Paulo DYBALA: “I can’t imagine a World Cup without Argentina”


Paulo DYBALA has commented about the World Cup and more.

The crowning jewel of Juventus has come out and spoken about the World Cup, Lionel MESSI and more. Speaking with TyC Sports regarding Argentina’s World Cup situation and Lionel MESSI, here’s what he had to say:

Paulo DYBALA on Argentina:

“I can’t imagine a World Cup without Argentina. I also want to win a World Cup, like all Argentinians. We try to help Leo (MESSI) to achieve that.”

Paulo DYBALA on Lionel MESSI comparison:

“I’m not angry that they compare me with MESSI. But like MARADONA, there’s only one. I also believe there’s a big difference between he and I. I want to do a lot of things with him and win. We’re both Argentinians and we have to enjoy playing together.”

Paulo DYBALA on Juventus:

“It’s the best moment of my career. I feel really good on the pitch, I’m at a club that has nothing to be envious of Barcelona, Real Madrid or Bayern Munich about. The fans, my team-mates and the club have made me feel like this. That’s why I had no problem renewing.”

“This club competes for all the tournaments it takes part in, it’s the biggest club in Italy and from the moment I arrived they have helped me to become aware that we have to win everything we play for, against any opponent and on any pitch.”


  1. It’s a shame we have not seen more of Dybala – Messi together on the pitch. What we have seen vs Uruguay was promising. Dybala should stay at Juventus, it’s a great club, so why not?

  2. He is making and have made all the correct career choices so far.

    – developed at an average club (check)
    – went to a winning club (check)
    – became the star of the team (check)
    – signed a renewal there (check)
    – be humble and worked hard (check)

    I say, stay there untill you feel unwanted. No club can be historically and sporting project wise “way” better than Juve. Barca, real, bayern are all similar clubs. They will never be able to offer anything Juve can not.

    So stay there and be their star for as long as possible. Win a champions league and win the balon d’ or. Not that I care…but an Argentine winning that feelss better than a Portuguese or a Brazilian winning.

    • 5 correct checks,
      i really like how he is humble and works very hard-i cant wait to see him and messi get some serious game time together.

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