Lucas PRATTO and Ramon “Wanchope” ABILA score in Brazil


Lucas PRATTO and Ramon “Wanchope” ABILA scored for their clubs in Brazil.

The man fighting against Gonzalo HIGUAIN for Argentina’s number 9 spot, Lucas PRATTO added yet another goal to his growing tally for Sao Paulo. PRATTO scored for legendary Brazilian club in their 3-1 win against ABC. The goal was his fourth in four games for his new club and gives BAUZA something to think about heading into this month’s World Cup Qualifiers.

Lucas Pratto Celebration Sao Paulo
Lucas Pratto Celebration Sao Paulo

Lucas PRATTO’s goal:

Still in Brazil, the man slowly gaining recognition, Ramon “Wanchope” ABILA scored for Cruziero in their 2-0 win against Murici in the Brazilian Cup.

Wanchope’s goal:


  1. pratto is a fantastic plan b, he works hard and can actually score some goals but its way past time kun was gone and lav is either picked as a mid player or not at all because as an actual striker he does not deliver the goals and that is what a striker is supposed to do.

    I still don’t trust hig but maybe with his report with dybala at club level he can find the goal scoring touch he has for club again for the n/t.

    this is how it should be: kun out and lav into the mid (hes more effective then di maria)their and that now leaves 2 places upfront open for grabs up and icardi should be one and the other is?

    • Even if Higuain has good understanding with Dybala and this is the only argument to use Higuain one more time:

      1. I’m not sure Bauza will play with Dybala in starting eleven so what for Higuain

      2. Theoretically we may make use of understanding the two but to be honest presence of Dybala on the pitch has nothing to behaviour of Higuain when he is in front of goal, one on one with goalkeeper in most important games as it was in our finals. His mentality is weak and I see in his eyes fragility when it comes to crucial moments. If there’s no any changes in his psychic since last final no matter how many chances they will make with Dybala because Higuain will lost all of them.

      We need more ugly duckling like Pratto who knows what means to have fight for my place in NT and not to have guarantee.

      • If Dybala does not in fact start then Pratto should definitely be preferred to Higuian. Dybala’s potential understating and chemistry with Higuian is simply an excuse for some of us to perhaps even subconsciously justify Higuain’s presence. Otherwise his inclusion in the team is just too traumatic for us to see.

          • I think Ansaldi is also not getting any playing time in Inter! It means that Inter has only one Argentine player regularly playing (Icardi) for them! Palacio is also bench warmer (but not a surprise in his case) so is Carrizo. Inter used to be a better place for Argentineans.

    • Bauza will also think like this. Messi has good chemistry with Higuain. Dimaria played with Higuain at Real(and NT many years) and Dybala is playing with Higuain at Juve now. So pick those 4 up front. Everything will be fantastic….until the pressure mount and Higuain miss open chances again in BIG games…:)

      I will prefer Pratto over Higuain and Aguero. Icardi is the only player I would like at CF position if not Pratto..!

    • How Pratto is different from other Argentine CF..?

      IMO…he’s more physical, height, good on aerial ability(can be utilized on both sides), hard working, tireless, mentally strong, good on penalties…etc.

      He looks old…but believe me…hes younger than Messi and Higuain..!


      Best line up for Argentina?

          • Never heard or read anybody outside of Mundo talking about these average Argie players..

          • glued: agreed and its sadly the case of still just picking “the names” as opposed to the best fit to a system and that ladies and gents is why we are stunk were we are today.

        • I preferred Piatti…because IMO, he is the only player suitable for that position. A player who can score goals, assists, cross, and defend. He’s quick too. I can’t see many names there.

          Top Argentina players who have better goal/assist ratio in this season(league) are;

          Messi 62 minutes for a goal/assists.
          Icardi 90 minutes for a goal/assists.
          Piatti 95 minutes for a goal/assists.
          Higuain 97 minutes for a goal/assists.

          Piatti had just 21 shots..15 on target and 8 goals(Better ratio than almost all top strikers). Don’t forget he has 8 assists as well.

          • I always liked Piatti, he has been consistent for many years now, first at Valencia and now at Espanyol. I think he one of the bet Argentines to ever play for Valencia, after Kempes, Ayala, Kily Gonzalez, Claudio Lopez, Aimar and Banega. I think he deserves a call. Surely he is not worse than Angel Correa for example.

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