Argentina U20 list of 23 players for U20 World Cup


The preliminary Argentina U20 list of 23 players for the World Cup has been announced.

Lautaro MARTINEZ, Ezequiel BARCO and Exequiel PALACIOS are all part of the preliminary list of 23 players called-up by Argentina U20 coach Claudio UBEDA for the World Cup. The 23 players will begin training on Monday in preperation for the U20 World Cup. The list of players for the tournament, which will take place from May 20 until June 11, will be cut down from 23 players to a final list of 21 for the World Cup.

There had been talk that MARTINEZ, BARCO and PALACIOS would not be going to the U20 World Cup after their clubs would not release them for the matches in South Korea. Here are the 23 players:

Argentina U20 list:

Santiago ASCACIBAR, Estudiantes de la Plata
Juan FOYTH, Estudiantes de la Plata
Lucas RODRIGUEZ, Estudiantes de la Plata
Exequiel PALACIOS, River Plate
Gonzalo MONTIEL, River Plate
Franco PETROLI, River Plate
Ignacio MENDEZ, Argentinos Juniors
Leonel MOSEVICH, Argentinos Juniors
Ezequiel BARCO, Independiente
Gaston TOGNI, Independiente
Manuel ROFFO, Boca Juniors
Marcelo TORRES, Boca Juniors
Tomas BELMONTE, Lanus
Lisandro MARTINEZ, Newell’s Old Boys
Milton VALENZUELA, Newell’s Old Boys
Nazareno COLOMBO FERNANDEZ, Platense
Marcelo MINO, Rosario Central
Marcos SENSEI, San Lorenzo
Tomas CONECHNY, San Lorenzo
Brian MANSILLA, Racing Club
Lautaro MARTINEZ, Racing Club
Matias ZARACHO, Racing Club
Ezequiel NAVARRO MONTOYA, Rayo Vallecano


  1. Marcelo elbow to Messi… sparked The Lion in him to face fire with fire…
    We need such a Messi for Argentina during the WCQ and The World Cup itself.
    Masche Cartel needs to be broken and Sampaoli should be allowed to play his own game… not Masche’s choice…
    If Messi would have played the way he did yesterday during the finals of 2014… we would be completing our 3rd year world champions by now…

    • I am an avid follower of this site. However, I rarely comment because I honestly enjoy just reading everyone’s comments. Today, after reading this comment, I felt the need to create an account just to respond to you as your support of Messi always seems to waver. I have seen you, in particular, question his mental toughness, which I think is totally unfair. Please keep in mind, as great as Messi is, he is only human. As someone who follows Barca and Argentina religiously, I can confidently attest to Messi’s mental toughness. The guy has individually carried Barca and Argentina just by his sheer presence. Yes, yesterday he had a great game statistically but that’s nothing new. I am more than certain Argentina would not have lost with Messi in the lineup vs Bolivia. Some of you guys are quick to bash the guy when he fails to score in “big games”. Unlike Ronaldo, Messi is always surrounded by 3-4 players. Whether he is scoring or assisting or being a decoy, he’s impacting the game. Yes would it have been great if Messi had scored two goals in the World Cup final vs Germany? Yes but unfortunately, Real Madrid is not Germany and Barca is not Argentina. As much as people want to criticize the guy for his play in the White and Blue shirt, his teammates (most of whom are labelled as world class) have let him down when he needed him the most. Do me a favor, before you blindly criticize the guy and just a let me know what you discover….

          • Thank you sir! It just irks how some fans on here or (in general) treat Messi. Not saying he’s without blame but objectively speaking, Argentina and Messi have being deprived of decent coaching. Last time, Argentina had a decent coach in Sabella, Messi flourished and Argentina made it to the world cup finals. Difference between Barca Messi and Argentina Messi, is good coaching. This current Argentina team sadly has no stability or identity. I watch their games and sometimes I have no idea what formations they are even deploying. In Barca, Messi is able to stay up the pitch and lurk around the penalty box which is impossible to do when he plays for the national side. I just feel sorry for the guy because every coach, other than Sabella of course, has used him to patch up the multiple glaring holes that have plagued the team (mediocre midfield play and poor striking efficiency). I don’t know much about Sampaoli but I hope he brings the necessary changes. No more Biglia and Masch because they do not work well together which has been proven on many occasions.. I don’t mind Banega, as long as he’s expected to carry the midfield by himself. I think Pastore needs to be brought back. He works well with Messi plus he can actually create unlike Banega in my opinion. Not sure where to deploy Dybala as he seems to occupy the same space as Messi does (from watching Juventus but I could be wrong). This team needs some new blood because they can’t do any worse than what we are seeing now from some our so called “world class club players” ….Ok no rants lol

        • Rakitic: “Messi? if anyone’s surprised about these performances, they need to review the history of football.”
          “You can put Messi at any position and he would still be at this level.”

