Argentina to play Brazil and Singapore in June


Argentina will play two matches in June.

The Argentina National Team will play two friendly matches in June. It has been confirmed, the two matches will be against Brazil and Singapore.

The team will play Brazil on June 9 in Australia and will travel to Singapore where they will play Singapore on June 13, four days later.

There are a few factors which we don’t know about concerning Argentina. The most glaring being who will be coaching the team since Edgardo BAUZA is no longer at the helm. If it will be Jorge SAMPAOLI or someone else, we still don’t know.

The other is that it remains to be seen if Lionel MESSI will be available for both matches as he is currently serving a four match suspension. MESSI will be appearing in front of FIFA officials on May 4 where his four match ban is expected to be reduced down to two matches. But even at that, it might still be possible that the Argentina captain plays the two friendly matches against Brazil and Singapore but misses the World Cup qualifying match against Uruguay due to the ban.


  1. @Julian, kindly explain Tinelli’s role in football structure vs Veron’s role. Aren’t they crossing each other?
    I also read in ‘AS English article’ about Marcelo Bielsa, Jose Pekerman, Hugo Tocalli involment in youth structure. My guess they will be advisors given their age factors. Bielsa anyway will be in France.

  2. Icardi, Gomez, Piatti, perotti, Cartabia, Lanzini, Paredes, Nacho, Tagliafico, Pezzella, Peruzzi and Rulli. All these players are worthy of a NT trial.
    Argentina’s supply of talent isn’t likely to run dry anytime soon and the above list shows that there are more than enough players to construct a new team that maybe able to challenge for the WC come next year.

  3. Messi creats tons of chances for his teammates(club& country) and most are missed. That won’t happen with Icardi, he needs half chance to score a goal.
    Even dybala is deadly finisher.
    I can’t wait to see messi, dybala, Icardi playing together with sampaoli leading the team.

  4. Both Alejandro Gomez and Lanzini with very good games today. Gomez involved in all 3 goals of Atalanta.

  5. Aginest Brazil—–team may be



    • Why you come with 1000 different line up…. You told and blamed bad about dimaria…. And put him at his worst poasition… You think sampolli like bauza… I don’t like it your line up…

    • @dollon

      i like 3331 tactic but i think the players choices are not suitable.
      playing with this tactic requires having a libro at the center of defense line.
      mussachio is not a libro. he is a stopper. otamendi may play the rule of the libro but he is too aggressive and foul maker.
      both of biglia and banega are slow midfielders with almost zero attacking attitude. they do not suit the dynamic 3331 tactic.
      i rather place di maria in the midfield so he can defend and attack whenever needed. in my opinion , playing with perotti/acuna —guido/pareses — di maria is a better option.
      i do not why you chose hiquain again. this man has mental weakness. he is unreliable. better to play with icardi at his place. heck even the hardworking pratto is a better choice.
      i think alejandro gomez can fit and play on the left side instead of di maria. this man is one of the best in seria A at the moment.

      here is my line up for 3331
      mussachio —–otamendi ——fazio
      perotti/acuna —–guido/paredes—–dimaria

  6. any further updates on Hugo Tocalli taking over the coaching role in the youth system?? – Marcelo Tinelli was keen on it sometime back…

    • Amongst all of his technical staffs, the most appealing one to me is Matias Manna who is a big fan of guardiola even in his barca days as a footballer. Started off as a journalist apparently and became a master in reconnaissance and tactical knowledge. Read about him further on golazoargentino guys 🙂

  7. “#Tapia me dijo que le preocupaba el recambio después del mundial de #Rusia”. #Úbeda

    Ah well finally, they are feeling some unease after the “Messi” generation…

  8. I was reading an article on LaNacion where it described about the Role of veron in the new youth setup. I have to say, the little that was written there I was quite impressed. The key points on the new setup are –

    1. Coaches and players will come and go, but the system will remain same. All age categories such as the U12, U13, U17 or U20 will play in a same system.

    – “Once we pass the U20 World Cup to be able to take some kind of determination and definition, we will start working on the plan following the German model from the age of 12 or 13 in coordination with the clubs,” Verón told LA NACION

    2. Youth players will finish high schools.

    – “The training of players, as footballers but also as people, is a fundamental aspect for our football and should be an obligation of those who are leaders,”

    3. Three people who will be involved in youth development are Hermes Desio, Gabi and Diego Milito.

    • Veron (with Vivas) is doing good things in Estudiantes. They have probably most talented youngsters in Argentina league now. And, what’s so important, most of them are playing. Ascacibar, Foyth, Rodriguez, Cascini, Cejas, Gomez, Quintana. Estudiantes U-18 reach final of youth Frenz Cup in Malaysia in 2015 (Ascacibar MVP of the tournament) and won the tournament in 2016 (Gomez MVP). There were few good clubs (Liverpool, Valencia, Feyenoord, Internacional, Fc Porto…).

