Goals from Paulo DYBALA, FERREYRA, DI MARIA, PIATTI and more in MLS


Paulo DYBALA, Facundo FERREYRA, Angel DI MARIA, Ignacio PIATTI, Hector VILLALBA and Yamil ASAD all found the back of the net for their clubs.

To add to the goals scored by Lionel MESSI, Mauro ICARDI and Sergio AGUERO, Paulo DYBALA added his name to the list of Argentinian strikers who scored on the weekend. DYBALA dribbled his way around a few players before playing a one-two with KHEDIRA and slotting it past the goalkeeper.

Facundo FERREYRA scored the lone goal of the match for Shakhtar in their 1-0 win against Dynamo. The former Argentina U20 player has scored 14 goals in 23 matches this season for his club.

Angel DI MARIA scored for PSG in their 2-0 win against Montpellier. DI MARIA’s goal came after Edinson CAVANI delivered a back heel pass to DI MARIA who curled in a shot from outside the area into the back of the net.

In the MLS, Ignacio PIATTI scored one of the goals of the week for the Montreal Impact as they drew 3-3 against Philadelphia. PIATTI dribbled around a few players before continuing his run inside the area and scoring.

Still in the MLS, Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO’s Atlanta United picked up a 3-1 win against Real Salt Lake. Hector VILLALBA and Yamil ASAD both scored for MARTINO in the win.

Paulo DYBALA’s goal:

Facundo FEREYRA’s goal:

Angel DI MARIA’s goal:

Ignacio PIATTI’s goals:

Hector VILLALBA and Yamil ASAD’s goals:


  1. And he arrived finally. Cristian Barrios (shortest of the shortest) big talent made his debut for San Lorenzo finally. Debut in Copa Libertadores. Debut with late winner goal in ’86 minutes. And heads goal! A dream scenario for pibe.

    I was waiting for his debut in first team for some time following his games. Just few months ago he was player only 5ta division. But after goals and assists in presason games with A team quickly advanced to reserve team. Then 2 times on the bench of A team games and debut in highest level.

    The kid is incedibly short but incredibly fast and agile. I know with this height it’s so hard to be great player but reportedly he is still growing.

    Still think that Ubeda team is only B team with absence of many Primera Division players and especially absence of kids like Barrios and Maxi Lovera of Rosario Central. The seconh had excellent game last weekend.

  2. A killer who was about to break somebodys leg is given just 1 match ban
    Whereas Messi showed his anger (which is natural) to an official because of the way the opponents treated him all through the match is given 4 match ban
    what a world?
    FIFA and UEFA are always against Argentina and Argentines
    Brazil would have never won 5 without the helping hand of FIFA nor would have Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo win asmany CLs and individual honours without UEFA.
    what a world?
    A humble being as Lionel is being ill treated wheras an arrogant being as Cristiano is being carried on shoulders.

    • exactly neymar three matches ban… ramos only one… they want to hurt messi every way possible… maradona.. dont like messi he loves ronaldo argentina fans need to remember 1986 wc only… he loves bauza he hates sampolli … because he is a coach… not dump ass like bauza.. he feared… messi and argentina will lift the trophy…

      • Maradona’s psychology is simple to understand. He has nothing to offer other than showing 1986 again and again. That is the only thing he can sell now. Hence he will do anything to keep that legacy alive. If Messi surpasses him, which in the mind of many people he has (as a player, consistency and tenure, and above all as an ambassador for Argentina and football in geneal) Maradona will have nothing.

  3. Maradona @ it again… why cant this guy stop talking
    Maradona returns to attack Sampaoli: “He is very overrated”
    The former world football star insisted on questioning the possible arrival of the former Chilean coach to the Albiceleste bench. He also shot Veron and the AFA.
    Diego Maradona again expressed his opposition to the arrival of Jorge Sampaoli to the Argentine national team. If before he said that the former coach of the national team is “inflated”, he now raised the margin of criticism towards the casildense. “He is very inflated,” he said regarding the favoritism that awakens in the AFA to replace Edgardo Bauza, told Rivadavia radio.
    The former world football star also harshly criticized the organization that directs Trans-Andean football. “The AFA is a hot iron. You have to put a grenade in it, “he said.
    Their shots also had as target the designation of Juan Sebastián Verón like person in charge of the smaller selections transandinas. “I told Angelici that Veron is not qualified to be. It must be someone who knows how to choose players from each category and teaches. ”
    Regarding the situation of Argentina in the Qualifying matches, he admitted that “I signed the repechage”. And he said his coaching role is not over. “The technician inside me is still intact and the perfume of the grass continues to attract me as much as a pretty woman,” he slipped.

    • Maradona is overrated, as a coach and human being,ha!Unfortunately, he is not the only one currently badmouthing Sampaoli, some Argentine TV pundits like Pagani also are not too keen on Sampaoli, although others seem to like him. Apparently, the fact that Sampaoli never coached in Argentina makes me inferior somehow. That’s a very twisted way of looking at things if you ask me. Messi also never played in Argentina, so what?

      • EnganChe: so true.
        i dont get it either as their is always some one from the Argentine media or former players who simply cant help them selves and have to throw mud at those who are successful and try to back them, dont get me wrong in an ideal world it would be sim or poch as a manager but its common knowledge that we the Afa are bankrupt and it does not take a brain to know that beggars cant be choosers .

        its way past time some of those with all of this spare time on their hands(media and former players) stood up and started to dig very deep into why the afa are bankrupt and get some heads to roll for this and while they are at it its way past time thay have far less mercy at so many of the players who time is up and keep failing for our n/t.

    • simply said ‘1986 batch wants to control football in Argentina’
      when not allowed: 1) Bilardo makes a cry that he will run away to Uruguay in a catamaran!… but nobody cared about this dummbo… Mundoalbiceleste is ready to help him pack and put him on the boat…

      2) Maradona will only be quiet… if you offer him the NT coaching job once again…

      3) All Bilardoista are making the hue and cry about Sampaoli whereas they were all wanting to keep Bauza…

      None of Menottista opened their mouth against Sampaoli
      God Willing, Messi will surely lift the World Cup 2018… but now work needs to begin from scratch. Dedication from all players involved is required upto 200%

  4. Maradona has written off Argentina…
    Even though we now face a task to win every remaining match… i actually thought… our chances of entry through the back door to world cup 2018 was quite in place i.e., through Oceania playoffs?? Is it not so??

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