Argentina coach Edgardo BAUZA: “We are still alive”


Argentina National Team coach Edgardo BAUZA held a press conference following Argentina’s 2-0 World Cup Qualifying loss to Bolivia.

With the Argentina National Team players not speaking to the media, it was the coach who held a press conference. Argentina were without Lionel MESSI and lost once more when their captain wasn’t there but the coach affirms that the team is still alive. Here’s what he had to say:

The match:

“We tried to be the protagonists against Bolivia, we were a slightly better in the second half. Bolivia won well. We have to think about what is coming. We are alive and dream about qualifying for the World Cup.”

“We’re very firm with the players. We are worried about the injury to FUNES MORI. Hopefully it’s not serious.”

“We know that this is going to be a fight and we will continue fighting.”

The players:

“In the first half, the team wasn’t able to control the ball like in the second half. The ones who had to play, played. We went with who we thought were the best at the moment.”


  1. As we all know that getting back into the top 4 spots for the WC is tough but obviously not lost, NOT by a long shot but winning the games left is a key. It pains me a great deal to see the success the Brazil been having since their new coach and will get even worse after they Pass ARGENTINA on the World’s ranking next month but they did it by playing great…….how else can I put it, unlike the snitching fucking Chileans who have no shame and I hope will have 2 points taken away from them.

    Did I mention that I hope that country breaks off the continent and sink into the Pacific?

  2. Argentina had more possession, more over all shots and more shots on target than Bolivia, all this under the horrendous conditions in La Paz. After observing yesterday game, Argentina would have easily won the game with Messi on the pitch given the way how Pizarro, Di Maria and Banega were playing. Chile knew what they were doing when their people had FIFA banned Messi several hours before the Bolivia game got started. Chile is a very powerful force in CONMEBOL these days unlike the AFA. The AFA, what was one of the world most powerful football federation (even with the lingering corruption of the past) is now a laughing disgrace to the entire footballing world.

    I was a stubborn Argentina fan for many years, always pretending that we had the best players in every position ever to walk on planet earth, not anymore, I have gotten pass those days. The Argentina FA has been carried by the Argentina star players for the longest while now, players sacrificing their own personal money to get the team needed resources, just imagine if these players were depending on a check from the AFA? Now you see why majority of the Argentina players show more loyalty to their respective clubs than the Argentina national team because it’s the club teams who take care of the players and their families when it’s all said and done. Did the AFA even pay Tata Martino for the six months they owed to him? I can assure you that Tata Martino got more paid in one month from Atlanta United FC than he did in an entire year with Argentina!

    We as fans expect much from Buaza because he is getting a lavish pay check and a lavish life style from the AFA? This is not the case! Argentina will continue to hire mediocre coaches because the AFA cannot afford anyone else! I have given up on the entire Argentina national team being run by a disastrous federation.

    Over the years, even has Argentina national team disappointed me at senior FIFA tournaments, the youth teams have always given me a sense of hope in the future of Argentinean football because they were consistently winning youth tournaments and exporting youth players (not only attackers) to some of the biggest clubs in the world.

    Argentina haven’t replaced the likes of Riquelme and Aimar up to this day and it’s obviously clear that when this generation call it a day the already corrupt and incompetent AFA that is holding onto a piece of thread will finally go under to obscurity.

    Our best young players in Europe are not even consider as a part of Europe best young players apart from Dybala and Icardi! The likes of Correa should never put on an Argentina shirt because he is an average player, with decent dribbling skill, that is not hard to defend against. And you wonder why Correa sits on the bench at Atletico Madrid, at his age, this should have been his time to explode on the European/international stage! But no, French striker Gameiro is ahead of him, who is also older than him, I thought being young was a plus for a football player.

    Seriously, Argentina future is in the hands of who? Lanzini, Correa (Sevilla), Kraneviiter, Correa (Atletico), Vietto (who has lost his place to Jovetic of all players), Walter Montoya, Ascacíbar, Lucas Ocampos, Bruno Zuculini, Emanuel Mammana, Maximiliano Romero, Ezequiel Barco etc.? Argentina football future is bleak compare to the other national teams nowadays and even the weaker football nations are passing Argentina by who are still stuck in 1978 and 1986. I can go on a limb and say that there are no current eighteen-year-old Argentinean football player that is as good as Christian Pulisic! When was the last time Argentina had a serious young emerging talented player on the national stage or club stage?

