Lionel MESSI stars in El Clasico for Barcelona against Real Madrid


Lionel MESSI scored a historic brace for FC Barcelona, Mauro ICARDI scored a hattrick for Inter and Sergio AGUERO scored the only goal for Manchester City in their matches.

Lionel MESSI scored Barcelona career goals number 499 and 500 in Barcelona’s 3-2 El Clasico win against Real Madrid. The Santiago Bernabeu was left stunned after Lionel MESSI’s game winning goal in the 92nd minute. MESSI’s goal was his 22nd in El Clasico, which makes him the all-time leading goalscorer in the fixture, taking him ahead of the legendary Alfredo DI STEFANO. The little magician had arguably his best match of the season, scoring twice while rubbing salt in the wounds of the Madrid faithful after taking his shirt off and showing it off to the Madrid fans. The Argentina National Team captain has now scored 500 goals in merely 577 matches.

Mauro ICARDI keeps lighting it up for Inter, this time in Inter’s 5-4 loss to Fiorentina. The Inter captain scored a hattrick, the last goal coming off a header as he brings his season tally to 26 goals in all competitions with 24 of them coming in Serie A. If the rumors are true and Jorge SAMPAOLI becomes the new Argentina National Team coach, Mauro ICARDI would be called-up to the Argentina National Team as early as June when they play Brazil and Singapore.

Sergio AGUERO also found the back of the net, scoring in Manchester City’s 2-1 loss to Arsenal in the FA Cup. It was goal number 166 for AGUERO in a Manchester City shirt, making him the club’s joint second all-time top scorer. After being benched earlier in the year and rumors circulating about his exit from the club, AGUERO has come back very strong for City, now scoring 12 goals in his last 12 appearances for the club.

Lionel MESSI’s goals:

Mauro ICARDI’s goals:

Sergio AGUERO’s goal:


  1. you come up with different story to blame messi.. and chalz too… plz under stand what is the problem… messi is same… argentina dont have proper coach look maradona to bauza… no body use him better thats why he lost… he deserved trophy… but his other 10 team mates dont deserve the trophy thats why he lost it… dont blame him blame others… if roberto dont make that run.. (right back) and alba dont make that run(left back) messi will not going to score that goal and infront of him he had gomez surez rakatic… in argentina national team? say gonzalo and chalz?. messi will was criticised by easily chalz and gonzalo and many others.. in argentina… rojo in penalty box too not in opposite side.. our side zaba or marcado… no one supporting messi… messi loves attacking football… if you play in that way… only he can be dangerous.. in argentina four players only go forward one use less dimaria higuian messi banega… do you think goal will come.. he is a human… he not going to score goal single handedly because four players marking him everymatch… understand the football and messi… plz… even auguro higuain failed because of coaches… better coach comes everything will change..

    and only one true messi supporter i have seen in this site… and defend him many times… pablo dennison… thanks bro

    • i’m not messi fan..i’m argentina fan…i dont like him and mascherano colaborated to block icardi…not realistic attitude…just like maradona anti for sampaoli such as he good manager…

      • who said he blocked icardi… you contacted messi with the phone… or you believing some poor journalist to make their news paper sold with this kind of story… he will play with anyone… if he will play with icardi in wcq… what will you going to say?

    • ArjunanMessi

      onus probandi
      Tell me where I was criticizing Messi in my yesterday post? This is scepticism and distance to his clubs performances. I wasn’t criticizing him after Champions League games against Juve but I’m not going to delight in his game against Real too. What he is doing on club level is no differnece for me. This is not critic, mere scepticism and reserve. Just waiting for World Cup. I’m cold now for clubs successes of Messi, Di Maria, Aguero, Higuain… The difference is I have still hope in Messi while Di Maria, Aguero and Higuain are done for me in NT context.

      • hope… you are criticizing him… then what is the meaning for this? perform for argentina not against rm this called criticising… he performed well for argentina he is the top scorrer for argentina he single handely take them into wc 2014 quter final… and three finals.. in barca he not even scored 2015 champions league final… but they won… this coaching problem… not messi or aguero … you said you dont care about this performance do it for argentina… wiht coach like bauza… no tactics how can you say this kind of thing… messi is same man… how can you use him is the point.. barca they used him well in argentina… they wont… but sampolli will he love messi and argentina… he knows how argentina have talented players have in this generation… he will use properly and will bring us some trophy..

        • I was not expectating that he will do the (like in Barcelona) things with coach like Bauza because we know that’s impossible.

          “you said you dont care about this performance do it for argentina… wiht coach like bauza… no tactics how can you say this kind of thing”

          What kind of things? I didn’t expectate from Messi managing by Bauza to do great things. But he had different coaches in Argentina not only Bauza. No matter – it’s past..
          Now we must start from scratch and Sampaoli too. So I’m not going to judge Sampaoli, team or Messi after first games (they just must qualified). The truth will be on WC.

          No matter in how many ways we analyze Messi I don’t see his current club game as relevant for us more excluding the hope he will stay health and without any injury. I’m not comparing Messi to Aguero. I don’t see Aguero as usefull player for Argentina no matter who will be the coach. Never think that change only coach will change everything and never think that change only player will make total difference. Not in our case.

          • Agreed Gonzalo… But I never seen 10 passes together in Argentina play… From 2008 and barca… Aguero passed his prime and lost some pace… And he is better in box… In Argentina play… He won’t get any ball… That’s why I prefer icardi… With long ball he can win … But aguero ganzalo won’t win aerial ball… And dimaria loves to cross with aguero higuin that not going to happen… If better coach know this… Players do what coach asked… Past is past… I believe sampolli I watched 2014 chille vs Spain and Netherlands… His tactics amazing… And in copa final.. His tactics amazing he stopped messi with clear plan… And he beat juve.. Sevilla scored against juve barca won’t… And his mind fully in Argentina job… That’s why they struggling recent times… And see who is sampolli vs real Madrid match day 37.. Hope 2018 ours

          • Sampaoli + Messi + Dybala + Icardi is theoretically Dream Team. But this is not simple recipe for WC. I remember dream teams from 2002, 2011 or 2014 very well so I’m really cautious. Sampaoli needs good idea to make sensible things of these superstars. The problem of many coaches is that they are not better at all when getting more stars into hands. Anyways Sampaoli was my favourite along with Bielsa but we must remember he was rather coach of hardworking teams without brightest stars.

  2. Messi delivered great performance and silenced the detractors. Messi is up against unimaginable pr game from ronaldo,madrid,epl media,even argentina media every thing he does is downplayed this season he is closing on 50 goals & is miles ahead of every other player but before last night game the media was talking like he was having bad season.
    I still think the 2011 clasico is his best but he needed this kind of game to remind the world that he still the king.
    It is now clear to every one that icardi is the best finisher we have.
    The other day bilardo was criticising sampaoli and now maradona is doing the same.
    Some of the 86 generation players and their fans don’t want see argentina win another worldcup.

    • glued: correct and its crazy their are so many always taking turns and waiting in line to try and knock messi over.

      I’m a massive fan of maradona the player (not the human sadly) and also messi and I really struggle to decide who is the best of all time for me out of these 2 but I just edge it to messi who over 10 plus years has shown us again and again and every time people say he cant do any thing else to surprise or wow us but he does and its not at all over yet.

  3. One thing i’m noticing about Messi in all the pics we’re seeing is, from a physical standpoint, he seems to be as fit as ever. He looks razor sharp. Much more than during the 2014 WC.

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