Sergio AGUERO, Angel DI MARIA and Fede CARTABIA score


The English Premier League, Ligue 1 and the Portuguese league, Sergio AGUERO, Angel DI MARIA and Fede CARTABIA all scored.

We’ve had goals from Spain and now it’s other parts of Europe. Sergio AGUERO scored for Manchester City in their 2-0 win against Hull City. AGUERO’s goal was number 164 in a Manchester City shirt.

Angel DI MARIA scored for Paris Saint-Germain in their 4-0 win against Guingamp.

Fede CARTABIA scored for Sporting Braga in their 1-0 win against Feirense.

Sergio AGUERO’s goal:

Angel DI MARIA’s goal:

Fede CARTABIA’s goal:


  1. If our coaches necesarrily wants defenders that able to play both CB and fullbacks I propose Tagliafico. Against Patronato as CB for the first time and quite good. Barco scored.

        • That’s certainly another good news gonzalo. i remember the huge hype around him a few years back which made top clubs like arsenal try and poach him until his unfortunate injury. Hope he becomes a star soon and represent argentina.

          To be honest i would love to see lautaro martinez partner ponce in our U20 attack with barco supporting them as our enganche. I would prefer if ubeda drop the more erratic Mansilla. On paper they would form a great partnership since all three of them have good technical skills with great ball control. Did you see how ponce made an established defender like mangala wrong footed yesterday? There’s still hope for our under 20 team to succeed in korea if the choices of players are made correctly. Vamos argentina

          • Yes, I saw he Ponce goal. But still for me Maxi Romero is most talented one of the 3 – Martinez, Ponce, Romero.

            As for me, unfortunately, I’m not much faith in this team since Ubeda excluded Pereyra who was the only one good CM with Ascacibar. This is incomprehensible. He has on long list Chicco, Belmonte which hadn’t any good game.

            And how is that Romero and Delgadillo playing for Velez in Primera and they are not on the list while there are on the list other 2 players from reserves of the team.

            We have Mierez of Tigre on the list, who is on the bench in this club, while Sosa and Cardozo are starters and they are not. I don’t understand.

            We have unknown Mino of reserve team Rosario Central while Lovera, and RIvas of the club are coming from the bench in Primera regularly. And Pereyra, the second of Rosario Central, also is out.

            And more players that are out despite they are players of Primera unlike most of the Ubeda long list. For example Cejas of Estudiantes is impressive youngster. Vadala? Sandoval, Anderreggen, Brunetta, Troyanski, Escobar of Temperley, ROjas of San Lorenzo. Instead we have a lot of Reserva players.

            Messidoro is Copa Libertadores player so I understand his club didn’t allow him.

          • Disappointed to know about the ones who are left out. I believe ponce will be allowed to ad this is an official fifa world cup tournament. Clubs should be obliged to let them go with no questions

  2. interesting: “Developments on AFA & Bauza: According to @arevalo_martin, El Patón will go to Ezeiza tomorrow to say his goodbyes to staff”

  3. Nice to see all the Argentina national players are scoring goals for their own club respectively.
    Hats up to all these players especially.

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