Lionel MESSI could be sanctioned and miss Bolivia Qualifier


The news coming out of South America is that Lionel MESSI could be sanctioned.

Following Argentina’s 1-0 World Cup Qualifying win against Chile, Lionel MESSI was seen swearing at the third official. There were initial reports that MESSI could be sanctioned but Fox Sports Argentina reported that the referee did not include the altercation in his match report.

Report to FIFA:

However, news coming out of South America and Argentina is that the Chilean federation have sent the video of MESSI swearing to FIFA. The AFA have been notified and we will find out tomorrow if MESSI will play against Bolivia or not.


    • Dybala is coming off an injury, it wouldn’t be a good idea to start him in La Paz from the get go, suppose he pull up with just 10-15 minutes on the clock? That would be a wasted opportunity and a wasted substitution leaving the coach with just two substitute player at height in La Paz. Dybala would be more effective coming on for Argentina like 15-20 minutes before the 90 minutes is over, more like when the Bolivian players are tired. Why play all your good cards at the beginning of the game especially when Bolivia will be running from start to finish? We need key players coming off the bench too, Dybala will be way more effective coming off the bench than Aguero in the latter stage of the game because Aguero can’t seems to dribble pass any defender nowadays. Argentina need an ace coming off the bench and that is Dybala for me. Dybala can start in a more favorably venue at Montevideo against Uruguay. You don’t want Dybala running at altitude under 4 pm heat from the get go especially with his recent injury.

      • “Dybala is coming off an injury”

        unless the medical team say hes not fit to play then he should because guess what? in a few days time juv will play him all game.

        these are professional players with the best help and advice money can buy, its simple if you are fit enough to be on the bench then you should be fit enough to start as who knows when you take the field in a game it could be min 1 or min 90 and we owe juv nothing at all, this is all about the Argentina national team and getting us to the world cup no matter what.

        its called priorities and Argentina is a priority, juv are not at all for us, with messi looking like hes out we need Dybala more then ever if hes passed fit and so far he has been.

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