Diego MARADONA: “Four matches for MESSI is a lot”


In a lengthy radio interview with La Oral Deportiva, Diego MARADONA spoke about a number of things including Lionel MESSI’s suspension.

Speaking on the radio, MARADONA commented on Lionel MESSI’s suspension and how he had nothing to do with it, the current state of Argentine football and more. Here’s what he had to say:

Lionel MESSI:

“The sanction to Lio (MESSI) is exagerated. In American football, they talk with their hands in front of their mouths. What happened with MESSI and the linesman was seen. MESSI’s absence was key. It’s like taking Cristiano out of Portugal… It’s a team that can be beat. With MESSI it’s one thing and without him it’s another. Lionel will go through two and gives it his all. It hurts me when they say that I had an influence in MESSI getting suspended for four matches. I swear to God I knew nothing. I started to investigate and MESSI’s sanction started in CONMEBOL. I’m going to talk to INFANTINO because it’s terrible.”

“Four matches for MESSI is a lot and while the words were harsh, for me, it looks like it can be changed. Those who say I had something to do with MESSI’s four game suspension were part of TINELLI’s group of people. It’s easier to speak with Mauricio MACRI (Argentina president) than with MESSI. I’ve called MESSI a lot of times to talk but never got a response back. MESSI’s a great guy who doesn’t complain about anything, trains… He’s like a teddy bear with his team mates.”

“I think MESSI’s words were in the heat of the moment. I compare it to the headbutt by ZIDANE to MATERAZZI. Without MESSI, Argentina’s qualification to the World Cup is very complicated. To those who say I had something to do with MESSI getting the four game suspension, I want to clarify that I will speak to INFANTINO.”

The matches against Bolivia:

“I lost 6-1 in La Paz… I thought the team would go out there and run but they stayed still the entire match. Playing at altitude is not easy. Bolivia played a good match on a horrible pitch. Today, Argentina are in the playoffs and Argentine football is not on the rise. They played poorly in Bolivia. BAUZA will have to work on it. Against Bolivia, the Argentine shirt was black: No responsibility, played without heart.”

The Argentina shirt:

“Regarding those wearing it, we’re worried about the feeling they have wearing the Argentina shirt. When we would wear the Argentina shirt, we had it tattoo’d onto us. Yesterday we were the All Blacks (rugby team) and not a football team. When Luis ISLA and I put on the Argentina shirt, it didn’t change colors. It wasn’t black. We have good players, enough to form a team to properly represent Argentina. Today, Argentina is a flat, dead end team with defenders who get exposed and a midfield who doesn’t cover. It’s not possible that MESSI, AGUERO, ROMERO or OTAMENDI don’t play with Argentina the same way they play with their clubs. Argentina has to defend the prestige it has had since MENOTTI. It has cost us a lot to be recognized in the world.”

“With Boca, RONACGLIA would win headers… And yesterday, he stood still in the middle of the rain. ROMERO is a sensational goalkeeper… But yesterday on the second goal, he should have put his chest out and gone for it. BAUZA has to continue. Don’t doubt me on that.”

“It’s not that travelling changes your head: The players in Europe are the same ones that play in Argentina. Playing in Argentina meant representing my mother, my father and the Argentine’s who eat once a day and not twice a day. I’ll never betray my flag and spit on the Argentina shirt.”

Edgardo BAUZA and the AFA:

“BAUZA was wrong in changing Argentina just like at one time BIANCHI, MENOTTI or BILARDO were wrong. After the 6-1 in La Paz, the players told me that we were going to qualify… I don’t know if that was the case yesterday with BAUZA. Meeting a coach in Argentine football is difficult. I don’t know if BAUZA is supported or not.”

“I don’t agree with TINELLI nor VERON regarding the new AFA. Neither TINELLI nor VERON can find solutions to what’s going on in Argentina. If they hold an election and it’s a draw… We’re left being ridiculed in front of the entire world. VERON doesn’t know if he’s president, coach, footballer or entrepreneur.”

“Who are they going to put as Argentina coach now? Argentine’s a hot iron… Today it’s BAUZA and he has to go endure it.”

“I want to speak to Chiqui TAPIA (new AFA president) as soon as possible.”

“I’m going to meet with INFANTINO in Bahrain and as always, I’ll tell him what I think.”


