Mauro ICARDI: I know BAUZA wanted to call me


In a pre-match press conference on the upcoming Derby della Madonnina, Mauro ICARDI was confronted on questions pertaining to Edgardo BAUZA, Argentina and the much talked about photo of Maxi LOPEZ together with Lionel MESSI and Javier MASCHERANO (reports have emerged that the photo was uploaded on social media by Wanda NARA, no need for introduction here).

About BAUZA and the National Team:
“I know BAUZA wanted to call me for the last qualifiers. I know he spoke to Javier ZANETTI about this possibility and I have seen the messages. But in the end, it didn’t happen and now he is no longer the coach. Let’s wait and see who will be the next coach of the National Team. The citation should be based on how well you do for your club, but I’m still calm about it”.

About the Maxi LOPEZ photo:
“That is already a closed topic for me, my private life is not something which I’m going to talk about. I’m calm and I’m not talking about issues that have nothing to do with football”.


  1. Jorge Sampaoli: “Meeting with the AFA? No, not at all. I wouldn’t meet anyone, not even my brother, before a game. It’s playing with my name.
    If you’re asking if I said yes to the AFA – that is not true. I can’t talk about something that isn’t real.
    I was coach of Barcelona, Holland, Arsenal…it’s playing with my name. I can’t go out and clarify every time my name is used.”

  2. If you have central midfielder like Nacho Fernandez you have also one more forward and one more winger. Last night with goal (back heel) and assist in Copa LIbertadores. This is rare thing for Argentina CMs/DMs to have such instinct to attack. Actually he is a bit like Di Maria of central midfield with this skinny posture and running. But without chaos all these missing chances and losted balls. Driussi 2 goals.

    Here’s the game:


    • Yo Gonzalo, as always I’ve been keeping an eye on Nacho and he’s been playing as a 10 in the last few games and River’s been killing it in the primera.He is so fantastic and versatile, he reminds abit of Gago in his prime although with alot more attacking confidence and intent. I think a Lanzini, Nacho, Paredes midfield could be a thing of beauty if the next coach (whoever he is) is willing to take a chance on it.

      And speaking of River, Gonazalo pitty is really performing up to his potential! He’s abit inconsistent but if he keeps it up I think a NT call should be in the cards down the line.

      I’ve also been keeping an eye on Boca and I must say that their front 3 youngsters are damn impressive especially Pavon who is fast becoming one of my favorites. I’d like to see him track back and defend alittle down the line but I understand that he has to focus on his attacking game.

      Lastly regarding Argentina’s youngsters in europe, I’m following Lyon abit and Mammana has improved SO MUCH!! Remember how I used to describe him like a poor man’s David luiz, well no more! He’s amazing, composed and confident.
      Another player you like (Franco Cervi) is doing well in Benfica, he’s not an established starter yet but he’s getting plenty of playing time and he’s impressive as a RM, which is a position that Argentina doesn’t have much of.

      • Yup, Nacho played yesterday as No.10 but you must notice that no matter where he is placed by coach he is very often tracking back very deep – almost to defence line – to initiate with ball new action. Almost like playmaker. And while he is not strong physically, at least always want to support deffenders by pressing and so on. Just hope next coach know who is Nacho because it seems like he is not popular.

        Pity is no doubt one of most talented players in Primera. As you’ve said his only problem is consistence but in this point it’s better with him in last weeks. Agree, NT is rather matter of time for him. He has all the things: fast, technical skills, dribbling, ball control, long range shoots and best IMO – vision and quick passes. He should be more confident about his fast because this is the thing I remember him firstly from his early years.

        Did you notice the understanding of Nacho and Pity on the pitch? I saw real tiki-taka few times.

        Pavon is another hope. So energetic one. I don’t think there’s another player in Primera with such long shoots. Just great.

        Mamoun, you should also follow Talleres Cordoba for players like Menendez, Reynoso, Palacios -great trio (as good as attacking players of Boca and River) and more: Godoy, Escobar, Gil, Komar. Reynoso is impressive No.10. One of the best players in league currently. But I like Menendez even more.

        Cecchini of Banfield and Castro of Tigre another players to follow.

        Mammana is big talent. Just needs grow. Don’t forget he debuted yet under Sabella as 17. And he is versatile. We may use him in future NT also as RB/LM. With his pace…
        Martinez Quarta is another promise product of River CBs after Mammana also scoring often goals.

        With Cervi it’s matter of time I think. For me one of 3-4 most talented Argentinos in Europe.

        • Gonzalo, I’ve been watching Reynoso, he’s not half bad but I need to see more of him to make an informed decision.
          You’ve told me about Cecchini before and I think he’s a good 5 but that’s all he is a 5. Argentina needs more players like Acuna, Nacho and lanzini i.e. those who can play the game box to box style. The Mascherano type of players are a thing of the past I feel that’s why I hope Ascacibar improves his passing game so could be a more complete player.

          • Mamoun, actually I must to disagree about Cecchini. Apart to be defensive midfielder he is good passer and has 3 goals in this season.

            I think one classic non-attacking No.5 it’s still acceptable if only he is surrounded by 2 CMs of attacking inclination, box-to box running players. I mean in Brazil model Fernadinho is just such classic No.5 Of course it would be better if the No.5 were in the same time also good passer or had some runs toward opposite goal.

  3. If you have central midfielder like Nacho Fernandez you have also one more forward and one more winger. Last night with goal (back heel) and assist in Copa LIbertadores. This is rare thing for Argentina CMs/DMs to have such instinct to attack. Actually he is a bit like Di Maria of central midfield with this skinny posture and running. But without chaos all these missing chances and losted balls. Driussi 2 goals.

    Here’s the game:

  4. So this whole Icardi exclusion is politics by mostly Mascherano influencing Messi too? I think Mascherano and many members of the friends club needs to be dropped by the next coach just to show them that they do not own the NT. On current form, none of Mascherano, Banega,Biglia and DiMaria warrant a starting place. On Messi, he will tow the line once a strong minded coach like Sabella who never gave into Messi’s request to have his friend Banega on the WC roster. Messi will tow the line of any coach if he feels comfortable with the tactics and feels like he is playing with a team. He loves the Argentina shirt more than the Barca but sometimes, he doesn’t seem to know what is best for him, on NT affairs. Him, Dybala and Icardi with a balanced team behind them, could be a nightmare to any defence and increase his chances to win the World Cup. But I don’t think it even crossed Messi’s mind.

    Did you know that Romario and Bebeto were not on speaking terms during the USA 94 qualifiers? The first time they had a friendly conversation was when they were on the plane to the WC and the rest worked out well.
    Sometimes clashing personalities can be good for the team. I don’t how many of you here have the experience of playing formal football in an officially registered league, but I know from my own experience that sometimes players who don’t get along off the field can bring the best performance out of their teammates for the benefit of the team. Coz they’re motivated to prove to the other they are either valuable to the group or shut down arguments with great performances. But both players must have common goal; to win as a team. Otherwise it has a very bad flipside too. Whereby players stop running for each other. Or players swearing at each other on every mistake. But this is the case already with the NT current friends club even if they pretend to hide. We saw Higuain’s face when Pratto scored. That’s an indication of disunity in the camp already. Higuain needs real competition for him to perform like had at Real Madrid. That would be Icard not Pratto.

    Therefore I want next coach to have balls to bring Icardi into the picture.

    • Sabellista: very good, accurate and truthful points I believe.

      many teams have players who don’t get on but its on the head of the coach to make sure on the field they all are working for the shirt 100% but as we have seen the last few coaches that have not had control of the team yet alone individual players and the result is what we see “a rudderless ship”

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