SAMPAOLI arrives in Argentina


Hey everyone,

Jorge SAMPAOLI has landed in Argentina this morning from Spain at 7:55 am local time.  It hasn’t been confirmed yet but rumors are that he will be officially presented as the new coach of our national team on Thursday June 1st.  If all goes as planned, he will make his debut as coach on June 9 in an international friendly vs Brazil and 4 days later there is a second friendly vs. Singapore. This is definitely a great opportunity to try out new players, formations, tactics, etc.

Claudio TAPIA, president of AFA, and Daniel ANGELICI, Vice President, are in Spain looking to negotiate SAMPAOLI’S release from Sevilla.  There is a release clause of 1.500.000 Euros.  As this is still pending, SAMPAOLI is planning on not talking to the press until next Thursday.  The plan is to travel to Melbourne, Australia the following Friday June 2nd to play the first of two friendly matches.  Sebastian BECCACECE who is SAMPAOLI’S right hand man will travel four days later with the seven local based players to Australia to meet up with the rest of the team.

In the meantime, SAMPAOLI will be visiting his hometown which is the city of Casilda in the province of Santa Fe.  On Sunday, he will be present at the Monumental Stadium where River Plate will play vs Rosario Central.  During this match, SAMPAOLI will be able to see in action: Jonatan MAIDANA, Ignacio FERNANDEZ and Lucas ALARIO, of River, and Javier PINOLA, of Central.

We know that Argentina are 5th in the World Cup Qualifying standings.  There’s four World Cup Qualifiers left for Argentina which will be played in September and October.  In September we play Uruguay and Venezuela and then in October we play our last two matches against Peru and Ecuador.

SAMPAOLI will be the third coach for Argentina in these World Cup Qualifiers.  They’ve already had Gerardo MARTINO, and Edgardo BAUZA.

What do you all think? Is SAMPAOLI a good fit for us? Can next World Cup finally be ours!?  I personally am super excited to see what he can do for our team.









    • Very Similar. Here, Colombatto hit his pass a bit harder, and credit to Martinez for bringing it under control and finish it in style. 2 goals with each foot.

      • Conechny was the one who made the pass to Lautaro Martínez not Colombatto. The reason for the pace on the ball was because of the distance from goal. Veron pass to Zanetti was closer to England goal than Conechny pass to Lautaro against Guinea.

  1. There are few factors that brings us the situation. First of all bad luck. Former goalkeeper and lack of good striker. But only good goalkeeper would be enough to be easy in next round.

    • The same curse as with the senior team. We just can’t finish off chances.

      Here are some transfer news involving Boca and River with the season coming to an end.
      Benedetto has offers from MLS, and in case he decides to move, Boca have shortlisted Peruvian Guerrero and Hmm Hmmm Calleri as replacement. Calleri is now a free agent after West Ham didn’t extend his loan deal.
      Paolo Goltz and Paraguyan Gustavo Gomez (now at Milan) are targets for Defence.
      Gago has an offer from Pachuca and Boca would only sell him if they can sign Guido Pizzaro. That would be a good deal.
      Boca don’t want to give Centurion a permanent deal after his latest troubles (his ex-GF has accused him of mental n physical abuse). So, he will go back to Sao Paolo. Sporting Braga are interested in him Btw. Now that the No. 10 jersey is free again, Boca have made the signing of Emanuel Reynoso their top priority. Ironically, Reynoso himself is suspended by his club as I write this, for an incident involving some shooting. Hahaha!
      Boca are also interested in bringing in Willy Caballero, who is now without a club after City released him. Only, if they don’t get to sign Franco Armani from Nacional.

      If Alario leaves to Europe (with West Brom being the front runner, and the next best offer from Torino (as a replacement for Belotti)), Nico Leguizamon is the player River will look to sign to replace Alario.
      Alexander Barboza’s loan deal at Defensa comes to an end this June, and have an option to resign him, but it looks like they will let Independiente or Racing Sign him, who are both interested in him. Strange!

      You look at the transfer market these days, and you hardly notice Players from Primera being wanted by big teams in Europe anymore. The best option for most top players in the Primera are to accept offers from Mexico, and nowadays from MLS too. I wonder in 3 or 4 years from now, how many Argentines we’ll see playing in the QF, the Semis or the final of the Champions League. Our players dominated European football for nearly 15 years, and I see that cycle coming to a sad end.

