Alejandro SABELLA’s assistant talks team, ICARDI and more


Julian CAMINO, one of Alejandro SABELLA’s assistants, spoke about the Argentina National Team, Mauro ICARDI and more.

Speaking with Fox Sports, Alejandro SABELLA’s assistant commented on why they left the Argentina National Team, their experience with Argentina and more. Here’s what he had to say:

About Alejandro SABELLA:

“He’s well. His treatment is over. It’s been a crazy 5 months, he’s recovered. Hopefully we can have him on the pitch at any moment.”

Why they left the National Team after the World Cup:

“We left the National Team because money wise, it’s not too good for a coach. Alejandro was 60 and told us “Well, we’ll go to Europe for 3 or 4 years.” But unfortunately he had health problems and we couldn’t go.”

About Mauro ICARDI:

“We saw him well. We had 10 good days together. It seemes that at the time there was no problem. The truth is that he’s a great kid. He was 20 when he was with us.”

About the players in the National Team:

“The experience we had was excellent. We had some great years with them. DIBOS’ comments surprised me but everyone has their experience.”


  1. I think player selection and team formation will largely depend on our new manager. Regarding our two favorite managers – Sampaoli and Gallardo, it’s pretty much certain that some changes will come in team selection as well as in formations.

    What I like about Sampaoli is he has experience in many formations and he is never afraid to change his team fomation. His go to formation is 4-2-3-1, but he is never afraid to play a 3 men backline or 4-3-3 or even a 4-3-1-2. I have no doubt in my mind that he will make a lot of changes. But the problem is we don’t have the fullbacks or even the midfielders that he needs to play his 4-2-3-1. So it will be intriguing to see what midfielder he chooses or what system he tries. One other thing is that we don’t have many quality right footed wingers to play 3-4-3. its very difficult to play a inverted winger in a 3-4-3 and to get width. Almost all our wingers like Lanzini, Lamela, Acuna, Sevilla’s Correa or Di Maria are left footed where I have doubts over Angelito Correa’s defensive abilities. So I don’t know how a 3-4-2-1 or a 3-4-3 will work. I guess if he becomes the new manager, he will have to figure these things out!

    Our depth –

    GK: Rulli, Romero, Cabellero
    Left-Backs: Tagliafico, Vangioni, Ansaldi
    Right Backs: Mercado, Gomez, Peruzzi
    Center-Backs: Fazio, Otamendi, Mammana, Garay, Mascherano, Musacchio
    central Midfielders: Augusto Fernandez, Enzo Perez, Leandro Paredes, Krannevitter, Ascasiber.
    Left Wingers: Lanzini, Di Maria, Joaquin Correa
    Right Wingers: Roberto pereyra, Buffarinni (?)
    Number 10: Messi, Dybala
    Number 9: Icardi, Higuain, Alario

    My team would be a 4-3-1-2

    Mercado Fazio Otamendi Aansaldi
    Paredes Augusto Lanzini
    Dybala Icardi

    • I personally w’d like the NT to take a break from using’9. Messi Dybala Pastore/Dimaria can be the three attacking trios. They for one thing will make the creative role of our midfields less painful. And what is the point of using ‘9 when you ve Messi ‘n Dybala.

      Midfield draught w’d not be solved notwithstanding coaches change. Parades is good but not a solution,so is Augusto. How are they different from Biglia Maschie combo? Barring the age advantage. May be Pizarro, Peryera, Biglia/Parades can ignite the mid force.

      Mercado Otamendi Rojo

      Peryera Augusto Pizarro Dimaria


      Messi Dybala

    • my dreamed and rather original

      ..Nacho Fernandez………Lanzini


      Pity Martinez

  2. Di Maria “I’m not going to think about the rumours of the coach’s exit”.

    well my son you should as if we are double lucky and bozo goes this should also mean your n/t stint will be over.

        • he is either going to get benched or get his ass kicked. Both are good situation for us. Di Maria could be lethal when he is asked to do some specific jobs…not so much in a free role.

          i don’t think he would get any freedom under a good manager. Its a win win for us to get a motivated Di Maria in bench!

