Jorge SAMPAOLI on Argentina: “There’s nothing official”


Current Sevilla coach Jorge SAMPAOLI has come out and commented on the Argentina National Team.

Jorge SAMPAOLI has been trying to avoid talking about the Argentina National Team as much as possible. However, when asked about it, he stated that nothing is official. Following his team’s 4-1 loss at the Santiago Bernabeau to Real Madrid, SAMPAOLI was asked about it all. Here’s what he had to say:

Jorge SAMPAOLI on Argentina:

“I won’t recognize something that does not exist. There’s nothing official. The only official thing is what exists, the rest is subject to contracts and mine has a lot of edges to it. I don’t know the conversations that have happened between the club and the National Team to have to explain something that doesn’t exist.”

Regarding Jorge SAMPAOLI, coaching legend Marcelo BIELSA has recently stated that SAMPAOLI is better than him with explications.


  1. klinsmen former germany coach… said “messi will win world cup 2018… he deserved it…” carlos puyol: “former barcelona and spain football player … i wish messi will win the world cup 2018… he deserved it every where he plays either barca or argentina… he give me so much joy to me…” every body wants outside even though they are football players wants messi to win a world cup.. but some idots in argentina dont want first man maradona.. second his asssistant bauza…

    • The Ballerina should talk, Argentina should have won the 1990 WC had it not been for his bullshit diving and the Mexican/Uruguayan Ref.

    • I am an Argentina fan since 86, I was a kid, I became a fan because of Maradona. He was sick as a footballer. But not a great human being. He would not have gone through such a life he was one. I do not expect him to root for Messi. He probably does not mind Argentina winning, but not Messi. He will lose his legacy if Messi wins. He is afraid of that. He is selfish in that respect. However, if Messi wins he will jump onto the bandwagon.

  2. Paredes was either woefully miscast as a pure attacking midfielder or a stringently defined defensive midfielder, when the truth is he’s a little of both. Although he’ll never be the final link in attack, Paredes has proven capable of springing forwards into attacking space, while at the same time making last man tackles and clearances—he’s a bit of everything, a little Pirlo, a little De Rossi, and he’s becoming damn good at it.

    • He probably the best deep lying playmaker we got after long time. We need to give chance our young players for sure. Sad to say but time to say “CIAO ADIOS” to all oldie.

  3. “It’s life’s law, I no longer have the strength in my legs, the level of concentration needed. The day has come, the end of my career and I just have to say thank you to football.” – Martin Demichelis.

    • Would have still received a call up if Bozo was our manager.

      He would have been there to babysit our numerous 30 year old players. And of course kidulthood would have defended that.

      • Even he knows it but our previous coaches “brilliantly” always thought that argentinian players are the only players in the world that age like vine. Pathetic to say the least. For me even biglia and mascherano are too slow and sluggish to be in the team

  4. There is strong rumours he might join this week as Sevilla already qualified for CL playoff. Now he might call a fairwell press conference. Let’s hope it’s true

  5. I think Sampaoli lives in the present. Why would he answer to questions that do not concern him at present? I will wait til the La Liga season has ended.

  6. So given these comments, I guess will have a caretaker coach to announce a list for the friendlies in June. Sampaoli will hopefully be at the helm in August.

  7. his team better than rm with tacktics… players cant take advantage of that… they created many chances.. jovetic hit the cross bar two time… first goal harsh for sevilla.. second one laziness from kranavitter… and too many injuries… but in argentina he have 23 players… dont worry doubters… look how they played… and watch his tacktics… he will do it… and third one from ronaldo… fromm 100 shorts one can happen…

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