Argentina’s U20 Los Pibes routes Vietnamese Under 22 side!


Today, the Argentina U20 team coached by Claudio UBEDA took part in their second and last friendly match in Vietnam before departing to South Korea for the Under 20 World Cup.

Despite playing against a side which contained players who are a couple of years older than them (Vietnamese Under 22 national team), the team had no problem and routed the host to a 5-0 win! The goals were scored by Santiago COLOMBATTO, twice from Ezequiel PALACIOS, Marcos SENESI & Ezequiel PONCE. The match was played at the Mỹ Đình Stadium in Hanoi. This was their second win, having gotten a 4-1 win against Vietnam’s U20 team a few days ago. Watch all the goals and the highlight here.

Argentina’s U20 Los Pibes routes Vietnam with a 5-0 win


    • I watched it live the other day Gonzalo. Checkout how composed and matured of a midfielder palacios is. By far he is our most crucial player if we are to win anything in this tournament. Im pretty sure some european clubs would be scouting him already. Mansilla had a pretty decent match in this one although he has a very one dimensional game. Ascacibar was as tenacious as ever and had a dominant performance at the centre. Others had a very average game although they seemed more tired compared to the previous one. Martinez had a very disappointing game by his standards. Looked really sluggish but perhaps cause he just recovered from his injury. I prefer ponce who seems more consistent and stronger than all other strikers

      • thanks, vimaldass

        I was out for few days for some rites of passage in my life reason (get married and so on) but now I must to catch up current events. First Los Pibes game and then last hot round in Primera.

        • Wow congratulations on your wedding gonzalo! wish you all the best in life henceforth. Watch the game later and let me know what’s your opinion kay 🙂

        • As you said, Palacios may be someone special for us. Missing link of this team in the centre. I thought that already we need necesarilly creative player in th middle because. Palacios looks like mix of few famous Argentina players. Generally hope in trio Palacios-Ascacibar-Colombatto. I’m more skeptical about Martinez- Mansilla- Conechny.

          • Group of bench players have shown good football in second half. More active. I like Zaracho he looks better than Mansilla IMO

          • I think when you mentioned ” mix of few famous argentina players “, one name comes to my mind instantaneously which is no other than riquelme. No exaggeration here but a more athletic one as well. Loves to delay his passes and is extremely smart on the ball just like Riquelme whom i thought ill never be able to see another player of that similar mold in future (was once my most favourite midfielder by the way). Hope he develops into a fine midfielder to wade into our senior team.

            i think palacios and ascacibar will do very well in the middle while colombatto seems like a very average midfielder. Kinda miss Barco and his creativity in the centre. Mansilla is a player who has a very direct approach to his game and is not a very smart player imo. He kinda mirrors Di maria a lot if you ask me. I prefer Zaracho too.

          • I think Palacios is more type of tricky dribbler and faster than Riquelme. Also better in defence I think.

          • “Mansilla is a player who has a very direct approach to his game and is not a very smart player imo”

            not a very smart – exactly

  1. Boca vs River, this was a great classico, golazos from Pity Martinez and Gago. Lucas Quarta had a good game in centra defence, I think he is yet another talented young defender we have along with Mammana, Romero and Foyth.

    • Pity Martinez, Nacho Fernandez, Driussi, Alario – the same names as always. But Pity and Nacho are NT material right away.

      • A River fan told me Martinez will transfer to Mexico in summer. If this is true that say all about this guy. Nacho Fernandez even only good in Argentina, why he don’t want to transfer in a better league? I hope Driussi and Alario will not fuck up their career like these two. Maybe Spurs would be a good place for them.

        • WHat that say about Martinez? All? I know in your narrow mind player must go to Europe to be NT material. But it’ just your narrow mind.

          Nacho should play good for Argentina (if will be called up) not for european clubs.

        • Boca is still better and better. Must regard that Benedetto, Pavon, Centurion and few others are playing first season together. So I’m pretty sure no need for Tevez. Jusr River has stronger team which is playing more together.

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