Under 20: Argentina win!


Hey guys!

Los Pibes won 5-0 today against Guinea.  Although they did play a lot better today, it may not be enough to qualify into the next round of play.  Marcelo TORRES opened the scoring for Argentina after 33 minutes and Lautaro MARTINEZ added a second just before half-time. Matias ZARACHO and Marco SENESI scored one each in the second half before MARTINEZ completed the scoring.  They now have to wait to see what happens in the other matches to see if they can qualify as one of the 4 best third place teams.

Here at the highlights down below:





      • Yah we suffered the worst of lucks during the first two games. Apart from it, I blame Petroli for most of our blunders. We need 2 favourable results to go through tomorrow. Praying for the best

  1. Two important matches today.

    1- Costa Rica Vs Zambia
    2- Japan Vs Italy

    A win for Costa Rica and Japan-Italy match draw will push us to the last spot today(almost out). Some more important matches remaining tomorrow.

    Any other results in the above two, We are IN..!

  2. This is by far one of the weakest U20 tournaments I have seen. Looking back on all the games thus far, Argentina U20 team is head and shoulder above all the other teams on all levels. Hopefully those joke results against England and Korea don’t come back to haunt the team, because if Argentina some how go through I don’t see any team stopping them in the next rounds. None of the European teams look impressive, and without a traditional African U20 team like Nigeria, the teams in the tournament representing Africa are not that good. The South American teams (except Ecuador) are the best teams at this year U20 World Cup.

    • Yes you’re right, Nigeria is traditional African football power and has the most professionals playing across the world however this time around Zambia is the reigning African U20 champs and the strongest representive from the continent in the tournament. They might not look great but they have a lot of pace upfront that cause problems for any defense at this WC.

        • I only watch highlights of one france game. They have 2 dangerous quick attackers in Thuram and Augustin. But I can’t tell you much about them as a firce to be reckoned with as the opponents were Vietnam and Hounduras. We’ll be able to gauge France’s strength later in the KO stage.

  3. seems 3-3-1-3 or something like this fits the most for this team without real full-backs, Senesi definitely a CB and Valenzuela showed nothing. Mansilla and Zaracho with their energetic style can play the two sides, maybe in defense too.

  4. Something has to be said about Lautaro Martinez, regardless of the outcome of the tournament, he’s shapping up to be a potentially brutal goleador.

  5. Mansilla is the worst version of Di Maria, but i hope Lautaro Martinez will be a better Icardi. Conechny the only real creative player in this team for me, in Colombatto and Palacios i see nothing, ordinary players talentwise.

      • Martinez

        His massive athletic body give him advantage on skirmishes with defenders. The second thing is just his instinct and cold-blooded efficiency. Ponce looks to be potentially better but apparently he is not.

      • Torres

        I’m still wondering how he is doing the things. I can’t see a one football element he is superior. But generally always on the same very good level playing without ups and downs. I think his main virtue is understanding of flowing play.

    • How is not Colombatto creative with 2 assist, with this panache of passes and his presence in penalty box.

      Palacios is rude, very rude and incult but I see flashes of big potential. In my eyes maybe more talented than any other of the team.

  6. Ascacibar was doing his quiet dirty work so good. So many interceptions. TOurnament has it’s requirements and it’s hard to expectate from No.5 attacking contribution. He could be Mascherano +. Plus the few attacking moments that may give when instructed by good European coach. I was a bit angry for him of recently but as No.5 he is irreplaceable in the team.

    Barcelona also after Ascacibar.

  7. So we were playing with 3 CBs. 3:4:1:2. Must note that was first time in the formation on the World Cup. And they won. And if I remember correctly the only match when Ubeda has been playing in the formation on SUdamericano was the last game (absolutely best of our boys) against Venezuela (2:0).

    So this is formation for the team.

  8. Worth mention CB Senesi had goal and assist. Colombatto second assist. Palacios also with assist. Mansilla and Conechny as well but I I’m not convinced to the two. Palacio should play instead Conechty. Zaracho, Rodriguez – very good performance. Rodriguez is so fast. If only keeping the ball enough close on dribling…

    • I agree with you, conechty is ok but missing that special something… his shoot is poor if he even gets it off and he has vision but his passes just miss… liked colombatto and Ascacibar …colombatto is a box to box Vidal type and ascacibar is a beast … Torres and Martinez together is solid.. but who will get them the ball in attacking positions, palacios maybe is better than conechty but I like palacios and pence coming off the bench and providing a difference makers in the last 1/3 of the game ..Foyt is a good center defender with a future and the goal keeper is better than the first!! Big save at send and no penalties!!!

  9. Argentina u-20 team need at least two of the following to happens before advancing to next round
    1. either Portugal win against Iran or both the team play draw in Group C
    2. Italy vs Japan: at least win for any of them in Group D
    3.Honduras vs Vietnam: Either Honduras win or both play draw in Group E
    4. Saudi vs USA: win for USA in Group F

  10. The Argentina goalkeeper cost his team a direct spot to the knockout round. Even a tie against one of either England or Korea would have been good. Reminds me of Rulli at the 2016 Olympics.

    • Rulli might’ve dropped the ball against Portugal but he subsequently made atleast half a dozen saves and he kept the team alive, so I for one thought he did very well.

    • Well said and true! noHateOnlyLove! Rulli cost us the second round with that unprofessional blunder… hopefully he has gotten better … But The u-20 have a good chance to advance and play Zambia or Venezuela…hopefully we start Mino… the second keeper and not the River garage bastard…

      • Rulli dive/slide into the Honduran striker leg and gave away a penalty. Add is blunder against Portugal and poor positioning between the post that led to other goals. Hopefully Rulli comes good, but as of right now he is not a first choice goalkeeper for Argentina. If Rulli was impressive as you guys claim him to be then Manchester City wouldn’t have sold him back to Real Sociedad. Good for Rulli on keeping goal for a mid table La Liga team that doesn’t make any progress in the league season after season.

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