Lionel MESSI, Javier MASCHERANO pull off Barcelona history


Lionel MESSI and Javier MASCHERANO made history last night with FC Barcelona.

No team had ever done it but no team has quiet had the same success as this Barcelona team over the past 10 years. Lionel MESSI, who didn’t have the best of matches, still had the calmness to score a very important penalty kick for his team to give then a 3-0 lead.

What later happened, I’m sure you’ve all heard and seen by now. MASCHERANO played a massive game, was everywhere but extremely lucky not to give up a penalty on fellow Argentina Angel DI MARIA. Barcelona and Argentina’s number 14 confessed after the match that he did touch DI MARIA as Angel was looking to pull off his shot.

DI MARIA, who was not 100%, came on as a substitute for the French club. Meanwhile, Javier PASTORE was left out and did not play.

Lionel Messi Barcelona PSG
Lionel Messi celebrates Barcelona’s winning goal against PSG with the fans.

Here’s the full video of MESSI celebrating with the Barcelona fans.

The goals:


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  3. So let’s take out Messi, Masche, Di Maria, Aguero, Higuaín, Zabaleta, Pastore, and Otamendi from the UCL, now tell me, apart from Dybala, where is the next generation of Argentinean player’s representation in the UCL coming from?

    I keep on reading here on how Argentina has the best young players, so why is it that Dybala is the only U23 player for Argentina playing at a high level in the UCL? What happen to these gem of a player, the so call greatest young generation since slice bread?

    Oh wait, representing the likes West Ham, Torino, Granada, wishy washy Inter Milan (apart from Banega who proved himself in European football), Watford are now the teams that should be the corner stone of the Argentina national senior team?

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