  2. I’m afraid Argentina used all possible luck in Sudamericano and that happy qualification.

    • We need other number 3 teams to have 3 points or less now and there are a lots of permutations and combinations.

      A good idea would be to wake up sunday morning and reading the news 😛

  3. So Saudi Arabia need to lose their final group game; so too Vietnam, Japan and Portugal (in the case of Portugal a draw will put them on two points). Hopefully the team make it through.

    • It be nice if Ecuador could defeat Senegal in their final game keeping them on three points with a negative goal difference.

      • So if Argentina make it through as one of the 3rd place best teams they will likely play one of the group winners. France, Uruguay, Venezuela, Zambia, and USA are likely going to win their groups along with England.

  4. BTW I really like Zaracho as a RWB. Very energetic player.

    This 3 at the back is giving us a lot more players on the attacking third, which was not the case at 4-2-3-1/4-3-3.

  5. Conechny is weak. Similar to Banega. Full of technical skills but lack of energy, stamina and not enough fast. And too much dribling.

  6. We may lost the tournament but I may still stay optimist because see good team, good talents and potential. Even if we left many Primera players in home in favour of reserve league boys.

  7. Team is playing so well but we really should’ve produced better results in the earlier games. It may sound bizarre but the English team was a shitty team that we got unfairly trashed by. Such a waste!

  8. It sounds really confusing, but I’m actually very impressed by this team.

    Just look at today’s game. We are pressing like a Bielsa’s team. That’s how you want your youth teams to play. Midfield is really really good.

    • Yup, this is best thing. We have good midfield finally. And to be honest Ascacibar is easy doing the defensive works that Mascherano is doing. Countless interceptions and tackles. No one counting because we expectate from him something in attack but he is still crucial in defence.

  9. I’m worried about 2 new fullbacks. Will they have enough understanding with Foyth and Senesi?

  10. Venezuela third won? Germany as far only 3:2 against Vanuatu.

    I wonder wheter we will see today against Guinea Lautaro Martinez instead Ponce. More changes?

    • We must win big and hope that Japan loses against Italy, Vietnam loses against Hondurus, Equador and Saudi loses their respective games.

      Tough ask, but still possible. But we have to win first lol

      • I expectate win. It’s hard to expectate all this coincidence and advance but I’m still convinced this is mostly good team. We had really weak goalkeeper, not enough good fullbacks and striker problem but the rest of the team is interesting. Foyth, Colombatto, Palacios, Ascacibar, Torres. Especially Colombatto, Palacios, Ascacibar are players that I want to see soon in NT for trial in some friendly like Singapur or Hongkong. First of all Colombatto. Remember the team from SUdamericano and that was quite differet team.

        Most important this time unlike before are midfield was good. Needs efficient forwards.

  11. salute to Sampaoli for paying his own release with huge sum of money for the sake of his beloved nation and football. Wish him a successful and lots of trophy. Only such a passionate manager can delivered and bring back the Albiceleste into glory again.

    • Sampoli not going to pay a single euro for his release. It is a news that produced by highly talented script writters.
      Don’t ever under estimate the power of afa and fans.
      If AFA can’t do it.we fans will do it.
      Even by selling our house.

  12. Alario is not best No.9 in Primera. Missing too many opportunities. Benedetto, Bou… better options.

  13. I am very excited… I’m hoping he can get a good team for qualifiers with no injured players.. I think if he can bring the team he wants and no injuries we should be able to qualify… I’m still nervous as hell to be honest

  14. Can’t wait to see his team and style of play. If he can win last 6 out of 4 games for Chile in their previous WCQ14 with similar situation than i am positive he can win atleast 4 out 3 for us or even 4 out of 4.

    • Are you watched the first half of argentina vs uruguay(messi first match after retirement).
      We can see some combination play from messi and dybala.
      After around 10 years messi get a perfect partner and a super coach.
      Brothers we can dream something bigger with dybala and messi and even bigger by having sampoli in our team

  15. I said it before and again and again if anybody cared then or cares now!

    He should have been hired as soon as he left that Sorry Country and Tata quit but anyway, I cant wait to watch him pace back and forth on the sidelines.

  16. I am really excited about Sampaoli. The fact that he is paying his own release clause shows how much he wants the job and that he has the money to do what he wants. This should allow him to make positive choices about team selection, without worrying about the political issues that the previous managers had to deal with.

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