  2. Marcelo the skunk will be repaid in full for what he did to Messi (just wait and see)…
    (also see how pepe’s career will end)
    cheap Cristiano shouts ‘foul him foul him’ to Marcelo to pull Sergio Roberto down during the last surging run… and finally the cheap guy says ‘you should have done it, you should have done it’ (says cristiano to marcelo finally)… so it sums up all the plans, snares, viles set by the devil…
    cheap tricks ain?… play the game like a man cristiano not like boys or thugs… as you all did… you left a human being bruised physically… but you will not defeat his soul.
    ‘never fear the one who kills your body, coz he can never touch the soul’

  3. This is what was missing. This is what I was talking about a few days back in another thread – the anger is missing, the hunger, the desire to run even when you are battered, bloodied. I loved the celebration. For once I loved the fact that he took off the shirt and showed it to the world – iconic moment.

    No one doubts his talent. But you need to “want” it. If there is a performance like this in a final then Argentina will win it. If Messi is playing with this mentality then all I can say is – BRING ON THE WORLD CUP!!

  4. zidane the devil (kicked messi in his playing days and never even apologized, idiot), casemiro the pig (whole day tried to harm messi) pepe the buffalo (better not write about this ass), ronaldo the shit, ramos the dog tried their very best to harm our man… Messi was bruised but The Lion in him helped to rapture at the end.
    What a game… messi was messi.
    Messi needs to play like the way he did in World Cup 2018.
    (if you all noticed di maria, higuain, aguero never uttered a word on yesterday’s game… all 3 are cristianos followers)
    Higuain himself robbed Messi of 3 titles…

  5. interesting marcelo’s blatant assault on messi today was not seen by either official and after it happened marc was looking directly to the linesman hoping he did not see his deliberate assault.

    well fifa fair is fair and you need to ban marc for bringing the game into serious disrepute and by the standards you have set being it does not matter that none of the match officials needed to have actually seen it or even complain about it but its all their on camera for you to watch over and over again.

    if swearing to the gods is 4 match ban then a assault must be a 10 match ban

    “Argentina international Messi stayed down with blood streaming from his mouth.

    He was then taken to the touchline where he received attention from members of the Barca medical staff, returning to the match moments later with gauze in his mouth.
    Messi was seen sporting a black eye and missing teeth after the match, according to Press Association”

  6. We are either too high or too low around here.

    MESSI is messi……need I say more.
    His game is affected with both Barcelona and ARGENTINA when the players around him are not up to the task.
    LOOK at Barcelona’s bench and RM’s….like night and day and it pains me deeply to say this, Marcelo is incredible, I wish we had a Marcelo!!!!
    NO chicken-head, the teeth was useless and The Flea was himself and would have been even deadlier without the cheapass tackles.

  7. If anybody ever doubts Leonel Messi –

    Take “just” today’s match and shove it where it hurts. in your anus…deep into your anus and sing – “he isn’t a big match player no more.”

    • Lol…who even ever doubt to Messi? People forget sometimes he is human too. Those people write crap about him didn’t even play football in their entire life. If they have played than they would have understood the stuff he does ain’t normal. It’s just people who play PS4 but nothing just a troll.

      • so true and this is also true

        “Messi is often targeted in big matches and systematically fouled by opposition players. It was no different against Real Madrid, who sought to interrupt play every time the Barcelona forward got on the ball”

        its not easy playing you best when teams have one plan and we saw it on both copa finals were muntiable (inept refing at its best) players could and should have been carded or sent off for it.

    • Tell me what’s big match for you? How is Barcelona-Real big match?

      Why a half of people here is haunting on Messi’s one fail to use this as final and decisive argument that he is done/not so good (as it was after Barcelona- Juventus quarterfinals recently) and half of people haunting for his one win to use this as final and decisive argument he is best ever and forever or something like that. I don’t get both of these attitudes.

