Manuel LANZINI, Joaquin CORREA and more to be called to Argentina team


The Argentina list keeps growing and Jorge SAMPAOLI has not even been officially announced as the new coach.

As we reported yesterday, Mauro ICARDI, Emanuel MAMMANA and Leandro PAREDES will be called-up to the Argentina National Team. The media in Argentina is now also reporting a few other names which will be included in Jorge SAMPAOLI’s list. According to some reports coming out of Argentina, Manuel LANZINI, Joaquin CORREA, Leonel VANGIONI and Guido RODRIGUEZ will make the team. This would mean the following players would make Jorge SAMPAOLI’s list:

Argentina team:

Emanuel MAMMANA (Lyon)
Enzo PEREZ (Valencia)
Guido RODRIGUEZ (Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles)
Joaquin CORREA (Sevilla)
Leandro PAREDES (AS Roma)
Leonel VANGIONI (AC Milan)
Manuel LANZINI (West Ham United)
Mauro ICARDI (Inter)

In addition, news has been circulating that Ever BANEGA is expected to play the number 5 role with Javier MASCHERANO playing as a defender. The list will be announced on Friday.


    • Sampaoli is a River fan so in theory he could be paying special attention to them. What do you think of Juan Sanchez Miño of Independiente? He seems to be a pretty attacking left-back who played as a winger at times. Is he the reason Tagliafico was shifted to central defence? Ariel Holan seems to think that’s a better arrangement.

      • Maybe it is the reason. Maybe the reason is CB Figal is suspended for doping.
        Sanchez Mino is really skilled technically but maybe a bit too slow. Anyway he is one of more interesting LB along with Tagliafico, Dubarbier, Angileri.

  1. LB Sebastian Dubarbier is currently impressive player. Best of Estudiantes. Last night involved in 2 goals (1st and 2nd) of Estu in Copa Libertadores (3:0). I know he is 31 but still younger than Filipe Luis or Dani Alves. I think he is our best LB at the moment. Ususally I prefer younger footballers but not this time. While Tagliafico playing CB I see Dubarbier and Angileri on LB.

  2. for the 1st time in ages I’m actually excited about a team list as its seems far more likely then not we will at last see some other options called up.
    better late then never I guess.

  3. Lanzini, Paredes, Icardi- about time. But why Banega as a #5? I’m guessing Sampaoli wants someone like Marcelo Diaz or N’Zonzi in that position, a battling, hardcore destroyer and yet a good passer. I just don’t see Banega as that type of player. Maybe Guido Rodriguez? Isn’t he the guy who didn’t survive competition with Kranevitter at River and moved to Mexico? Ironically Krane has been poor lately.

    • You are right banega as #5 doesn’t make sense.i don’t like masch as cb either(he is struggling nowadays) but we have to wait and see.

    • Yup…I was also wondering why Banega. But until the match lineup is out, these are all made up speculations I guess. No way any good manager plays Banega as an out and out #5. But all things points out to a serious change in midfield. Its 100% sure that we aint gonna see more Masche-Biglia midfield no more. How sad lol!

      Also, Masccherano as a CB is a bad idea right now. He has been poor the whole season and isn’t getting any younger. He should be on the bench if we seriously think how old he would be during June 2018. If Mammana is fit, which is scarce lately, he should be playing RCB. He is the best ball playing CB we have right now. But he too seems injury prone like Musacchio.

      To answer your question of the previous thread: Pereyra is extremely injury prone, hence the Gago analogy. He is a fantastic player, but an injury magnet. Missed a whooping 283 days from the start of 15-16 season till now. Thats pretty bad.

    • Yes, Guido Rodriguez was just sub for Kranevitter in River. Since then he developed in Defensa i Justicia and Mexico but still I think we have better options. I really want to see Nacho Fernandez. Guido Rodriguez is No.5 though, Nacho attacking CM.

      Guido like Paredes is passing based player. For me a bit too static. I think the team needs more energetic. Despite this (if the rumors are true) I like Sampaoli already for such original choices. Our coaches must leave the selection criterion of popularity finally.

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