      • I like him as a manager of football related things. With him, long term we would be functional again. But one thing he must decide is which way he wants to see the youth team plays…defensive of possession. I’m guessing it is not possession based attacking football. Estudiantes does not press, which is a concern. Our young footbalers needs to learn to press and resist pressing.

        I like River’s youth structure. They have the most consistent and cultured academy in Argentina. I would have loved if their coaches were involved in the youth setup.

        • There’s a group of 10 clubs in Argentina that have the good traditions in talents producing at all: River, Boca, Independiente, Racing, Velez, San Lorenzo, Lanus, Argentinos Juniors, Estudiantes, Newells Old Boys. And no matter in which league they are playing they always give talented youngsters. As Argentinos, which is now participated in 2 league and still (as always) gives players to youth NT (2 on Ubeda lond list). There should be close cooperating in AFA especially with academies of these clubs.

  9. Hey Roy, a bit a head scratcher, “Another Argentine to Juventus” and you put Bentancur there? LOL. How much of a Boca fan are you really? I gradually follow your twitter, you post only during Barca and Argentina games but never Boca.

  10. “According to reports in Italy, Juventus, Inter, Udinese & Atalanta are after Boca & Argentina U20 striker Marcelo Torres”
    source Golazo Argentino

  11. To pep up each time… i always watch Netherlands vs Argentina penalty shootout. Did watch even now… amazing feeling everytime.
    Never seen Messi so happy
    How did a team like that which beat a strong team like Netherlands… fell to Chile twice in the same penalty shoot out and that too in 2 finals… still baffles me
    Romero was just the man of the moment
    Sabella did a good job until the Lavezzi thing in the final…
    Good Memories isn’t it…

  12. I want to see that simponi…..


  13. this news from espn fc
    Sevilla coach Jorge Sampaoli has acknowledged for the first time that Argentina want him to coach the national team.

    Sampaoli, under contract with the club until June 2018, is reported to be the Argentina Football Association (AFA)’s main candidate to replace the sacked Edgardo Bauza.

    Asked about those reports at a news conference on Thursday, Sampaoli said the timing of a move would have to be right to avoid “hurting” Sevilla.

    He added: “I know that there is an interest, because to deny it would be to lie to all of you.

    “I know they say that I’m the chosen one, but they [the AFA] will have to wait until the time is right in order to do it in a manner that doesn’t damage anyone.

    “To do it right now would be to hurt Sevilla, and I’m not going to allow that to happen.

    “I know there is a real intention, but when the time comes to have a dialogue with the AFA president [Claudio Tapia], most likely the message will be that, until the end of the season, I cannot meet with anyone because my head is focused here.”

    Former Chile coach Sampaoli took the reins at Sevilla last summer and turned down the opportunity to coach Argentina in August after Gerardo Martino had stepped down.

    He was offered a one-year contract extension by Sevilla earlier this year but he has yet to accept it and can leave in the summer provided his €1.5 million release clause is met.

    “Just as a player has a right to leave if his release clause is paid, so does a coach,” Sampaoli said.

    “I have to wait and see what Sevilla’s intentions are. The president [Jose Castro] told me that he will talk to me after our last six games.”

    so finally we get the happy news… messi will win world cup and ballon dr i am the first one to mention here…. vamos argentina…

  14. Being a Messi fan I am slightly disappointed with his overall performance against Juventus especially with finishing.

    I want Messi to win everything so I want Messi to do well in bigger stage. See, no one will remember his performance in day in day out but people will remember performance of last night. Messi scored 5 goals against Leverkusen but how many people discuss about that but still people discuss about his 4 goals against Arsenal. It’s more than 7 years still people think about his 2 great goals against Real Madrid in UCL Semifinal. His 2 goals in 2 finals against Manchester United.

