Report: Decision to fire BAUZA taken, SAMPAOLI in the plans


The decision to fire Edgardo BAUZA has been taken.

Per reports coming out of Argentina, including one from the very reliable Martin AREVALO of TyC Sports, the decision to fire Edgardo BAUZA has been taken. AREVALO just announced it on TyC that the decision has been made. A second report from La Nacion has stated the same thing, adding that the AFA will try and get Jorge SAMPAOLI as the next coach of the Argentina National Team.

The meeting between Edgardo BAUZA and the AFA which was supposed to take place today has been suspended and will take place on Wednesday.


  1. Hopefully AFA keeps a small list and call them for interview and not like last time, where everyone was called and the reply was a no..

  2. Jack
    “Some people are just Messi fanboys and that is why they root for Argentina. Some of us born into it by birth and some have been loyal fans of Argentina before Messi”

    so true and like you the blue and white is bigger then any player and always will be.
    im also a massive messi fan (im also born in Argentina so that makes me 100% Argentine) but the team Argentina is bigger then him or any one else who has and who will be lucky enough to pull on the shirt..

    as some one said
    “you never own you shirt as you are merely keeping it warm for some one else”

      • enganche: so true and its a long way from my home of Hurlingham B.A,

        i was actually adopted to n.z (many years ago now and still live here) but im always Argentine and of course always will be but im also very lucky to live here in n.z.

          • mistakn: correct and I don’t ever forget it, its fantastic here and its the simple things like I can put money in the bank and the bank does not steal it, almost no corruption etc lol but home is always Argentina-I have the best of both worlds as I do go back some times to visit.

  3. Brazil 8 vs Argentina 0 [ June 9, 2017]

    Breaking News: Argentina got thrashed by Brazil in Melbourne, Australia. ”Is this what the new face of Argentina has to offer?” reporter asked. Sampaoli: ”well, I had to drop Messi and his friends because the fans demanded it, now that we dropped the whole lot, we can go on winning world cup titles and Copa titles than we have ever done before.” ‘’So, do you think Argentina will make it out of the group stage in Russia?’’ Reporter asked. ‘’Yes, yes, I hope so,’’ Sampaoli responded, ‘’it’s never easy making it to the world cup final, but now that the likes of Masche, Messi, Di Maria, Higuain, Pastore, Rojo, Romero, Banega, Biglia, Enzo Perez, Gaitan, Zabaleta, Aguero, Garay have all retire from the national team, Argentina will be ushering in a new era Phil, a new era that will take the world by storm.’’ First I’ll take a trip to Torino, Atlanta, West Ham, Watford, and Roma to finally select our 2018 world cup winning roster, the likes of Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Croatia, England will be scared of our team.” ‘’Thank you Mr. Sampaoli’’ replied Phil. ‘’It was my pleasure talking to you,’’ reply Sampaoli. Australia Local News Channel 7: ‘’So will you pick the guy who said he is willing to play for Italy if he didn’t receive a call up to the Argentina national team?’’ Sampaoli, ‘’no, no, the guy is a traitor, let’s be clear, you talking about Fazio right? Local News 7: ‘’Yes, at least Icardi did not threaten the national team by claiming he will play for Italy over Argentina.’’ Sampaoli, ‘’yes, Icardi at least showed his loyalty to the Argentina colors unlike Fazio/Slowzio hence he will get the call up from me.’’

    Reporters shouting over each other’s: Coach [Mr. Sampaoli, I mean], how will Argentina recover from such a humiliating 8-0 defeat at the hands of their great rival Brazil? Shouted a reporter from Beijing. Sampaoli: Well Brazil got over it after their humiliated defeat to Germany, so will Argentina. But, but, Argentina new and upcoming players apart from maybe one or two does not have the same quality as the Brazilian national team, shouted a freelancer from the local media in Melbourne. Sampaoli: ”we’ll see about that.” Bodyguards: ‘that’s it for the questions.” A local Argentina reporter shouted, ‘’but, but what about my question?’’ ‘’Sorry folks, that’s it’’, said the greedy promoters, money earned and I got paid and that is all that matters to me and my organization.

    • Even Argentina without one European-based will not lose 8-0 to any one team in the world in real life. Football has changed, I guess you haven’t noticed not all the capable players in the world play at big clubs anymore.

    • I used to follow and like your comments during WC 2014 and I really appreciate your passion towards Argentina football, for me 2nd to none. I mentioned those days that I am one of your fans of your blogs.

      But these day I have to say you are losing your ground here, sometimes I feel losing your mind too.

      – What is your problem with young players?
      – Do you believe that these bunch of players are getting younger or will improve anymore?
      – Why do you believe that we need to keep our faith on Higuain or Kun after repetitive failures?
      – If we qualify average age of our current team will be 32. Do you believe that these oldies can compete against a decent side with average age of 25/26? No way.

      Agreed that our young generation of players did nothing significant as compared to our current generation but the guys from Germany or Chile who beat us over the last 3 years also nowhere to our current generation but fact is they beat us. Let’s take an example, what Kun did till the age of 23, may be Alexis Sanchez of Chile can just dream about those. Kun won U 20 WC and was the best player, then won Olympic for us but now look at their international career. Don’t say Kun is more influential for Argentina than Sanchez is for Chile.

      No one is saying you need to change entire generation all together. This is not logical and no team can afford to do this but it’s no harm changing or introducing the younger players. At least half of the team must need to go if we even dream to do something better in WC 2018 (if we qualify).

