Edgardo BAUZA: “We try to make MESSI feel comfortable”


Argentina National Team coach Edgardo BAUZA spoke at a press conference on Monday.

Edgardo BAUZA took to the press ahead of Argentina’s upcoming World Cup Qualifier on Tuesday against Bolivia. The coach spoke about a number of topics including Lionel MESSI, playing at altitude, players and more. Here’s what he had to say:

The team:

“Since I took charge, the most important has been communicating with the players. To transmit my ideas. Generally speaking, I am happy with what we have done. We will get better with time. Argentina plays to win, we try to win every match and we plan according to the opponent. Defensively, the team played well against Chile, who didn’t create much.”

Against Bolivia and altitude:

“We want to win in La Paz but we know it’s not easy. Playing at altitude is difficult. Bolivia is going to play like they always do at home. They’ll attack from the wings. We have to play a smart match and not run from one side of the pitch to the other. The problem at altitude are the last 20 minutes. We have to see how we will be, both in terms of the play and physically. When we get to the altitude, we will give the players paracetamol (to relieve headaches) to avoid headaches.”

Javier PINOLA:

“PINOLA can play either as a center back or as a full back. He knows the group. I considered him as the best option.”

Lionel MESSI:

“We try to make MESSI feel comfortable. For the team to give him the ball where he can unbalance the opposition.”

World Cup qualification:

“My first goal is to qualify for the World Cup. After that, we’ll have more time to plan. In South America, it’s more difficult to qualify for the World Cup. It’s not easy, the players have pressure to win and they’re dealing with it well. Maybe they’re losing the ball but it doesn’t worry me too much because that is something that can be worked on.”


“Paulo DYBALA’s club knows. He has recovered well and will make the bench.”


  1. as tweeted by roy

    “The AFA asked the Argentina players to pay for their flights and food during the 2016 Copa America. Literally, AFA have no money”

    what a fuk.n mess and why are heads not rolling at the Afa past and present, essentially its a criminal matter and people need to be made accountable but sadly who is looking after the Afa…Fifa…corrupt leading the corrupt so dont expect any action or answers-ever.

  2. Lets get the precious 3 points and get the hell outta dodge and I don’t care how, pretty, rough, ugly, nasty……who cares at this moment in time.

  3. This should/would of been my Argentina 2018 WC squad:

    Romero, Rulli, Marchesin

    Rojo, FunesMori, Otamendi, Peruzzi, Mercado, Garay, Roncaglia

    Mascherano, Biglia, Banega, Lamela, Parades, Di Maria, Kranevitter

    Messi, Icardi, Dybala, Correa, Vietto, Calleri

    • Jonathan calleri you mean?…aka higuain 2.0…for worst type…
      Messi surrounding by that attackers?..messi has good side and bad side..he is unique..such as his grown hormone syndrome…he demand to call lavezzi for make him fun
      But thats fine..if argentina make it (russia)

  4. I feel like we all know how the subs will go tomorrow…

    1) Enzo Perez will come off for either Kun Aguero or Dybala

    2) Guido Pizarro off for Angel Correa/or either Kun/Dybala

    3) Lucas Pratto off for Lucas Alario

    • Lol:) I’m very sad to see how NT is run and have stop commenting anything as it is of no use. Going by how AFA is run, I won’t be surprised if Messi has to pay for Bozo.

  5. So far what I realized from his press conferences is that he is very good with his words. I mean he could seriously run for office, he is that good. He lies, he gives you what you want to hear and at the end of the day he does nothing like he says!

    I mean thats a politician right?

  6. Oh well then that’s great. He’s not worried that we lose the ball that much. He said he’s going to work on it. Why we were ever worried about this – guys bauza has this!
    Can someone please pull the fucking trigger.

    • I’m trying hard to buy what he just said but considering the matches that we’ve played and shown “significant” improvement, I rather not put any hopes at all

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