    But off late it’s bacame a habit of Messi to miss out in such high pressure matches. Not discusing about WC2014 or Copa 2015 but in Copa 2016 probably Messi played one if the finest individual performance throughout tournament but in final he failed to inspire Argentina. Yes Tata’s tactics, other players all were poor and Messi was way better than his team mates still not enough. Don’t say this is the one can’t expect more from Messi…sorry. Same with Barcelona. For the last 2 seasons the Messi started the season it looks like he is playing his best ever but then misses out in the important phases. Before PSG match Messi was on fire but he was clueless against PSG in first leg but then again when he looked in super form then Juventus shut him down for 180 minutes. You may say they defended well but no justification for Messi’s miss chances. Trust me just like Higuain it’s Messi’s nerve is playing part here. I am sure yesterday’s 2 chances he would have converted if it was first leg or some other day. It’s 6 or 7 classico Messi failed to score.

    Whereas when I think Ronaldo is completely out of touch, misses sitters after sitters, not playing well then comes out with some match defining performance. Whenever I feel Real is finished he score goals tap-ins or whatever and seals the limelight. Last season when Real was struggling, out of CDR, fall behind la Liga, in UCL 2 goals down against Wolves then in 2nd leg he came up with a hat-trick. Those 3 goals actually changed entire Real madrid and eventually won UCL. In EURO in first 2 matches CR took 26 shots but 0 goals, Portugal was in bad shape whereas Hungary won both their matches. then in the last group match it was Ronaldo who scored 2 goals and secure their berth for 2nd goal. CR is way overrated when people say he is on par Messi (forget about Pele or Maradona) but you should give him credit where he deserves then there are huge fan base and Madrid media behind him.

    I am honestly feeling sad today when everywhere I can see media/people criticizing Messi, which is really unfair. Messi is far from his best but not that bad the way media is treating. Finally, Messi may not be interested about Ballon D’or anymore but after yesterday night Ballon D’or probably slipped from Messi once again as Barcelona will not win La Liga as Spanish FA had decided to give it to Real Madrid and probably that arrogant B*** will win it again especially after 5 goals against Bayern, even though we all know about his last 2 goals, such a shame that those goals stood.

    Another observation I have, CR knows how to take media attentition. Look at Messi. He scored 2 goals within 30-40 minutes quite a few time this season but then not even tried further to score a hat-trick whereas if it was CR he would have scored hat-trick in all thosematches. I am not saying Messi is lesser than CR. Any genuine football LOVER with few basic understanding about football will say Messi is way superior as a player but trust me guys Messi is falling behind after such performance against PSG or last night. Only way for Messi to reach on top is by winning World Cup. Every generation players won World Cup only Messi left (even that Ronaldo won EURO now)

    CR is undoubtedly the luckiest player I have ever seen…but you know still you need to take those chances and need to make your luck work. CR is perfect in that…

    Hope Messi will bounce back in the Classico itself but his focus should remain on NT glory. 1 trophy can change everything…

    • MustB-AlbicelesteApril:

      its hard not to agree with a lot of what you write,

      for me part of messi problem will always be he puts his team and team mates way before personal glory and he never seeks the line light and thus he can at time lack that real killer instinct that other have, that quest to be the best no matter what like maradona had as a player.

      as you said crbaby is the luckiest son of a b alive and its a joke that people even think to mention him in messi’s class but cr has the full support of the madridiots and the media to make people think cr is actually something amazing when hes not that special having his stats vastly overinflated by a lot of goals vs some very ordinary teams for both club and country the real ron, muller (70s/80s one) or bati, raul etc
      (remember the champs lge was once just lge champions only not 4th places teams and teams from parts bearely known and home and away-straight knock out and no group stages, the curos and w/c quafis were vastly them some of the almost no names country’s we see him play

      this is a good and long read to compere them both.

  15. Lionel should only concentrate on Argentina alone as everyone pointed out here… World Cup would be his crowning glory… 2018 should be a blessed year for him.

    • Absolutely..Messi needs to lift the world cup…there is nothing more he needs to achieve at club level…a WC for Messi will make him invincible…he should only focus on Argentina and 2018 WC

  16. Correct Pablo… I don’t mind he wont get another champions league title or ballon Dr…. As a messi fan… One thing I wanted… International trophy either wc or copa America… Wc is more than sweet… Both would be great

    • yep like you their is one big prize waiting for him (we all hope and both would be perfect-i think he has 1 and maybe 2 more w/c to do it in and quite a few copas), the sadness on his face when he saw a rerun of the w/c misses was plain to see his pain/hurt and when the guy asked him how do you feel messi said “its a pity”
      the final starts about 3.35 and its still makes me sick watching hig and pal misses.