  1. what an idiot you are mr Carlos Dibos on Messi:
    “He has to feel the shirt, to know what it represents, that we want the best. Diego represented that, Lio doesn’t.”
    but at least you are correct on this

    “Carlos Dibos, one of Alfio Basile’s coaching staff for Argentina between 2006 and 2008, appeared on TyC sports on Thursday evening and said: “We have to end the friends club”
    “There are seven or eight players who have completed their cycle,” suggest Dibos and including Mascherano among them, the former physical coach said, “he [Mascherano] is the one who selects the list of friends.””

  2. Deigo Simeone really does have something about Messi… now his bro-in-law speaks against messi. But i felt he said the truth.
    But we love Messi… but he definitely needs to change… its now or never.
    See Messi is quiet about the coach for Argentina… well he could have told Tapia that he needs Sampaoli… but he is quiet 🙁
    Sampaoli does not look eager to coach Argentina but wants to coach Barcelona… he minced words and said yesterday… ‘i want to coach messi daily’ – meant he wanted Barcelona not Argentina…
    Argentina looks cursed really bad. All doors shut. Wondering why and how such a big curse.

  3. Kylian Mbappe is included in France U20 world cup squad. France is the clear favorite if Mbappe plays for them, and not only him, there are plenty of French youth players representing PSG in official games this season who will likely make the French youth world cup team. With the likes of Uruguay, Portugal, Germany and the talented youth African teams all ahead of Argentina, it looks like we’re steering down another youth world failure.

    • This is not much representative. Do you think Brazil will fall into depression in upcoming years just because their U-20 team hadn’t qualified to WC? I don’t think so. Nations like Brazil or Argentina always will have enough talents. Decisive factor is right coach and all mnagement of organization. Just 2 years ago (after WC and Copa) I had been heard again and again from commentators that Brazil source of talents is dried. Now we see what happens. Nothing of the kind. Good coach, better selection… The same with Argentina: need good coach, smart selection, law-abiding federation.

      • But yes, France U-20 is favourite on paper no doubt. Portugal too. Uruguay is not better than Argentina. Remember the first game against them on Sudamericano. The second was determined by red card.

  4. i see now maradona is finally screaming about how messi ban as to long, he had nothing to do with it and how is has some thing special planned for fifa who are xx xx but me thinks its a lot to late mr maradona.

    any way how about a double poll some thing like
    do you want bozo(bauza) to be fired yes or no
    will the Afa actually fire bozo yes or no.

    the 1st will almost be in total agreement but the 2nd would be interesting.

  5. (1) Nobody wants to work for free.
    (2) Nobody wants to work with stubborn elderly.
    (3) Nobody wants to work for ungrateful persons.
    Thus, intelligent men will be reluctant to coach the Argentina NT.
    And, the AFA will not hire a smart man with a good reputation.
    Perhaps, fans from all around the world will have to watch the FIFA World Cup in Russia without Lionel Messi.

    “I see that there are a lot of problems in Argentina football and I don’t want to create more. I don’t want to cause harm, on the contrary, my goal was to help in any way I could. There are many things that need to be fixed in Argentine football. But I prefer to help from inside rather than stand on the outside and criticize. A lot of things ran through my head on the day of the Copa America final. And I seriously considered leaving the team. But I love my shirt and my country too much. I want to thank all the fans who wanted me to keep playing for Argentina. I hope we can give them joy very soon.”

    I was not surprised to see Messi losing his temper at the game. No one understands the identity of Argentina football except the AFA, Maradona and Bauza now.

  6. We need few immediate changes…

    1. Fire Bauza – He is good for nothing. This man lacks temperament to be coach a team like Argentina. After winning only 2 matches out if 8 in charge, he still seems in no mode to change. He still dreams about winning world cup rather than taking actions. Even if we qualify we may not even reach in 2nd round if bauza remains our coach. But question remains who will coach without taking any fee? Suddenly I feel Tata martino is a better coach. Hiring a good coach is a priority, which is more important than reducing Messi’s ban.

    2. Include fresh blood in the team. Average age of the team is 30 and in next 2 years it would be 32. Most of the guys already lost their prime and when you cannot win anything at the age of 26/27 you simply cannot win at 32. You cannot win a world cup with any team consists of world class players (include anyone you want to like Iniesta) average age of 32. Unfortunately there are very few young world class talents in our team. Other than Dybala and Icardi none of our youngsters are world class. But still Pardes, Lanzini, Acuna, Ruli etc etc deserve a place in the team. At least these guys should be able to fight for 90 minutes which is also important. How these guys can be more motivated after losing 3 finals in 3 years?

