Spain’s La Liga: Joaquin CORREA, Pablo PIATTI and Ezequiel PONCE score


Three Argentine players scored in Spain over the weekend, with goals from Joaquin CORREA, Pablo PIATTI and Ezequiel PONCE.

From Italy to Spain, the goals don’t stop in Europe. Beginning with Sevilla, Jorge SAMPAOLI (who, if you believe rumors, will be the new Argentina National Team coach) picked up a big win with a goal coming from Joaquin CORREA in their 4-2 victory against Deportivo.

Pablo PIATTI scored a goal for Espanyol in their 1-0 win against Alaves. The goal was goal number 10 this season for PIATTI.

Ezequiel PONCE scored the lone goal for Granada in their 3-1 loss against Valencia.

Joaquin CORREA’s goal:

Pablo PIATTI’s goal:

Ezequiel PONCE’s goal:

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