Lionel MESSI invited to defend himself against FIFA suspension


Lionel MESSI has been invited to defend his FIFA sanction.

The date has been set and Lionel MESSI has under one month to prepare his case. FIFA have invited Lionel MESSI to defend himelf and to try and lower his four game suspenion for Argentina. MESSI, who has already served one of the four matches he has been banned from, will on May 4, meet with FIFA directors to try and lower his ban. AFA president spoke about it all, here’s what he had to say:

TAPIA on Lionel MESSI ban:

“FIFA have called MESSI to defend himself on Thursday, May 4 for the four match ban be received following the match against Chile. It would be very important that he attends it with AFA lawyers in order to help lower the ban. It’s for that reason that tomorrow (Thursday), I will be travelling to Europe to convince him.”

Regarding the new Argentina National Team coach, TAPIA said the following:

“The idea behind my travel will only be to see MESSI. Regarding the new National Team coach, we are calm because we have time.”

Marcelo TINELLI, who was expected to travel with TAPIA will be staying in Argentina.


  1. This whole thing is a farce, no player should be suspended for FOUR games just for cussing at the REF., nm the REF himself did not complain or even report the incident.

    I by no means will ever defend a Brazilian player, the chicken-head got a 3 games suspension from La Liga for clapping at the REF. as he was heading off the pitch…..that is Bullshit, not AS MUCH of course as Messi’s suspension but El Clasico is coming up…catch my drift?

    Refs. and the ones that support them are Judge, jury and executioner……way too much unjustifiable power and it shows.

    Messi will no doubt show up and his bullshit suspension will be lifted.

  2. If Driussi stays right in his head, choose correctly his next club in Europe (hint: anything but England, at least as far as i’m concerned), he could really become a very important player (striker) in the 5 to 10 years for the NT.

    Moreover, an interesting apparition in the name of Lucas Martinez Quarta (River), the left CB, very composed on the ball (i would say sometimes a little too much) and a good scorer when correctly placed in the adversary surface. Let’s see how he develops.

    • Martinez Quarta seems to have a lot of potential. For a 20-year-old, he played beyond his years tonight. One came hope he blossom’s into a useful player for us.

      • No, he’s a CB but interestingly, you make the point and it’s interesting to note when he arrived at River youth teams 4-5 years ago, he was indeed a Defensive midfielder. They initiated a process converting him into a CB and succeded.

        • 4231
          damian martinez

          Gomez(lanus) barboza (river) martinez quarta Soto

          Matias sanchez(lanus) Valentin vada

          joaquin correa/dybala lo celso hernan toledo


  3. some pioints: I’m impressed (not) how any player can get banned when neither the ref of linesman heard any thing at all and said that to fifa but this will lead to many many more suspensions as we see in every game players mouthing off, surrounding the ref etc but since messis ban how many more have been issued-funny that-none

    2: maradona the mouth has so much to say but again hes gone quite, id expect so much more from him as he’s rarely silent on any subject yet alone this total injustice against one of our own-just saying why is d/m quite.

    3: messi you now join the legionary bad ass Caniggia who was banished to the stands for what exactly? still ill never forget as he then jumped into the Argentine section and rocked with the blue and while fans-awesome

  4. It is said Messi is behind the exile of Jordi Alba too??? Omg… if true… whats wrong with messi…
    after his tattoos everything went wrong for him… soul sold

    • Why are you giving the benefit of doubts to every conspiracy targetting Leo all the time?
      I couldn’t even take them with a grain of salt as they are all lies to dawnvote leo coming from Perez media. Can’t u see it? They have even managed to get him a suspension of 4 games for a petty mis behaviour. And when every Aregie fun is struggling to swallow that; some people are busy in spreading and parotting the black mails to this forum.He is a decent human being and an excellent player the world has seen todate.

      Hope Tapia will continue to work hard and get him back soon for Uragay match. This is what i can wish as a fun nothing else.

    • Am a Barca follower and not even Neymar apologists or prominent Madrid media have mentioned anything of those sorts. Most have mentioned that things are not that well between Alba and Enrique.
      Unelievable that Albiceleste fans are so happy to pick up on anything that is aired around Messi, when it is so clear that may be the biggest campaign to discredit any player is happening towards Messi, even from FIFA.

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