    3. Change in midfield: I am tried to watching Mascherano and Bigila in the midfield. Over the last 4 years only 4 midfielders played in the team. mascherano-Bigila and Banega-Enzo as backup. Our coaches not even bother to look at other options in midfield. Kranevitter was tried in once or twice, that’s it. Only in Copa 2016 Agusto was tried and he did well. Even yesterday Pizarro was given his first start and he did well. Trust me if Pizarro starts with Mascherano our midfield will look more solid and we will see some movement. I won’t mind trying some good domestic players in midfield. We need midfield to win anything. Mascherano – Bigila midfield is not working anymore.

    4. Full backs: Oldie Zabaleta, Mas or Roncagilla cannot give you world cup. They are mediocre at their best. If we lack talents in this options then play with 3 men defense and increase players in midfield. Play with 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 formation. Also include Garay in the team ahead of Mori. Bring back Fedrico Fernandez, who is a regular for his club and playing week after weeks in EPL.

    Addressing these issues are more important than reducing Messi’s ban and if we can address these issues in 4 or 5 months time I am sure we will qualify directly with or without Messi.

    I am never a fan of Sampoli to be honest. Never believe that he should be able to manage Argentina they way he did for Chile, but at the moment he would be cherry on the cake. He seems only interested candidate and we should get him [as I cannot think about any other option]

  7. AFA need Euro 2 Million or so if they are to release Sampaoli from Seville… thats the thinking point for them… thats why they are breaking their head… whether to or not to… (my advise would be borrow or loot… pay the money to get him… play the world cup… repay with all the money bagged from the world cup in tv rights or sponsors or whatever)
    Messi demand to AFA that you need Sampaoli… dont close your mouth now… speak to the air once again!!!
    Messi is crazy to be silent now… his just one phone call to Tapia or Tinelli or Angelica would change things in 24 hrs – night to day (and we all could wake up to hear the good news on the coach matter) ASK FOR SAMPAOLI NOW… hope messi isnt just sitting and peeing or getting more satanic tattos on his bum… or selling his soul to the devil. (already he sold his left leg and right hand to the devil).
    Messi, why are you asking Sampaoli for Barcelona and why not for Argentina? Which is your first love – Argentina or…? Ask and it shall be given you. Ask but… Ask…

  8. Sampaoli should be the immediate choice… Berrizo for the next immediate project probably for 2022 or later.. moreover Berrizo has age on his side…
    Bielsa… we all love him but he will not take the mantle for Argentina anymore… he is joining Lyon in French League coming June. He has considered himself history for Argentina.

  9. Sampaoli did a great job with Chile and is doing fine with Sevilla, but his temper will block a move to Barcelona. He is just too hotheaded. For the national team we do not need a hothead on the sidelines. We need someone who can think and comes up with a strategy and a gameplan after studying each opponent. Berizzo, currently at Celta might just be the right candidate.

    • Sampaoli should be the immediate choice… Berrizo for the next immediate project probably for 2022… moreover Berrizo has age on his side…
      Bielsa… we all love him but he will not take the mantle for Argentina anymore… he is joining Lyon in French League coming June. He has considered himself history for Argentina.

    • And Bilardo talks about coaching… how funny… he won a world cup bcoz of Maradona and wonderful horses around Maradona …. nothing to do with his tactics or gameplan..
      we all saw Bilardo in real during Italia 90.

    • These are called midlife crisis even though he is way past that! Both him and Diego are trying very hard to be relevant when they are not.

      Football has changed and they have not. I’m sick and tired of these assholes blabbering about things that way over their head and Argentine media reporting these like some sorta holy grail.

  10. Bilardo: “(Sampaoli) is not good. He’s not a good coach or good person. He was a disaster in Chile and everyone wanted to sack him.”

    Bilardo: “The day Sampaoli takes over as @argentina coach… I will take a boat and head to Uruguay.” [@PolancoESA]

    • Fuck you, fuck off to Uruguay would be an honorable thing to do even if you’really the last WC winner Sir Bilardo. Sampaoli is not good coach because he looks down on people? Outlandish statement. What has that got to do with football? This shows how primitive thinking of old timers running football in Argentina are. OK maybe Sampaoli is not a great one but he’s better than Tata and Bauza put together. He beat us with inferior players as he came close to knocking Brazil out at home in the WC. His Sevilla team is the flying high in Spain. And we’re supposed to believe what Billardo’s senile mind is telling us is true?

