979. The U-20 World Cup is the pinnacle for every young player and hopefully this year we will see the Maradonas and Aimars of the future.”

Pablo AIMAR:

“I feel very honoured to be taking part in this event. I have very fond memories of the tournament we won in 1997. It meant the kick-off of a great footballing career for me and for many of my team-mates.”

The quotes are courtesy of FIFA.com.

Argentina, along with Ecuador, Uruguay and Venezuela are the four teams from South America which qualified for the tournament. The U20 World Cup will take place frim May 20 until June 11 in South Korea.


  1. I was torn between either Barcelona or PSG going through. The only reason I wanted Barcelona to go through was the fact that Real Madrid and Ronaldo is still in the UCL, and you know, Cristiano haven’t done anything all season but if Real Madrid won the UCL this season the club and their marketing team will find a way to give him the BDOR over Messi. So at the end of the day, I was glad when Di Maria and Cavani miss their opportunities on goal.

    The Suarez pk was shady, the Neymar penalty was correct, the PSG defender used his head/body as a barrier to block Neymar so that he couldn’t get around him, especially at the time when the defender slipped, he had no other choice but to put his head in Neymar direction.

    PSG basically had the Brazilian national team CB pairing minus Miranda.

  2. Messi needs to learn his lesson well… Di Maria, Higuain, Aguero are not his true friends. He should discard them now atleast… knowing their true colours. As stated by Di Maria ‘they are friends of Madrid’ (no wonder Real Madrid ‘perez on ronaldo’s instruction’ called him before the world cup 2014 final and told this stupid chicken not to play)… thinking Messi might win the world cup and become the greatest ever.
    Messi needs to learn to drag a team to the finish line even on crucial matches just like Neymar showed us all how its done…

    • Chalz, you’re into conspiracy theories now? The 2014 world cup is over man, just move on! What now, was it was Real Madrid and Perez that made Argentina failed in every world cup since 1986? Or was it Perez that got Argentina eliminated from the group stage during the 2002 world cup?

      • “The 2014 world cup is over man, just move on! What now:

        their is a saying and that is
        “those who fail to learn from their mistakes are condemned to repeat them”
        have we moved on as a n/t since 2014?-no not at all, some small changes but the bulk of the same old shirt starters are still their, the afa is still a mess and we still are a one man team in messi-no messi is no hope at all.

        simply put we are still stuck in the past in all respects from players to the administration-its still a shambles.

        • Dude, Argentina football at the world cup was nothing from 1994-2010. So please enough of your condescending comments towards the coaches and players. And what was the results for 20 years before the 2014 world cup? How many semifinals or finals did Argentina made over 24 years prior to the 2014 world cup?

          If we didn’t have this team Argentina wouldn’t have made it to a world cup final in over 24 years, PERIOD!

          All the blah, blah, blah, doesn’t change reality. The guys you’re hating on took us to a final which eluded Argentina for 24 YEARS! So blah this and blah that is just empty rhetoric.

          A. If it wasn’t for Di Maria, no world cup quarterfinal

          B. If it was for Higuain MOTM performance against Belgium no world cup semifinal.

          C. If it wasn’t for Romero and Mascherano, no world cup final.

          Now kindly back up your arguments with facts instead of talking about, the coaches, ”doing the same thing over and over, blah blah blah!!”

          The FACT of the matter is; this is Argentina greatest generation in the last 24 years!! FACT! FACT! What you said does not change realty PERIOD!

          And when this generation retires, Argentina will not be a threat to majority of the team in South America! FACT!

          This current crop of youth teams and younger players are the weakest Argentina have produce in a generation. FACTS, FACTS!!!

          Young Cambiasso and Gago were Real Madrid players at very young age! Young Mascherano at his first world cup was already one of the best midfielders in world football without setting a foot on European soil!

          20-year-old Higuain was a Real Madrid player. 22 years old Di Maria was a Real Madrid player.

          What do we have now? Where are Argentina best young players at right now? All spread across mediocre club or either riding the bench across Europe!!

          Fact is, the guys you people want to replace the current players cannot compete with Europe Best players, FACTS!!

          None of these below average Argie players will make a mark in Russia of all places, FACTS! Majority of Argentina so call ‘’best young players’’ are not playing in European top competition on a regular basis except Dybala, FACTS!

          Where are the newer Argentina generation that should be making their mark on Europe biggest stage?

          It’s hard to replace this current generation as the coach put it, another FACT!!

  3. Many time discussed here. But still…why we need to play 4 at back when we don’t have best players at the position. We had many CB playing at their best. Why can’t we shift to the 3 CB formation?

    Otamendi,Fazio,Rojo,Musachio,Garay,Mori…CB list goes on. We have many talent players in that position.

