Jorge SAMPAOLI to be presented as Argentina coach


Jorge SAMPAOLI will finally get his dream of coaching Argentina.

The Sevilla coach will be leaving his job in Spain to coach the Argentina National Team, reports AS. The report states that SAMPAOLI will be announced as coach of the Argentina National Team on May 22, following the end of the la liga season. SAMPAOLI has been in the spotlight and been the main man in the media to replace former coach Edgardo BAUZA but has watched his words regarding possibly joining the National Team. However, SAMPAOLI has let it slip stating the following:


“I know there is interest and they say I am the chosen one, but they will have to wait for the right time to make sure nobody is harmed. To do it now would harm Sevilla. If a player can go because of a clause, why can’t a manager do it too?”

It’s also being rumored thatt SAMPAOLI has already started working on drafting a list of names for his Argentina team and that AFA president Claudio TAPIA has informed SAMPAOLI that he would be able to work in peace while still coaching Sevilla. The situation for SAMPAOLI is that Sevilla’s seasons ends on May 22 and Argentina play two friendly matches in June. The first against Brazil on June 9¬†and the second on June 13 against Singapore.

An additional piece which is being rumored in the media is that Mauro ICARDI would finally get a call to the Argentina National Team. Especially should Paulo DYBALA and Gonzalo HIGUAIN take part in the Champions League final for Juventus in June.


  1. Its about friggin time!!

    He should have been picked up as soon as he left F YOU Chile.

    We finally have a proper coach, highly intense, passionate and knows what the hell he is doing…..never mind a proven winner.

  2. I am very happy with sampaoli and want to like this..


    • This one amazing…. I like it…pizzaro… On that place i need agression… Perez is ok bot not good… Lanzini in place of pizzaro… Then I will put icardi on top… Aerial duel is important… Some time long ball is desperate… Messi dybala not going to win physical duel striker icardi

    • @dollon

      i think , this is a very good line up. though i prefer to put either of dybala or messi in the place of lanzini. lanzini is a good midfielder with a very good pass accuracy but he is not good at assisting others to score goals.

  3. Didn’t expect only two comments on this really exciting news! I am really happy he will be here. His style suits our pool of talent plus i like rest of coaching stuff and Veron as director. Hate meaningless friendly game but now we could use some friendly game to get some fat money though. Who cares who is the opponent.

  4. Man!! he is going to quit his job in europe for a job that has no gurantee of getting paid and just in case he gets paid it will a lot less to what he was making!! Thats the kind of coach i would want to manage Argentina… not some european club reject or someone nobody wants!!

  5. excellent all around but as always ill keep the champagne on ice until its official.

    simply put samp is by far the best we can hope for on our Afa beer budget but as always champagne tastes.

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