      Messi humilitating by Juventus – who cares? Real humilitating by Messi – who cares? SIC! Who cares? Ni difference. Absolute désintéressement. That makes no difference because this is stupid Barcelona and more stupid Real. Who cares about Messi beating Real? He did it many times. On the other hand Ronaldo did it many times too in Superclasicos. The only “no more” here is: this Superclassico is no more big match. This is not that exciting rivalry as few years ago. Let alone if this is just superclassico in league.

      What’s the difference if Messi wins league another time with Barcelona? Absoletely no difference. He has enough these titles. What’s the difference if he won with Juventus and then another CHampions League title? No difference -he has enough this titles. Another Pichichi crown? No difference – he has this titles enough. THe only difference makes his NT games and only in tournaments (especially final stages).

      So don’t be ridiculous and call this stale Barcelona – Real rivalry big game. And please do not say his current club form is important because of impact for NT. I don’t see straightforward transposition here. Moreover, it rather looks like the more Messi in club season is winning with Barcelona, the less with Argentina when NT tournaments coming.

      So after games against Juventus and Real Messi is neither loser nor winner. In some way his club career is closed chapter I think. Because it makes no difference what more he will win with Barcelona. Messi winning more titles for Spain – boring. Now Messi may be winner or loser only on NT level.

      • I get it. El Classico is a very small game compared to Estudiantes v Belgrano or whatever. All 11 players should be from the primera because the players are REAL Argentine and are REAL leaders. I get it I get it!

        Also, being in form and playing in good sides week n week out doesn’t matter because they are irreverent. Football only exists in Argentina Primera.

        Case closed.

        • So do you think it makes any differnce when Messi winning another Superclassico? He did it many times. And these things never influenced for his form in NT. And people still start with the same story as it was 2007. Years ago I was exciting with this Barcelona – Real rivalry and every Messi game. But since last World Cup I lost interest because I understood club and NT in Messi’s case are irrelevant.

          I’m not watching only Primera. You know it I’m deeply interested in every European game where we have Argentinos (excluding current Barcelona, PSG (DI Maria), City (Aguero)). I know about current form/game of several Argentinos all over Europe more than any other here. Sorry, it sounds like lack of humility but looking for themes on Mundo I think this is true. “Football only exists in Argentina Primera” – so you know this sentence is irrelevant to my attitude. I’m interesting with future of Argentina football and Superclasicos of Barcelona – Real nothing to do here.

      • you come up with different story to blame messi.. and chalz too… plz under stand what is the problem… messi is same… argentina dont have proper coach look maradona to bauza… no body use him better thats why he lost… he deserved trophy… but his other 10 team mates dont deserve the trophy thats why he lost it… dont blame him blame others… if roberto dont make that run.. (right back) and alba dont make that run(left back) messi will not going to score that goal and infront of him he had gomez surez rakatic… in argentina national team? say gonzalo and chalz?. messi will was criticised by easily chalz and gonzalo and many others.. in argentina… rojo in penalty box too not in opposite side.. our side zaba or marcado… no one supporting messi… messi loves attacking football… if you play in that way… only he can be dangerous.. in argentina four players only go forward one use less dimaria higuian messi banega… do you think goal will come.. he is a human… he not going to score goal single handedly because four players marking him everymatch… understand the football and messi… plz… even auguro higuain failed because of coaches… better coach comes everything will change

        • ArjunanMessi

          Tell me where I was criticizing Messi in my yesterday post? This is scepticism and distance to his clubs games. I hadn’t criticed him after Champions League games against Juve and I’ve not delighted after his Superclassico game. What he is doing on club level is no differnece. This is not critic. Just waiting for World Cup.

      • “Tell me what’s big match for you? How is Barcelona-Real big match?”

        these days its a tough question as the game has changed and we have teams like barca and real.m who in the last 10 years could have won the w/c if they could have played In it with all of their players, the squads they have a world class to say the least.

        for a real fan it never changes its always country 1st of me and then clubs but in terms of a “big game” we have to look at its importance. arg vs switz is hardly an exciting game on paper but its importance is very high as loser went home, arg vs the yellow team “money makers” are low on the scale if you are a natural fan but as a fan of those country’s I can tell you no matter what we do not want to lose to them ever but its a nothing game in terms of the game.

