Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO’s assistant files lawsuit against the AFA


It has been a busy day for everyone in the AFA offices with regards to the exit of Edgardo BAUZA as Argentina’s manager and the search of who is going to take the hottest seat in Argentine football.

Well if the AFA feels they already have enough on their plate to deal with, they just got a few millions more!

According to TyC Sport, Jorge PAUTASSO, Adrián CORIA and Raúl MARCOVICH (Tata MARTINO’s coaching staff in the National Team) have just filed a lawsuit against the AFA. It is said that the lawsuit is pertaining unpaid salaries, amounting to over three million dollars!

It should also be noted that the AFA still owes Tata MARTINO over 13 months worth of salary.


  1. id like to file a lawsuit against tata for stupidly from not integrating youth and players in form, keeping the status quo (both are part of the mess we are in today) and 2 twice going to a finals and playing exactly the same way in both meaning tata learnt nothing from the 1st time and a year later made exactly the same mistakes from personal to tactics or lack of.

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