          • for me d/m needs to be gone and here is why.

            their is no doubting d/m has heart and stamina, as a athlete he has not let the n/t down-ever with both of the above attributes and always give 100% running to the n/t but this is were the problem is we njeed more then just a “runner” for the n/t, what d/m lacks is a footballing brain, how many times do we see him for the n/t run into trouble, lose the ball, play the wrong ball,does not play the ball in time ie holds on to it to long, poor crosses, scuffs shots at goal etc etc

            I don’t believe this can be fixed any more as its not like we can change his mind set at his age, its just him and this has ALWAYS been his Achilles heel with his vision/decision making or lack of, this is not new and d/m has always divided fans as if he’s an must have starter or a headless chicken.

            Its time to move on and give others a chance and players like d/m need to go as hanging on to them leads us back to the problems were are having now with the massive disconnect between the mid, wings and the striker’s, their is no point having the same players who have led us to this uncomfortable position for the n/t to be brought off the bench in an “emergency” to win or save any given game for us as they are unable to do this now, time to move on.

            for me its not at all lack of motivation its simply d/m does not have the brain these days to make those correct decisions more of turn then not.

            simply put he’s an enigma and always will be and along with near half of the team its way past time to move them on and find some possible replacements for them.

    • I’m just going to watch the game of River. If he had then it’s his 4 consecutive good game and it means a lot because consistence was his biggest problem. Martinez in form is player for NT. IMO even more than Acuna. ALthough now I want to see more of Acuna in NT.

      Martinez, Nacho Fernandez, Alario, Driussi, Benedetto, Centurion, Pavon, Peruzzi – these players of the 2 biggest Argentina clubs are real alternative for NT. Especially Nacho, Benedetto, Pity and Peruzzi.

    • That’s true. Pity was so great. He is simile to Lanzini but more talented. Just must be consistent and NT is matter of time for him,.

  3. Based on current form and skills following would make my XI:

    Goalkeeper: Geronimo Rulli.Back ups are: Romero, Werner, Damian Martinez.

    RB:Jose Luis Gomez, he is simply our most outstanding wing back.Amazing speed, acceleration, running and offensive contribution.A real spark.Mercedo will be the back up.He has proven his worth.

    RCB: Federico Fazio. He is our most in form CB. In 27 Serie A matches he was dribbled past just 8 times. He also makes numerous clearance and won aerial duel.He is very comfortable with the ball and passing, he played some matches as DM when he was younger.Back up is Otamendi even though Otamendi is not a RCB,he is a LCB.

    LCB: Marcos Rojo.Another most inform CB.He is super fast, athletic, excellent with ball for a CB.For years we lacked pace in our central defence.Rojo will solve it.Most importantly he has WC experience and age. Musacchio and Funes mori will be Alternative.

    LB: Leonel Vangioni.His first quality is he is a real left back and he is in form with AC Milan and regular starter. Good with possession and passing,regularly run forward and also defends well.Back up will be Tagliafico and Ansaldi.

    RWM: Lionel Messi.There is no back up for messi.Acuna did well running down the right flank against Bolivia and he is also in good form in Primera.

    CMF: Leandro Paredes. Good distributor of the ball, great composure,good positioning and defensive contribution, scored a couple of goal and in good form with Roma lately.22 years old,a whole of future ahead of him.Backup is Banega.

    CDM: Guido Pizarro. Good control,Good composure and great at going forward,significant defensive contribution.Alternative can be Ascacibar.

    LMF: Alejandro Gomez.One of our most in form players,in the form of his life.Perotti is the backup.

    2nd striker: Paulo Dybala.

    Main striker: Mauro Icardi.

    Formation will be 4-4-1-1.

      • I mostly agree but wait until someone comes yelling at you that 90% of these players are average at best, that they never won anything at youth level, that Biglia is head and shoulders above anybody else, that Icardi is a traitor and Tagliafico is a joke and bla, bla, bla, bla. Just saying 😉

  4. I’m not Argentinean and I won’t even pretend to act like I know more about Argentinean football or politics than the natives of the country on this website. But this doesn’t mean I haven’t study history or world politics, I tried to learn as much as possible about football in general over the years not only with the Argentina national team, but the wide scope of the game itself. [ Now I get this out the way!]