  17. The Flea would have scored at least two goals yesterday but it wasn’t meant to be….. that happens sometimes….just not meant to be.

    All we have to concern ourselves with Now, is playing and winning for ARGENTINA and nothing else.
    I Personally think and have said it many times and will say it again, one Argentine is as good as another, let Dybala enjoy the limelight.
    HOW sweet would it be to see the kid stick it to RM like Tevez did couple of years ago.

  18. The difference between Messi and Ronaldo is Ronaldo’s losts (as in Euro 2004 final) made him mentally stronger while Messi’s losts with Argentina made him mentally weaker. Now it’s kinda preconscious of upcoming lost finals. From born-winner to martyr.

    But even mentally strongest man could be deteriorated with psychical vigour after 4 lost finals with NT.

    What I learn once again after yesterday game: today none of best players of the world (Messi, Neymar, Dybala…) can win crucial games by his own. Messi, Neymar, Dybala all they were lonely helpless yesterday. Only team effort may do biggest things. That’s why Germany are World Champion, Portugal won Euro final without Ronaldo and Chile (team without alpha/omega player) are South America Champion.

  19. Have been the biggest Messi fan from the U-20 days, from the day he stepped in with a #30 Barcelona shirt. Its been a long and beautiful journey. Off course it has to end someday.

    Sometimes I feel, Ronaldo “wants” it a little more than Messi. Ronaldo may cut a frustrating figure sometimes, blaming his own team mates, not celebrating a team goal but may be he wants it a little more than Messi does.

    • He is nowhere near finished or even slowing down. He has been playing or producing better than the rate of 2015 and just a little lower than 2012, which was his best year statistically.

      Just the other two players are failing, which in this case is giving the impression that he is failing. The reason Barca is doing so bad is their bench, which is almost 50% less quality than the starting eleven. Moreover, they have a non-existent right hand side, which is hurting Barca defensively as well as offensively.

      Another real problem is how much Messi has been creating and how shit Neymar and Suarez have been all season. Just look at this chart.

      This shows the chances created by Leonel Messi vs his actual number of assists. Each year from 2010 to 2017. Notice the number is lowest in 2016-2017 and 2nd lowest in 2013-14. Go ahead and think this as coincidence, as these are the two most unproductive season of Barcelona’s.

      I dont think it is coincidence at all, as I do follow Barcelona a lot and I know how this season has been. In this season, Messi has been creating chances left, right and center and Suarez and Neymar are missing those in ways that Higuain will feel proud about himself.

      • Interesting data. Thanks for sharing.

        I am not saying he is finished or slowing down (which probably he is and that is OK). I just feel he does not make a difference or is not so decisive as he used to be. For example, the clasico is coming and Messi scoring a goal or winning the game for Barcelona is almost unthinkable. This was not the case earlier. He was decisive. And by decisive I do not mean only scoring goals. I don’t know if it is due to contract, the continuous failure with Barca (recently) and Argentina has taken a mental toll or not.

        I am just comparing the hunger. The desire to win. This eventually has an effect on the belief. He does not look invincible anymore. Something has to change. As a matter of fact he looks more decisive for Argentina than for Barcelona.

        • The hunger might have reduced a little bit. And I dont blame him for that! He doesn’t have anything to win in club football no more. Even if he stops playing tomorrow, he will still retire as the most successful club footballer ever, and nobody will come close to breaking those in distant future.

          The only thing he now plays for is the national team and sometimes for Barca when the shit hits the fan…like yesterday. He probably was the only dude to shoot on goal.

          But he still has 3 more years, and nobody is still close to taking his place for Barca, so we will be able to enjoy watching him some more I guess!

        • “As a matter of fact he looks more decisive for Argentina than for Barcelona.”

          Yeah, that’s what we all Argentina fans are wanting from Messi. I really don’t care about Messi’s performance with Barca. As long as Messi performing for us, I am happy. Hopefully he’ll show his worst performance ever in club level next season.

          Vamos Argentina!

      • BRILLIANT-“Messi has been creating chances left, right and center and Suarez and Neymar are missing those in ways that Higuain will feel proud about himself.”

        • so true
          “The hunger might have reduced a little bit. And I dont blame him for that! He doesn’t have anything to win in club football no more.”
          in a way like George Best who at 28 retired and every one asked why? etc and he said their is nothing left for me as ive won every thing i can.

          (note northern island were not going to the w/c or the euros at that time any time soon)

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