Edgardo BAUZA getting grilled on Argentine TV


Edgardo BAUZA was interviewed on Argentine TV on a programme called Pasion Por El Futebol.

During the interview, BAUZA was getting grilled with various questions ranging from Ezequiel LAVEZZI to Jorge SAMPAOLI and also the possible meeting with the AFA board on Monday.

Here’s what he had to say:

On bringing in LAVEZZI who now hasn’t scored nor played well in China:

“I picked LAVEZZI because he can make a difference in 30 minutes. He knows the team very well and can unsettle the opponent, hand in hand or individually he can win us a free kick, a penalty or even a goal. So why not put him?”

On Mauro ICARDI omission for the trip to La Paz:

“ICARDI knows how I feel, we just didn’t have time to call a player from abroad so that’s we brought Lucas ALARIO along. I think he’s a good person, we had dinner and spoke about football for three hours.”

On Jorge SAMPAOLI as the next manager:

“If I’m not the coach, we have many other candidates. SAMPAOLI is not my problem.”

On the meeting with AFA President Claudio TAPIA:

“It is very likely that I will see him at Ezeiza but for me I will go to work as normal the analyze the games with the technical staff.”

“There will be a meeting with the president and the board, we will see what happens after the meeting. If they decide that I should go, I will just get up and go home. I will wish the best of luck to Argentina.”

“I still think Argentina can be World Champions, I’m still hopeful they can qualify.”


  1. Can’t wait for the verdict… fingers crossed for him to get sacked today which would reinstall our despairing hopes of qualifying and rejuvenating our beloved team.

  2. between gallardo and lanus almiron ,sampaoli maybe after russia world cup.
    for the rest matches without messi i think

    Mercado Mascherano Garay Soto

    Pizzaro Vasquez(paredes)

    Dybala Pastore Di maria


  3. Frenz, any updates on Sampaoli? Has AFA reached out to him? Has he made any comments on NT as yet..
    Any other choice other than Sampaoli is just a waste of time for us… we need Sampaoli 100%
    I don’t believe in Gallardo…
    Has Messi opened his mouth on the coach issue? He needs to throw his weight around Sampaoli… why is messi waiting? Does he want his buddy Neymar to win the world cup? Or his enemy Cristiano to win the world cup?… or the mighty Germans to steal it once again? Ask Messi Ask… now is hour…
    how long is the wait…

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