Lionel MESSI to appeal four match Argentina ban


Lionel MESSI will appeal his four match ban with Argentina.

As we reported last week, FIFA have invited Lionel MESSI to defend himself and appeal his four match suspension which he received. A report from TyC Sports has stated that the Argentina captain will fly to Zurich on May 4 where he would meet with FIFA officials to discuss his ban.

The rumor is that should MESSI appear in Zurich, his four match ban would be reduced to two matches. MESSI has already served one match, when Argentina lost 2-0 to Bolivia last month in a World Cup qualifying match.

MESSI received his ban after he appeared to curse at an official following Argentina’s 1-0 World Cup qualifying win against Chile. Should the ban be reduced to two matches, it would mean that he would miss Argentina’s next World Cup Qualifier on August 31 against Uruguay in Montevideo but would be back for the home World Cup Qualifier on September 5 against Venezuela.


  1. Hi guys:)
    It is been while since i post here or been here. Good to see all familiar faces still here. Very sad and depressing to see Argentina at this position and Messi too but good newa Bauza gone and Messi ban will be lifted by 2 games. Although the ban was a BS. However anyone knows anything about new coach? Who is going be new caoch? I hope they don’t hire another clown bcoz there ain’t much time or game to recover from that table. Had encounter otherday with some of my Brazilian friends and they already counted Argentina to be out from WC2018. RIDICULOUS!!! But they have point unless we hire a good caoch and our players lif their lazy ass and do some hard work.

    • Welcome back. Did you change your username? Because I have been here for a long time but I don’t remember seeing this handle before!

      There is a very strong rumor going on about Sampaoli. Looks like he will be our next manager, which is a very good news as he is a top class manager. And I do agree that our players needs to work hard, because I don’t see the hunger in their eyes nor the jump in their legs. I blame the two previous managers for this mess, because they failed to instill competition and youth in the squad. Adding to that and three gruelling defeats made our squad very very depressed and often lethargic and unimaginative.

      • I have a feeling it could be Sampaoli. There are only a handful of games left for Sevilla this season. They don’t want to topple the apple cart now. Will let them finish 4th qualify for CL and then make the announcement. It will be late May or early June, before the friendly against Brazil.

        If Sampaoli does not happen, which is highly possible, then we are in for trouble. I cannot see a proven manager in Argentina who will get the job. Someone again like Bauza and then we can rest during WC2018.

        • O yes, I don’t even want to imagine what happens if AFA fails to sign Sampaoli. I read an article in ole or lanacion that Sampaoli is AFA’s plan A, B, C, and D lol

          But judging by the actions of Tapia and Angelici, I’m pretty certain they have locked Sampaoli already. It’s genuinely exciting to be an Argentine fan right now. Not just for 2018, but for 2022 as well.

          I think he will be as influential as Bielsa was for the last generation.

      • mwh: also welcome back and as istiaque said x2

        “I blame the two previous managers for this mess, because they failed to instill competition and youth in the squad. Adding to that and three gruelling defeats made our squad very very depressed and often lethargic and unimaginative”

        • Tnx Pablo
          Remember you 🙂
          Agreed with you guys about not giving chance to youth. We have some good young players. CB to CF. Pardes really impress me recently though in CM. He should be in bench if not XI

      • No Isti
        Im MMHOO7. I Was here since 2009. Had few major problems in life now better 🙂
        Love to see a good mannger come along with a good plan. But we can’t afford a good coach as AFA is broke

        • MMH: welcome back to the show and I’m sure a lot of us can relate to personal problems (sorry to hear that and yep they suk a lot) and just as bad is that shining light we all hope for in our love for the blue and white to give us for joy in life, well sadly for us all that light at the end tunnel always seems to be a damn train these days.

          lets hope we get a coach with a brain and who is not a yes man tp the Afa as we do have the players, some very good experienced ones and add to it some very good youth = its all their but all will depend on the coach’s name to how it all pans out.

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