Javier MASCHERANO scores first ever Barcelona goal!


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The day has finally come! It’s pretty hard to believe but MASCHERANO has scored his first ever goal for F.C Barcelona today! It was from the penalty spot, but surely enough it counts as a goal.

Speaking of MASCHERANO… Do you think he still deserves a spot on the national team? Should be play as a central defender or as a defensive midfielder? In my opinion, I think depending on the opponent MASCHERANO can play in both roles. He can be used as a flexible player who is able to come in off the bench to play in either position if necessary. What do you guys think?
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  1. So for Billardo Sampaoli is a fourth grade coach. But all of them should be reminded that this “fourth graded” coach beat Argentina with an inferior team winning them their first ever copa america title. Therefore, according to this fact, if Sampaoli is a “fourth grade” coach then i suppose that the previous coaches we had should not even be called as coaches and the people who were supposed to be rensponsible for Argentine football should not have been anywhere near to Argentina n/t and they are the main reason that the most talented team has not won anything since 1993. Nevertheless, these people seem that they don’t even have the dignity to stop talking but they make things worst instead!

    Regarding Messi’s ban, it is a scandal, i agree with Chalz, fifa is well known for causing problems to Argentina throughout the years while at the same time favouring Brazil and Germany but now they also award Chile “on paper wins”.

    • Well said bro… well said.
      This same Bilardo was with Don Quixote for number of years at the helm of AFA and did nothing; and went pathetically to the extent of destroying the youth set up… years of hardwork from Pekerman and Tocalli and respectfully other hidden people came crashing down and completely destroyed and dismantled.
      Now we are looking to establish German model for youth today… whereas once we know it was the other way round… the Germans were following our model.
      Today we have a blessed generation of footballers in NT because of the youth ranks we once had…
      Bilardo once said ‘Pekerman and Tocalli never accomplished anything for Argentina Football’ … such a fool he is…
      Pekerman and Tocalli and few others (hidden) were the ones who set this current machine running… but it was Bilardo and his ‘Team of 86’ … that stopped this generation becoming the greatest generation of times.
      Mennoti needs to put Bilardo in his place…
      Sampaoli amd Messi can only silence Bilardo and Maradona by winning the World Cup 2018.

    • I also don’t know why this class of 86 try to monopolize and dictate Argentine football like it’s their club of friends. Fuck Billardo and the Billardista philosophy. Argentina will never win anything playing his way in this day and age. The other day Diego was saying that he doesn’t think Sampaoli is not the right man to fix the team and he had the audacity to say that he is still capable of coaching Argentina and how he still craves the smell of the pitch. In Diego’s demented mind he is the right coach to take back NT to glory. These people are looking for Godly statuses in the history of Argentine football instead of advocating for real progress.
      Now looking at football facts, Sampaoli did not only fix Chile but had them playing balanced attacking football after Claudio Borghi failed miserably to succeed in continuing the Bielsa way. Chile knocked out a superior Spain out of the WC. He came close to knocking out the host Brazil had Pinilla’s last gasp shot not hit the post. Look at Sevilla, if he had the personnel equivalent to Atletico Madrid is depth, I’m sure Sevilla would be in still in title contention until now.
      I love the grandpas class of 86, but they need to leave football matters to the likes of Veron,Zanetti,Simeone,Pocchetino,Tocalli and Bielsa who are more knowledgeable about the modern era sport science football.

  2. Looking at numbers strting line up of Ubeda will be:





    or whatever

    this team needs creative player in the middle. I don’t think Belmote is such player. So hope in Palacios and Colombatto.

  3. Maradona:

    Asked about Sampaoli, Maradona, who coached Argentina from 2008 until 2010, told Radio Rivadavia: “I think the situation with Sampaoli seems inflated. I thought it very strange that he didn’t resolve the situation in Chile where he was having a great career while at Sevilla he is not setting the world on fire. I think he is among the candidates but I don’t think he is the right one.

    “There is a lot of talk about the need to renovate the national team and I don’t think Sampaoli has the feeling or the touch with the players to do so.”

    Bilardo, who coached Maradona in Argentina’s team that won the World Cup in 1986, does not believe Sampaoli has the quality to guide the Albiceleste.

    When asked about Sampaoli, Bilardo recently said as reported in Marca: “Talk to me about serious coaches but not about a fourth-class one”
    This aged old Dinosaur needs to go back to museum instead of talking nonsense like these… Bilardo in my very personal opinion is the one who destroyed Argentina soccer… his defensive regime is boring to an extent that i thought a game of golf is more dynamic than his play of soccer…
    Mennoti is the blessing for Argentina wheras Bilardo is the curse.
    Frenz keep the catamaran ready… the moment the Sampaoli announcement comes throgh…. we will tie Bilardo to the catamaran and set him sail towards Antarctica instead of Uruguay
    Let him live or die or roll in that land where time forgot.

  4. Sampaoli would definitely call up Mercado and Kranevitter and also Correa.
    But would he call up Lanzini, Paredes, Taglifico, Garay, Icardi, is my concern…
    Mascherano has his fingers ready to pull strings… Sampaoli should put him and others in place…
    Argentina is more important than players. (remember we already lost a world cup in 2006 due to player differences)

    • But good things is… Even marcado he considered cb… Then who will be our rb and lb or wing back…. Mache is best tackler In the world his aggression made him as world class…. But he is ageing we are all have to understand… But he is not midfielder that is for sure…

  5. Mascherano minus his cartel business will be remembered forever… a good servant of Argentina.
    Who can forget his block against Robben?
    without him, i don’t think we would have won much…
    remember he was once ‘the best’ in his trade.
    a much needed leader
    always beside Messi in thick and thin
    Messi and Mascherano would have been better off without Higuain (a man who robbed Messi of 3 major major titles… for me he should never be selected again), Aguero (a player for clubs alone… pls retire from NT), Di Maria (a big fan of Cristiano… whether you will agree with me or not… i dont care… but he definitely is); Lavezzi (u can laugh around in Shanghai… but we mean business now)

    • Idk…i feel sorry for him..during his long time carier..he never want to improve his ability..how to shoot from his positon at any occation..like he did againts paraguay long time ago

  6. Javier Mascherano is required 100% but not his cartel or loose baggages he brings along or intends to.
    (Not a starter all the time but as situation demands)

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