Former Argentina coach Edgardo BAUZA comments on departure


Former Argentina National Team coach Edgardo BAUZA gave an interview to Rosario daily La Capital where he commented on his departure and the arrival of Jorge SAMPAOLI.

While BAUZA has no longer been the Argentina coach for a few weeks, the rumors circulating SAMPAOLI’s arrival to the Argentina National Team have been circulating in the media even while BAUZA was still at the helm. Here’s what BAUZA had to say:

Edgardo BAUZA’s comments:

“I was already out before this new administration came in. They already had their replacement in as well.”

“I am not bothered by the fact that SAMPAOLI is coming to replace me. What does amuse me is the fact that he is denying it. It doesn’t bother me (that he is the new Argentina coach). It actually amuses me that he denies it. In a recent press conference he denied it by saying that there is a a coach working when I already knew that he had been in contact with AFA execs and people close to them for months.”

Regarding comments made by former Chile National Team coach Claudio BORGHI about Jorge SAMPAOLI not having ethis:
“I don’t see it as logical or ethical, but ethics in football always loses. I am not going to say that I shouldn’t answer a call from an executive, because it has happened to me. I was called up once by a club, and I will not mention any names, and I told them that while there is a coach in charge I would not speak with them”.

BAUZA said that he contacted the coach and mentioned to him that they were looking to replace him.
“I don’t think it was a bad thing for SAMPAOLI to speak with them. What I don’t think was right is for SAMPAOLI to not make things clear. I just wish him the best.”

Credit to Juan ARANGO for the comments.

In the same interview, BAUZA spoke about the AFA and how they know nothing about football.

“They didn’t remove me earlier because we beat Chile (in the match prior to Bolivia). If not, I would have been thrown out before. When we started talking football, he (TAPIA) did not tell me anything because they have no idea about football. They are trade unionists. I do not say that to be disparaging, but it’s the truth.”

“Instead of telling me to go they wanted to wear me out with the rumours – obviously they did not know me. Once they realised that they were not going to get rid of me that way, they plucked up some courage and came and told me what they had done.”

AFA president TAPIA responded to BAUZA’s comments, here’s what he had to say:
“Good men say things in private. He had the opportunity to talk to me and he did not tell me anything.”

Regarding the players and Lionel MESSI:
“Before the match against Chile, I told the players that if we lose or draw, we would be out of the World Cup. MESSI never asked me to call anyone up.”


  1. Bauza can say what he wants to. He is basically saying that Tapia and co. realized that he is shameless and will not leave by his own, even if he is driving the team to the ground. Anybody with dignity would realize that he is not capable of the job and would have left. Instead he kept his fame to leading Argentina national team.

    What Sampaoli did and is doing is right in my mind. He has a job and hence there is no need to announce to the whole world. Its not that the whole season is left. Its only 5 games and 1 month to go. Respect the current job, give full focus and help them qualify for the CL. In the background I am sure he is working towards his new job and that is perfect, not unethical. Any good professional will start working on the next job, plan for it, during transition phase.

    Bottom line: Everything is good, ignore this guy. He has his share of fame.

  2. I don’t think there is any issue to talking to someone who is in trouble and calling you for help. As long as you do your current job with dignity and then move on. Every professional in this world talks to next move when there is another contract in place.

    This happens everywhere. One thing I don’t understand how Bauza won 2 Copa Lib where he couldn’t even give a bare minimum shape to arg team.

    I understand Sampaoli has spoken with Messi and mascherano and will be calling Icardi. Mascherano will be playing the CB role as he does in barca.
    I am excited by the formation 3-4-3 or 3-4-1-2 which sampaoli wants to play with Arg. Lets see whom Sampaoli calls…Sampaoli’s technical backroom staff also looks solid if they are the names which would come along with him.. I have a strong feeling we wil again see the beautiful football Arg used to play…

  3. all the bauza people who were rooting for him here… now can read his true colours…
    this fellow himself turned his back on the club he was coaching in brazil… when he had the opportunity to coach Argentina
    i just read his interview as ‘bilardo and his `team of 86` vs Argentina’
    bauza is not a worthwhile coach… he had the opportunity… he didn’t know what to do with it… now he can keep his mouth shut and move on.

  4. Bauza sounds like Maradona version 2.
    Why you put the pressure on the players by saying, “if we lose or draw, we would be out of the World Cup”? Idiot.

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