        times have changes for people like messsi and we read the crap headlines daily in the papers, internet etc where every move is analysed again and again, we hear he’s past it and next game he’s the greatest ever blah blah but the pressure on messi’s generation to preform is far higher then 15 plus years ago as every game is deemed a big game for fans.

        the champs lge has become as big if not bigger in importance then the w/c for the powers that be (very sad) in 1982 national teams had 6 weeks together, 2014 it was 2 and some players were late because of the champs lge final and the 1st qualif’s for the champs lge were 3 days after the w/c final. 2022 apparently n/t’s will have 1 week together.

        every game is different in stature but barca vs real.m is now as big (player power on display) then most w/c games.

        winning the w/c is the dream of any players but the better you are the harder it becomes in todays game as the demands on the better players a massive every week and get bigger by the year.

        their is no real answer to your question as it all depends on who ones supports religiously-club, a player or country and some a combination of all 3 but I know for me wining the w/c is top of my list but I do take great delight and pride in being able to watch messi destroy some of the best players and teams over the lest 10 plus years.

        next stop I wish is 2018 w/c winner.

        • Pablo,

          I understand your point to some degree but still I don’t fell the current importance of league Superclasicos as the last one. I see more people is bored about that. Real and Ronaldo are rather sated for some time after last year succeses (and they have semifinals of CL ahead). I’m not going to compare Messi to Ronaldo because the first is for me the better in every point as well (maybe excluding mentall resistance) especially influance of game but I don’t think Real and Ronaldo had the same eager as it was in previous years (maybe Barcelona too). Ronaldo won everything in last year, in club NT and awards. And I don’t think Messi playing even against these bunch of top world players had harder task than, for example, against Iran park-bus team on WC.

          Now I don’t think this is Superclassico. In league maybe Classico but not super. The only one Barcelona -Real match (after all these decade-long battles) that could be really exciting now is final of CL with the clubs.

          As I said, for me, this club level is no more reference point in Messi case. Maybe Messi is in form of his life. Who knows. He is in best age and last injury was long ago. So that’s possible. But still I can’t take these club feats as it was years ago. Learned from experience past years waiting for World Cup. That’s why it makes no difference wheter he is losing to Juve or beating Real by himself.

          “the champs lge has become as big if not bigger in importance then the w/c for the powers that be (very sad) in 1982 national teams had 6 weeks together, 2014 it was 2 and some players were late because of the champs lge final and the 1st qualif’s for the champs lge were 3 days after the w/c final. 2022 apparently n/t’s will have 1 week together”

          Here let me to be just gently disagreed because I see the things in the other way. CL = more money no doubt. But that’s not the same prestige. CL is every year. No matter how many weeks spending together NT before WC I think this is still really celebrated sacrum.

          “but the pressure on messi’s generation to preform is far higher then 15 plus years ago as every game is deemed a big game for fans”.

          Perhaps but you must admit if Messi will not win WC finally no one will remember of increasing pressure because people will say: Messi himself is guilty of the pressure because he should have won WC long ago (in 2010 or 2014). I don’t understand neither malicious critic upon Messi after quarterfinals against Juver nor hype after Superclassico. My attitude is sceptisism and waiting. Not to be confused with critic.

          • Gonzalo: some good points as always from you and like you their is only one trophy we all really want its its the world cup.
            does messi meed this to be talked about as a all time great -no but he does if he want to shut every one up who doubts his greatness.

          • For me he is one of the 3 best in history. Maradona of course but we as ‘Argentinos’ should not depreciate Pele. To win 3 World Cups is absolutely incredible thing today.

            But if Messi wins one WC he will be the best of all times regarding all his club and individual countless trophies.

  8. Oh… My man you made my week sorry month… Here some messi doubters said… Ronaldo peeked… Messi fallen… I believe messi until my death… If you don’t believe him… Just stop to Tal about him… I said my twitter facebook he will deliver… In classico… He comes with better than Ronaldo… And the first goal… No one in the world can try that… That’s messi… Believe him… I need from only one… That is wc winning goal… To shut all mouth 👄… Good night

  9. Matias Vargas – he is not on the final list (was on preliminary list). Another U-20 player who scored in Primera. Yesterday for Velez. In the same game Maxi ROmero and Andereggen have been playing. Rivas was starter for Rosario and Lovera coming of the bench. If Barco for example will not be allowed there’s still chance for one of the players.

  10. Ubeda was talking he will call up players like Barco, Martinez anyway but that’s still doesn’t mean they will allow by their clubs.

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