    The last time Argentina played consistently good football was at the 2004 Copa America, the 2004 Olympics, the 2006 world cup and the 2007 Copa America; since then, Argentina has regressed as a team, it’s more about individualism these days than team effort. Argentina right now does not have a playing philosophy or an identity, if you ask me what kind of football Argentina play on the pitch I can’t tell you, it’s either play for Messi, make sure Messi is happy or build a team around Messi! This is why team figure out Argentina so easy, stop Messi and you halt the entire Argentina team, which was the case against Brazil during the three to zero defeat couple months ago. How long now has Argentina been trying this strategy now? Every Argentina national senior team coach approach has been this way since 2010, please go back to the José Pékerman playing philosophy where Argentina play as a team and not for an individual. Argentina made 25 world class pass against Serbia at the 2006 world cup before Cambiasso scored, everything looks so synchronize and beautiful. It’s sad to see how Argentina play nowadays compare to the Spanish national team because I don’t think how Spain is playing today is more beautiful than how the Argentina national teams use to play from 2004-2007. The likes of Silva (a former Valencia youth player) and Isco are carbon copies of Aimar style of play, Spain started and is continuing to produce midfielders today that Argentina was producing a decade and a half ago! Argentina has no quality/world class midfielder to collaborate with the attacking players around today, creating chances for our strikers are always few, and far between.

  3. bozo has to go without a doubt-now and i know the Afa cant afford to pay him out (i dont imagine it would be a big payout as hes only contracted until the end of the quif’s) as some have pointed out but the cost of missing the w/c will be massive financially and the Afa simply cant afford to miss the w/c for the money reason alone.

    • I think thats the fire the AFA is feeling behind their back.

      “The cost of missing the w/c will be massive financially and the Afa simply cant afford to miss the w/c for the money reason alone.”

      They will do anything and everything to not miss the world cup because the paycheck is huge and if we do miss the world cup, there are other matters like sponsors etc. So I think they will fire Boz. I’m not sure Weather or not they will go for Sampaoli or any other qualified coach. Because there are always some cheaper options – like Russo or Lombardi lol

  4. Today in a few hours Claudio Tapia will be elected the new President of AFA.Angelici the President of Boca Juniors will be 2nd in charge.Angelici came out just an hour ago and said Bauza was hired by Armando Perez and therefore will be reevaluated, he also denied to have talked to Sevilla about Sampaoli.
    Let’s see what happens in the next days.

  5. sacking is conformed or not…. plz tell guys… this idiot… and some of his fans dont know about football…. if he stays… some fuking freek guys will blame messi…. and his call up players… are amazing…. if i was in argentina… i will protest against this headless chicken…. and corner runner dimaria… pratto carrizo… pinella… i think if he stays he will play himself in argentina 11 because he only just 60

  6. “We are worried about the injury to FUNES MORI”
    Bauza is worried about Funes Mori as if it costs us a lot and there are no other central defenders at the moment!

    “In the first half, the team wasn’t able to control the ball like in the second half”. He could have simply said, “we could not control the ball at all”. 🙂

  7. Fans around the world have sneered at the insolvent AFA, the incompetent NT managers (i.e. Maradona~Bauza), the brainless NT players, the corrupted Argentina media, and those who treat Lionel Messi like a debtor.

    Argentine football fans think younger generation players are something else. They will come down to earth and face reality as time goes by.

    Ordinary people want a happy ending and ordinary football fans in the world want to watch Messi lift the World Cup trophy. It won’t happen though because everything in Argentina is a mess.

    • I actually don’t need to look at his track record to know that Bauza is dumb and crap. The very simple fact that Bauza accepted the job with the shambolic state that is AFA already shows that Bauza is dumb and crap. It’s one fricking big appalling mess from head to toe.

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