Paulo DYBALA and Gonzalo HIGUAIN win Coppa Italia


Paulo DYBALA and Gonzalo HIGUAIN won their first piece of silverware by winning the Coppa Italia as they seek the club’s first treble.

Juventus took on Lazio in the final of this year’s Coppa Italia and the result was never in doubt as Juventus got a 2-0 victory against the team from Rome. Both Paulo DYBALA and Gonzalo HIGUAIN started the final.

The team now shifts their focus onto this weekend where they can lift another Scudetto ahead of this year’s Champions League final.


  1. I really hope Sampaoli does not call Di Maria, or at the very least benches him. Currently there is a long list of players that could prove much more useful on the left flank than him: Papu Gomez, Perotti, Centurion, Piatti, Gaitan, Cervi.

    Also, not sure what’s so special about Ansaldi? Never seen him as a NT material. As long as Tagliafico is called up we are set. Maybe Vangioni as a back-up.

    • Completely agree about Di Maria. It’s time to get a chance someone other. Papu, Perotti, Centurion, Piatti, Gaitan, Cervi, J.Correa, Pity Martinez, Pavon.

      As for LB apart Tagliafico personally I think Sampaoli should to hear about Fabrizio Angileri (Godoy Cruz – very fast, braazilian style fullback) and Dubarbier of Estudiantes.

      • Angileri is very attacking, I agree, but could be a liability defensively (a la Marcelo haha). As for Dubarbier, yes he has been very solid but at his age probably not a long-term solution, just like Vangioni I guess. Having said that, I would be excited to see someone like Angileri as a back-up to Tagliafico. Not holding my breath though 🙂

        What about Santiago Garcia of Werder Bremen? He is 28 and seems to be more of a defensive fullback, no?

        In my opinion, the golden standard of left-backs in the world right now are Alex Sandro of Juve and Alaba of Bayern Munich. Very balanced in terms of offense vs defense.

        • I can’t see ideal LB at the moment, but still think Tagliafico (better in defence) and Angileri (better in attack) are most worth attention IMO. I think Angileri still may be decent in defence with his pace.

          I didn’t saw Santiago Garcia of late and not much at all.

    • Yes no Di Maria!

      I hated every moment of him these last two years. A perfect asshole would play exactly like him. Absolutely nothing inside his skull.

      I dont know where Acuna is interms of fitness, but him and Lanzini on the leftside would be very balanced. One of them will have to stay in midfield where the other one on wing if we play 4-3-3 or 3-4-3.

      And if we play a 4-3-1-2, than we need only one. I have no problem with either of these two. All the other guys that you mentioned are too attacking to play midfield. And Gaitan is poor whereas, cervi is very raw.

      Now the two areas where we are thin are right winger (right footed) with good defense, and a good Leftback. We have pereyra, but he is like gago…joaquin correa doesn’t play enough defense to play RM in a 3-4-3. Thats why I don’t think we are going to see much of 3-4-3. We could play 3-3-1-3 though, but I’m not sure we have enough intelligent player to make that work. Thats a very very smart formation which takes a lot of practice.

      I think Sampaoli will end up playing some variations of 4-3-3 like 4-3-1-2 or 4-3-2-1 with players like Banega, Paredes and Nacho.

      • Eduardo Salvio, right-footed winger, not sure about his defensive contribution but he could be an option. Pereyra is like Gago, in what way? I think Pereyra is much more lively and mobile than Gago has ever been, plus Pereyra is usually in a more advanced role like CAM or AMF, but that’s just my opinion. Did you mean he is injury prone like Gago?

        Tagliafico – here’s your good left-back 🙂 As for formations, we’ll see, as long as Sampaoli can make Messi – Dybala – Icardi trident work somehow, we can be devastating in attack. Of course they will need good, dynamic, two-way, box-to-box midfielders like Nacho Fernandez to support them.

        • Pereyra is very injury prone. I don’t think he have stayed fit for a stretch of 10 games in last 3 seasons.

          And Tagliafico is a good option obviously, but not currently playing as a LB in Indipendiente could go against him.

          • Yup, looks like coach Holan see in him new Ayala. With this height and impressive jump and sticker attitude.

  2. We have hot hours in Friday/Saturday first Sampaoli list and hours later Argentina – England on World Cup.

      • Sampoali won’t get rid of the bulk of the old guard atleast to start. He has an idea to use Benega as No.5??? Imagine this guy coming up against someone like Kante. And Mascherano to be used as a defender (the way he has been playing for his club and shitting on his teammates all season). And Di Maria will get a more prominent central role. Why? why? Why? Sampaoli, you too?
        The new names we might see include Icardi, Paredes, Ansaldi (finally), Papu Gomez, and Joaquin Correa. All of whom, I’d be happy to see get a chance.
        From Mexico, Nahuel Guzman and guido Rodriguez (DM). And not Guido Pizzaro, who did well in his last call up. Wonder why? Ironically, all these 3 were named in the Mexican league team of the season 2016/17.
        For players from Primera, Sampoali has asked for names from his soon to be asst. and current Defensa Coach Bececce.
        Again it is half good and half bad list. Ignacio Fernandez, Tagfiliaco, 35 year old Pinola ???, Lautaro Acosta, and River veteran Ariel Rojas.

        While we are having high hopes on the River Trident of Pity, alario and Druissi, the interest shown on them makes our hopes go down a bit. Gonzalo is most likely to go to Mexico, which is were there is a concrete interest in him at the moment. West Brom are going to make a formal offer for Alario, which is expected to meet River’s valuation according to rumours, and Druissi has slightly better offers, from Milan, Sampdoria and it also true that Dortmund are following him. That would be great if he ended up there. Top class coaching system and some of Europe’s top young players after Monaco.

  3. So finally San Lorenzo finished Copa Libertadores group on the top. Once again part with this triumph had Cristian Barrios. He should be on U-20 World Cup though.

  4. another final and another hig no show on the score sheet and he has 2 very good changes, I guess hes saving it all for the champ’s lge final hmmmmmm

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