      Lord Romero – Your love over him is no hidden secret. But every now and then you are bringing his comparison and mocking Ruli. At least Ruli is playing for his club and doing quite well I will say. Yes, Romero was great in World Cup 2014 and his heroics booked world cup final spot for us but problem is he is not the same guy anymore. His strength was his reflexes and he is slowing down. In the last few WCQs he was ‘almost’ clueless whenever we conceded. I urge to watch those highlights again. Needless to say about his ball distribution. Then why can’t we can think about his replacement? 33 years old Andujar or 32 years old Guzman ahead of Ruli. I am surprised Willy never tried, who successfully replaced Hart and Bravo in City starting XI.

      Midfield: Over the last 3/4 years only 2 players called regularly if fit and featured in all starting XI are Mascherano and Bigila. As a backup we have Banega and Enzo. My concern is when Mascherano is around what Bigila is adding to the team that a young or relatively young player cannot do? Why can’t we try Pardes once with Mascherano when we know Bigila is not doing any special job? Over the last 3 years only time I found our midfield is working when Bigila was injured and Agusto Fernandez played in place of him in Copa 2016. But when Agusto was out injured, Bigila is back and we back to normal. I have no doubt if Pizarro plays with Mascherano our midfield will look solid and dynamic. I wonder whether Xavi-Iniesta played those many matches together for Spain, the number of matches played by mascherano-Bigila together.

      When Argentine players do well it’s our coach’s job to give those players some chance irrespective of what they did in the past. Take an example of Alejandro Gomez. He may not have a great youth career but at the moment he is one of the top player in Seria A. Tough, pacey and an eye for goal, scoring and assisting in almost every match, what else you need from an attacking midfielder? Why can’t we try him now when we know he is better than any of our attacking midfielder at the moment? Same goes for Diego Perotti or Eduardo Salvio. We lack quality in midfield but no coach even bother to call them once.

      Regarding Center backs, not much changes required. I would only prefer Garay in the team and also I won’t mind calling Fedrico Frenandez once again. Also Fizio is one of the best Center back in Seria A this season, why not try him. But we need changes in full backs. Mas, Roncagilla or makeshift Mori or Rojo cannot be a full back of a world cup winning team, this is simple. Also their performance is never convincing, then why not explore this position. What is the use of calling 32 years old Caruzzo or 34 years old Pinola ahead of 23 years promising Tagliafico? Buffarini was called not played a single minute, what is the use? Left back is our weak link then why not try Tagliafico once?

      Now strikers. I am huge fan of Higuain and Kun. They are still great players and will keep scoring for their clubs but fact is they are done and dusted for NT. I will not give even a 2nd thought to drop Kun from the team. He has nothing left for us.. this is simple. I will not say Icardi will be our savior, No. With this midfield (Mascherano-Bigila-Enzo/Banega) I have no hope but isn’t calling Pratto over Icardi is crime? Why Lavezzi was called? Just to entertain others? A certain Paolo Dybala not getting enough confidence if he will get a chance in World Cup team, such a shame!!

      Love over this generation is justifiable. Despite they failed to win anything I will rate this generation ahead of any others from 1994-2011. But now time has come to make some significance changes. May be with younger players or with in form players. But changes are must…

      My team (choose 23 according to form and fitness):

      GK: Romero, Ruli, Andujar
      Center Back: Garay, Otamendi, Musacchio, Mori, Rojo, Fedrico Fernandez, Fazio
      Left Back: Tagliafico, Vangioni
      Right Back: Mercado, Peruzzi
      Defensive/Center Midfield: Mascherano, Pardes, Pizarro, Kranevitter, Bigila.
      Attacking Midfield (10): Gomez, Banega, Perotti
      Wingers: Di Maria, Gaitan, Acuna, Correa
      Strikers: Messi, Dybala, Icardi, Higuain.

      Also young players like Joaquin Correa, Walter Montoya, Franco Cervi, Eduardo Salvio, Lucas Alario, Luciano Vietto, Jonathan Silva etc should be in radar. Those kids are young and doing decent to good job for their clubs.

  4. It seems like the decisionaries in AFA can’t imagine Argentina out of the next WC…. Nor the journalists. Going to be a fun year for sure.

    • Friend or foe will tell you the same thing: “A WC without ARGENTINA is not a WC”.

      I want the Chileans to have two points taken away from them initially and to miss out on the WC while ARG makes it. That ought to give them a taste of their own medicine.

  5. If true brilliant decision, anybody is better than this clown. No other coach will give such a free run to the friends club.Worst selections of Bauza are of Demichelis, Lavezzi, Roncaglia.

      • Messi y Friends. Messi and Masche were the problem here. You’d be a blind homer to believe that Messi did not have influence on who got selected and who got neglected. Messi wanted to have his friends near him. But yet Barcelona and Messi fanboys who will go on defending Messi and Masche as they are interconnected. Speak to other Argentines, they’ll tell you the same thing.
        Plus somebody like mascherano is not national team worthy anymore. But again, you’ll hear the Barca fanboys defending him.

        • Argentina is fav in worldcup2018 bcoz of only one Messi…..U guys don have anything except him…Plz do march organize strike till dat bauza will get fire….Messi ban should be reduce or else hope of world cup is on graveyard door

          • Every single time Argentina has entered a World Cup in the last 20 some odd years, they’ve been a favorite.

            Some people are just Messi fanboys and that is why they root for Argentina. Some of us born into it by birth and some have been loyal fans of Argentina before Messi.

            The colors of the shirt is above any player. Some people fail to recognize that because of their blind love for Messi.

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