      • I would go with,


        They are the best 3 Argentine CBs in this season.

        We don’t have many options in DM position. So Mascherano has to play in DM position.

        Musachio-Garay-Mori can be backup.

  4. While we have the draw U-20 WC next week no doubt the team needs a few reinforcements. Maybe Alexis Messidoro loan from Boca to Bolivian Sport Boys is one of the best possibilities. Yesterday match was involved in every of 3 goals of the club in Copa Libertadores (including goal and assist).

  5. Mascherano admitted in an interview that the Di Maria miss was a penalty cause he fouled him. The referee was a disgrace. It seemed a clear penalty even at first sight.

    • That was some old school Argentine by hook or crook dirty defending by Mascherano.But What impressed me the most is the fact that El Jefe probably knew by experience that everyones’ ref, fans most players eyes would be focused on Di Maria shooting for goal in those split seconds and took his chance with minimal touch just enough to put off his countryman. Hope this situation doesn’t happen with the NT, especially, in a WC game though.

  6. Is it the night Neymar takes over? Its been coming for last few games. He basically dragged a downed team in last 7 mins. This is the attitude missing, never give up. This is something missing in Messi, sometimes I think. If he falls behind, he does not have the mentality. This is what I feel about every Argentine player. Not skills but the never say die attitude. There was still quite a bit of time left in the WC final. Just did not see it.

    • I can see that in Tevez only. Plus, though ‘ve not seen him much in die hard games like yesterday,i also think Dybala has that trait too.

  7. What is this Sandy guy talking about, PSG losing had nothing to do with Di Maria, how can you be up by 4 goals and concede 6? And when PSG score to make it 3-1 that should have been the series in PSG favor.

    Now back to Di Maria, it’s when he came on the whole complex of the game change for PSG because they were on the back foot for the whole time and could get anything going in attack until Di Maria came on and created tons of space for the other players. And it’s not like Cavani didn’t miss two easy chance which would have put away the series. Always trying to hate on Di Maria but you disappear and didn’t made a comment when he scored two goals in the first leg.

    It’s time you actually know what you’re talking about. PSG bottle a 4-0 lead, their is no excuse for that, PSG defense let them down not the their attackers.

    • First please read my comment properly. I have not said that it is due to di maria only dat psg has lost. I have written that, “psg had a bad game”. Which means all the players and the coach are responsible for their loss. I am concerned about maria bcause he wears our NT shirt and an argentine fan cannot ignore his attitude.

      Maria created tons of space? Really? In fact the space was always there but d psg players have failed to use it. Maria was brought in to exploit this but he failed miserably. That is d truth.
      Psg tried to change d tempo in the second half and immediately after the second half, they had a few moves even before maria came. It doesnt have anything to do with marias coming.
      Maria showed the same nasty attitude against Columbia by trying to score himself when two of our players were waiting in the box. How do you jusify that?

      Having a good game once in a bluemoon is not that great! We have better players who performs more/very consistently.

      • Sandy I can’t have a football discussion with you. Take your Di Maria personal vendetta else where. Maybe you should stick to cricket.

      • and what a chance d/m had to score but…..most of the time these day under pressure he does not stand up enough at all.

        d/m has been an average player since the end of season 2014 as this was his last real period of being constant and that was when he played a big part for real.m success, still today and 3 years later their are flashes of brilliance but he is far far to inconsistent to be considered world class and does not deserve to be in the n/t team the way he plays these days.

    • I agree that PSG played a lousy game. Rabiot was excellent in Paris and a nobody who gave possession away time and time again in Spain. PSG does however have an excuse: the referee. His decisions were terrible. Both penalties were no penalties, but dives from Neymar and Suarez. Neymar should have had a red card for kicking a player without the ball (when it was 3-1) and Mascherano should have gotten a red card for fouling Di Maria from behind. PSG should have had a penalty. It was a spectacular game, but the referee let Barcelona win.

  8. Off topic
    Just cant help writing this much after watching barca vs psg. Let it be the national team or any club in the world, if there is one person in the whole world who should be no where near a team, it is di maria. No other player in the world is as selfish as him. PSG had a bad game. But di marias selfish attitude is pricking my mind again and again as an argentine fan. Once he didnt pass the ball to draxler who was well placed, second time to cavani both of which could have ended up in goal (not to mention how he was dispossessed in key areas)!

    • Couldn’t agree more, Di Maria is an extremely frustrating player. Congrats to Barcelona’s greatest ever come back in Champions League history. That was amazing as a football fan to watch.

        • that is d/m biggest problem is knowing when to hold it and knowing when to pass it etc and that will not change.
          he is one who should not be in the n/t these days as his best days are past,id say pre w/c 14 was his last real best days in the shirt.

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