      These are the corrupt buffoons who are responsible for holding Argentine football back.

    • Bilardo is the first grade traitor for Argentine football… remember what this same big nose said that Pekerman and Tocalli never achieved anything for Argentina…
      Carlos Bilardo fool stupid moron bullshit big nose – do you think Germany scouts came to watch shit during that golden youth era…
      Germany & Spain learnt many things here and made name for themselves later

  11. latest news from AFA: Tapia & Angelica whatever & one more clown – said about the meeting with Edgardo Bauza within a weeks time. To discuss the next step after listening to Bauza himself
    bauza is known for his big big mouth and lots of lies (eg Icardi call up – no.3 choice and shit)… now if bauza pulls out big big words out of his mouth… then he gets to stay and we fans get to leave or rather say kicked out for talking aginst the best coach.
    Point to note: Tinelli will be the one assigned to meet Bauza… so that means our chance of winning here is only .05% … bauza has 99.blah blah chancesof winning (as tinelli wants him to stay)
    u run from a lion (don grondona) only to meet a bear (luis segura)… u run from the bear only to meet the snake (armando perez)… u run from the snake to fall into bottomless pit (tapia and his mafia)… what shitload for a true fan.

  12. we simple fans know that Bauza is a bogus… so that means Maradona would know bauza is a bogus x10 times more… but still he says Bauza needs to stay… that gives us the enough hint that Maradona knows with bauza at the helm…messi can already wave world cup and world’s best ever tag – good bye.
    fox isn’t he …
    rather became one after seeing messi around… cheap tricks ain

  13. Why do Argentina radio stations invite Maradona to interview?
    Do the Argentines think Maradona is worth listening to?

    “It’s like taking Cristiano out of Portugal… It’s a team that can be beat.”
    Is Maradona a Cristiano fanboy?

    Portugal without Cristiano Ronaldo beat France and won the UEFA Euro 2016 Final which was hosted by France.
    Argentina without Lionel Messi is worrying that they can qualify for the 2018 World Cup.

    Maradona knows better than anyone that Messi will be rated as the greatest soccer player of all time if winning the World cup with Argentina suffering a trophy drought in more than two decades. Maradona is a crafty old devil and may sleep in peace from now on.

  14. What is the plan B now? ????

    When we thought midfielders we need in midfield less bauzas team…vs bolivia what happened we all saw…..very bad. .players also not okay in bauzas system …whether there is no midfield or not……..

    empty brain now…..very bad at the moment. …….anyone please sack Bozo. ..
    player Maradona is great. …not his comments now. …..

    Bad suspension on messi but it is also true that messi is hot by behaviour like we never seen before. ……

    oh God. .plz save us

  15. If Bauza does not go now… im done with football in total.
    But wait i said that many times… but Argentina pulls me back everytime.
    But now i feel its enough… really sad.

      • He says “Messis absence is like taking Ronaldo out of portugal.” This may prove how he is behind the ban. He is lobbying for Ronaldo as usual. For a record last time Portugal lost Ronaldo was European cup final and they won. His comparision is non sense, if any, it only shows how he was desparate in seeing messi out.

        Pique ‘n Barca are behind Messi’s back in reversing the ban while they know they are battling with mafias from Madrid headed by Perez,FIFA,always corrupted and run by mafias this time Chile is added,and even merceneries from Argentina Maradona being case in point.unbelievable yet true and very sad phenomena.

    • if you read it it says
      ” The second order of business could be the future of Edgardo Bauza and while Tapia said, “There is a coach and we have to support him,” Daniel Angelici was far more non-committal over the Argentina coach.
      “Bauza was appointed by the Normalisation Commission & we are going to evaluate, “ the Boca Juniors president stated prior to the election results.
      Rumours on Wednesday had suggested that Angelici had already been in touch with Sevilla regarding Jorge Sampaoli, something which the new vice-president flatly denied”

      • Really praying that they bring in Sampaoli in June this year after the football season is over. Pablo, i write with heart… if i write more I’ll cry. Really sad.

      • @ Pablo
        I will be happy if this was my misreading. But the article also says that Tapia had flatly denied the rumor that Angelici made any contact with Sampaoli! Also Angelici’s statement came “prior to the election results”.

        This is what makes me hopeless!

        And I am eagerly waiting for more updates!

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