    Well, if Argentina is going to get a new coach then I suppose this period would be the best time, that is only if, the new coach can organize 5-6 low key friendly games that doesn’t include big money promotional friendlies (hint, hint Brazil vs Argentina) where certain players with star status has to show up for the game in order to make sure the football venue is sold out. The new coach will have about 4 months to get accustom to the team before the game against Uruguay in August, hence the reason having 5-6 friendly games is the wise thing to do. The thing is, can the AFA arrange enough friendly games by now and August before the game against Uruguay? Apart from the Brazil game and the tour to Asia, is there anything else in the works? Come on AFA, get your act together, CONMEBOL qualifiers is not the place for experiment because every game is play on a knife edge. And no Marcelo Gallardo for the coaching job, please!

    People here tend to get overly emotional about the players to a point that it’s really unfair. Let’s not pretend like Argentina before the 2014 world cup in the last twenty plus years have been winning trophies, and making world cup finals or even semifinals regularly, this is not the case. The current group of players are one of Argentina greatest generation, there is no denying this fact, and history will acknowledge this despite them not winning the world cup in 2014, but there is always still time to win the world cup if the AFA gets its act together!

    Argentina lost two Copa America finals with this current generation, but Argentina also lost two Copa finals in 2004 and 2007 with a team that is more balance than the team Argentina has today. Argentina also lost the Confederation Cup in 2005, so if you count the 2006 world Cup, since 2004-2007, Argentina have failed to win a major title with arguably the best international team in world football around the same time period. Unlike this current generation, the Argentinean team of the past had a philosophy on how they play, the Argentinean team today rely far too often on individual talent than team play. The new talk is, Argentina have Dybala and Icardi (the proclaim new saviors of Argentina football) so with them, and Messi, the World Cup is a sure thing!

    The lost against Bolivia was tough to swallow but for people to act like the result against Bolivia in La Paz was unusual they’re not being honest to themselves, and to say the players didn’t play with heart in La Paz is disingenuous at best. You couldn’t ask for more from the players in La Paz at altitude, players keep on running and running during the game despite the negative affect on their body during the game inside the stadium. Majority of the Bolivian players (if not all) are used to playing at height because they represent local Bolivian clubs, they live and breathe at altitude, knowing every single bounce on the football pitch, and how to measure every single cross and pass compare to their opponents who visit La Paz to play. The lost wasn’t easy, but the only reason this defeat matters is because of Argentina position in the table. In 2001 Brazil lost to Bolivia 3-1 in La Paz and struggled to make it to the world cup in 2002 and still went on the win the world cup title, while Argentina who blew away all the teams in the CONMEBOL qualifiers find themselves out of the 2002 world cup after being eliminated in the group stage. In 1993, Bolivia defeated Brazil in La Paz 2-0, Brazil also struggle somewhat during the 1994 CONMEBOL world cup qualifiers and they eventually went on to win the world cup title in 1994. So losing in La Paz is not uncommon for any team. The likes of Colombia, Ecuador and Paraguay historically have always performed better at altitude than both Argentina and Brazil, the numbers are there to prove it.

    The AFA need structural changes, this organization has been holding back the Argentina senior team and the youth teams for years now! It’s hard to run a football country as huge as Argentina under such poor management. Once the AFA is fix then Argentina will return to regular order. Look at all the successful football team federation compare to Argentina? Do you guys see any of them in the same crisis mode as Argentina? Talent alone will never be enough if Argentina are to win youth world cup and senior world cup again. I’m not an inside guy in the AFA, so it’s not my place to say who needs to go, and what needs to be done. The players, prominent retired Argentina players, local coaches and, current AFA office holders are the only ones who can fix this mess of a situation, not a blogger half way around the world who thinks his or her comment matter to another independent country and their local politics.


  5. It is always something with this team, managers, money, lack of players in certain positions, injuries, injuries that come up on the most F**ed up time when that one player is needed the most, scandal………….etc

    ARGENTINA is the most drama-entertainment on the national stage!!!

    Hopefully most of that will change with the departure of an imbecile and the arrival of a football genius, at least as far as solving our team issues.

  6. He left behind a blue print of effective tactics for the Messi era. Plus he would get rid of players he deemed surplus to requirements and he would not tolerate a cartel of friends . If the NT continued to play his way we could be Copa America champions by now. But Tata came and tried to overwrite it with ‘style’ instead of continuity. And all was destroyed by already tried and failed tiki taka.

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